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  1. I agree, it's been too long and I need to get back in there. I will call my doc first thing in the morning and start this process all over again. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Thanks for the reply 71M10! Yes, I do have the same hypersolomence and fall watch myself fall asleep even though i'm physically fighting it all of the time. How would I document these things though? I really hate going to the doc just to complain and get documentation, as there's no way i'm going to take anymore of their medication or go through much more procedures that just end up making me feel worse... I appreciate your concern as well, and yes the first doctor to recommend the implant was when I was in service, and the last was a few months ago when I went in for a checkup at the VA. Honestly, I'd rather take my chances and live a shorter life than do their procedures and surgeries which, in my opinion, will only make things worse, as they have in the past. So what should I do? Do i just call my doc and start making appointments out of the blue? Tell them the truth that i've been too nervous/scared to come back into medical for the past two years? The VA kept sending me appointment cards last year and I finally wrote them a letter saying that I had a problem with medical/doctors and that I didn't plan on going in ever, as I wasn't comfortable. They sent me a letter back saying I had an appointment at mental heath, which I didn't go to... Not sure if that was the right move or not, but I definitely blew off at least a dozen appointments they made for me last year. Even last time I went for a checkup they started talking again about more bloodwork and contrast MRI's, I started having a panic attack and just ran out of there. They called me everyday for a week and I never went back... Anyway, just getting back into this process, guess it's time to face the demons. Thanks again for your help guys!
  3. Thanks for the reply Berta! My rating breakdown is: -major depressive disorder, single episode, moderate = 30% --headaches related category 2 diagnosis -narcolepsy = 20% --abnormal eeg - R/O seizures --asystole related category 2 diagnosis --snyncope related category 2 diagnosis -Patellofemoral syndrome = 10% --chronic knee pain related category 2 diagnosis -conditions not seperately unfitting --asthma, mild persistant --cervicalgia Then there is mention of non organic sleep disorders and "transient alteration of awareness" Strange, no mention really of the undiagnosed heart condition and stopping really. So, my combined disability rating is 50%, but since I was put on TDRL it went up to 60%? Is that how it works? Should I go ahead and try to get the forms from VocRehab and submit 21-8940, or should I start seeing medical and get some documentation first? Should I just call my doc and say I finally want to start coming in? As for SSDI, I got that no problem when I was first leaving service in 2009, I just sent a copy of my medical record and the docs orders not to drive/work and got my decision within a month, no questions asked. Will that help my case? Sorry I've been so out of the VA system for so long, not really sure what to do, I appreciate the guidance!
  4. Hey guys, it's been a few years and I'm back in need of some advice on what to do in regards to filing a new VA claim. To recap what's been going on: In 2009, after about a year and a half of testing I was medically discharged from the Navy and put on TDRL, with a benefits at discharge rating of 60%. Because of the terrible times I've had, and from the navy medical causing my conditions, I've only been to medical maybe twice since my discharge, just to check in and say "thanks but no thanks, i don't want you guys messing me up anymore". Some of my diagnosed conditions: -Narcolepsy (2x diagnosed) -petite mal seizures -knee derangement -headaches -undiagnosed heart condition (one documented on EEG with my heart stopping for 16 seconds) -vertigo, and just passing out sometimes -fatigue -panic attacks -major depressive disorder -neck pain and derangement -etc (have to go back through my old records) So, my idea was that I would ignore these conditions and they would finally go away and I would never have to deal with medical again. Unfortunately, that's not the case. For the past two years I've had the same conditions that got me kicked out, and they've been getting worse. My family is always scolding me saying that I'm not going to wake up one day since I tend to pass out still and have seizures, panic attacks, and hallucinations (2 docs so far have recommended and implanted defibrilator, which i flat out refuse). The reason I have no trust for medical is that I aqquired most of these conditions after a series of anthrax vaccinations, and now have a letter from the VHC (vaccine health center) saying that yes, the vaccine 100% caused these disabilities, which I received after my claim was already filed. I was never called in for my year and a half evaluation for tdrl (temporary disability retirement list), and have called and left messages but no one has ever called me back or attempted to contact me that I'm aware of. Besides wanting to, well, not pass out and die one day, the main reason I'm looking to reopen my case and go back through this headache is my mother. Besides her being constantly worried about me she needs my help financially. She is disabled and recently divorced. I cut back on school and did go through vocation rehab here and more than qualified for a position in the ship yard (high paying). However, after testing and everything the voc rahab counselor sat me down and said "looking at your health record you are too much of a liability to be placed in that environment, we can't help you out, unless you can have a doctor come check in with you daily at your house and have you volunteer at a homeless shelter miles away from your house. Well, knowing how I feel about doctors, and not being allowed to drive (docs orders), I said "no thanks", and never called them back. I've been told since my discharge to fight for the 100%, I should qualify no problem it's just going to be a headache, etc... I'm not really sure what to do since I haven't been going to medical for the past few years, I really need some advice/guidance. I don't mind going back to the doctor, but I'm not taking anymore of their medication (seizure meds nearly killed me), and am definitely not doing any surgeries. I really don't want to call my doctor up out of the blue and start complaining of my symptoms, I hate that feeling, and I always end up feeling worse the more attention I give to the "conditions", then again they aren't going away on their own either. Any advice/guidance will be greatly appreciated, I know you guys have been in this system and have way more experience than I. Thank you!
  5. Lol yeah we are overmanned too but i guess i got lucky and made EN2 right at 3 years. Thanks for the help, i'm checking out the other sites now and just playing the waiting game waiting on my response from washington.
  6. Thanks for your reply and help. My doctor recommended "medically seperate from service" i've already done the PEB and had all the physicals done and am just waiting on my NMA from work and my package gets sent off to Washington to find their determination. Then in 3-6 weeks i find out if they're going to seperate me and if so what my percentage is going to be. Then i guess i go to the VA once i'm seperated out and file for my other things.
  7. I'm still in, they're mailing off my record next week so i probably have 3-6 weeks before a possible discharge and we have the DAV up the street so i'll go there as soon as i hear from washington. Do you think i'll qualify for med sep? And if so %30?
  8. So... just go ahead and see what they give me for these things then contact the DAV after my seperation? I'm just trying to get 30% for my discharge so i can qualify for retirement...
  9. Hey guys me again, i'm still navy and got a copy of my medical evaluation board back today before it's mailed out. I have 5 dx as of now 1.syncope dnepts 780.2 2.asystole dnepts 427.5 3.asthma mild persisten dnepts 493.90 4.patellofemoral syndrome dnepts 719.46 5.depression dnepts 311 I was also given a civilian sleep study which found narcolepsy and put on provigil after a dx from my neorologist. Well, i was transferred to a different doc he didn't want to add narc to my list of dx cuz it would affect future job placement even though he told me not to drive cuz i still most likely have it... So, what do i do? Should i try fight and have the study repeated? Also, with the above dx's what do you guys think my rating will be if anything? i'm an E5 with 4 years and my contract is up next month that's why i wanted to rush and send it out. Thanks again for all your help!
  10. Hey all, it's been awhile since i last posted and thought i would take the time to give you guys an update on my situation and use the same opportunity to ask for some more advice. First i want to thank everyone on hadit for all of their help and motivation either directly or just by reading the posts that others have shared, i'm definately glad that i've found you guys while i'm still in the navy instead of banging my head against a wall so much after i'm out. So since my last post I was prescribed Topomax for possible petite mal seizures, i didn't like how it made me feel so I went into my pcm and told them to take me off of it. I guess they didn't like that or maybe some of the other things that i said so i was escorted (aka reatianed and forced to go) by my new chief to mental health... embarassing. So i got an eval there and apparantly i have major depression and anxiety which they're putting me in group for and possible ptsd from when i died... but they haven't documented it yet. Then i went on to have my 3rd month re-eval LLD board through my PCM, he got my hopes up by saying "member will be fit for full duty after next LLD period" then i went into my record with a different doc and his notes read "PEB board seems unavoidable" =\ Got my hopes up for nothing.... Anyway, then i had a sleep study done and my new abbreviated medical evaluation report states 1 syncope 2 asystole 3 narcolepsy as my dignosis and now i'm not allowed to drive and have to take 3 naps every day during work like i'm 12 again... I'm also getting in trouble for not having a ride to med or work some days since i can't drive and live downtown. Do i drive and get busted down or mess medical and risk getting pulled from my LLD board? =\ Anyway, i was talking to one of my better docs and she said they will most likely start me off with a low rating say 30%? Then you're allowed to appeal it directly but she's reccommeneding that i go instead through the VA as apposed to meeting with the board in washington by myslef. Any ideas? I'm getting nervous because my contract is up in april but my board won't even be started until early feb... Any inputs or suggestions are as always greatly appreciated, thanks in advance guys!
  11. That does help, thanks! I'm going to see the neurologist finally on monday then i have my med board re evaluation on the 15th of december. Thanks again for your help guys, i'll let you know what they say.
  12. Panic attacks? Really? That's strange, something to look into i suppose... They just recently gave me something called myzopan? Something for vertigo... Yeah i'm seeing the neurologist on the 26th for the possible seizures, i'll let you guys know what they say and thanks for the inputs. It's good to have people in the same situation. =)
  13. Yeah i was actually in the hospital when i had the seizure and everyone was talking about it. Now that i've been discharged and got the paperwork back it says "seizure like activity". Also, i went to the ER again yesterday becuase my chest was real tight and i had pain making me dizzy and hard to breath. They didn't find anything again though, not sure what to do... =\
  14. Ok, so i've searced this and even called TRICARE directly and still haven't found an answer to this question. I live maybe 3 blocks from a civilian hospital where the nearest VA hospital (tripler) is around 20 miles away. Let's say I have another emrgency and "just so happen" to bring in my medical records so the civilian docs know what's going on with my medical history, would the navy cover me with my basic coverage or would i be stuck footing the bill since there is a VA center in the area?
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