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  1. PR and John, thanks yeah I wish that PF was actually better understood, it is quite debilitating. I am not near the wheelchair bound level, but pretty limited. I am aware that I have pretty much completed my own surgery by rupturing the PF, however, there are some long standing effects from rupturing it. especiallyt he planter strand that i ruptured which is the one directly under the arch. so there are some problems that I am sure to expereince....but we shall see unfortunately, i am going to have to figure a new way to burn calories....
  2. So I am service connected for Aquired Planter Fascitis as well as Flat Feet for both feet. 10% for the right, 10% for the left and 10% for the bilateral factor. appx 5 weeks ago, I ruptured the planter fascia on the right side and have had a cast on my leg. does anybody know if you can be awarded more that 10% for each foot for planter fascitis? feels like the left is getting ready to rupture as well....pretty stinkin debilitating for sure.... thanks matt BTW the reason i ask is the fact that last year when i was awarded the 30% for planter fasiciaits is on the paperwork i got back for the award told me that this is the maximum i could be awarded, but that has to be hog wash, since if you are having trouble simply walking, it kinda is more than 30%, regardless if you have your mind. if you can't walk, then you are pretty house bound....
  3. Got the dreaded envelope in the mail. When I have time, I will type it out but here is the outcome: right foot ples planus 10% left foot ples planus 10% bilateral factor 10% PTSD increase from 50% denied bilat knee problems -denied(again) lumbar ddd -denied(again) IU -denied looking at NOD for the PTSD increase and shoul dhave submitted the knees and back secondary to the feet....but at least it's a step in the right direction 60% to 70%....however, i was hoping for a lot more for the feet as I am having trouble just walking.... Matt
  4. Thank you to all that commented, I as well am able to pull all other notes except Mental health, however my VSO, keeps all the records and he asked me to go puick them up...I just don't think it right to withhold specific documents. Actually, the PTSD is for an increase. the feet pes planus, was a new claim...i am wondering if they will low ball me with a 10% or award me what i think would be acceptable compensation for not being able to walk correctly and without pain for the rest of my life. trust me it isn't going away....but hopefully due to it being bilaterally they may jump me to 30% for it...but is pes planus, flat feet as well as the spurs all rated as one? or are they broken out for each.... Matt
  5. Josephine, Harmful to me....hmmm, i wonder how they come up with that...but then again it is the VA...I ordered a copy via the va toll free number, hopefully my claim will be completed soon.... Matt
  6. So had a C and P for PTSD and Feet back on June 24th. Called and asked if I could pick up copies of the c and p, they said sure. I went to the Va where the C and P's were conducted. I was told that I could not have a copy for the PTSD, until the Dr released it. I was like huhhhh? Didn't make any sense. But ehy did give me the one for the feet so here it is: Physical Exam: Patient can wiggle his toes without pain. There is no foot edema. Gait is normal. He has mild bilateral heel calluses. Peripheral pulses are grade 2+. he doe snot have hammertoes. he has mild flatfoot, both weight bearing and non weightbearing, bilaterally. Achilles tendon are mobile and nontender to palpation. he has a mild amount of midfoot malalignment and no forefoot malalignment. This is true bilaterally. He has 10 degrees of hallux vargus bilaterally. He is tender to palpation under his heels bilterally and mid arch bilaterally and under the 4th metarsal on the left. impression: bilateral planter fasciitis bilateral pes planus X-rays show left foot pes planus hammer toes and posterior continual spur, right foot shows pes planus posterior calcaneal spur and possible old trauma to the lateral malleolus. Opinion: I have been asked for an opinion if the patient's current bilateral pes planus is at least likely as likely as not a continuation of problems in the military. the patient was seen for bilateral pes planus in 2001 and planter fasciitis is listed on is report of medical history dated 2005. the planter fasciitis is noted to be chronic. Given this, i would state that his current foot pain is most likely a continuation of the foot pain noted in the military. So we shall see what comes of this..actaully i was happy that at least the VA can see that I do have feet problems....i would love to just start over with a new set of feet, but that isn't an option, but at least the examinier can see the problems I am having and x-rays don't lie..... Matt Matt
  7. okay ya'll, just got back from the C & P's... Turns out the first one was for PTSD increase. This time, the Dr, informed me that we had a lot of questions to go thru and to respond appropriately, as we only had 1 hr until my next appt. so off we went. it was basically the MMPI questions relating to how things have been since my last C and P in March 09 for PTSD. I told her everything. So, we shall see.... The second C and P was for my feet, the dr examined them, sent me for X-rays, asked the basic questions. the reason they called and didn't send a letter is apparently they had some cancelations and they worked me in. The sad fact is I put the claim in and it was accepted on Nov 1, that is almost 9 months...a little backed up ya think....the first time around i thought took long, it's now that is taking longer. i thought the VA was working on reducing the back log, guess that idea looks better in press releases than actually in reality.... So, now I am waiting for a couple more C and P's and then a rating. Matt
  8. just called back as i was not satisfied with the answer i got. spokw with the same worthless person from before. Asked if the appts where c and p or means testing. he assured me they were c and p's. apparently they are not alloweed to discuss the type of c and p over the phone, but i am sure they are both for PTSD one is at 1 and the other is at 2:20...i would like to get to 70% ptsd, we shall see......
  9. the means test, can they also conduct a c and p exam at the same time for one of my claims or is the means test seperate from open claims...thanks
  10. huh,,, b/c i am 60% SC, i am priority group 1, so if my income and networth is above the the medium, they can drop me to priority group 7...go figure....
  11. Had a Voice Message Yesterday informing me of an upcoming Appointment at the Winston Salem VA outpateint clinic or June 24 Tursday at 1:00pm. I wasnt;'t sure if I had set one up. I have yet to receive the usual letter explaining the appt. I was told to bring in social security numbers for my wife and children as well as marriage certificate and annual household earrnings and health insurance information. I called this morning and apparently i have 2 C and P's for tomorrow. they just told me on tuesday....very frustrating. I am total of 60% 50 for PTSD and 10 for tinnitue. I currneyl have a claim for orthopedic as well as to up my PTSD. has anybody ever experienced this, or had the VA ask for SSN numbers for all fmaily members, sicne they already have them as well as health insurance information and total household income? thanks matt
  12. Question, regarding this issue, I was disqualified for military service based on the premise that I had PTSD(which right now is service connected at 50%) and knee and back problems. Would I fall into that catagory, being in the national guard? Matt
  13. Gent68, I was part of the Gulf War Study, starting in 1993 at Salisbury VA, NC. I have on multiple times attempted to locate my medical records from this study, to no avail. I have requested several times for that site to look through archived files and they state they cannot find them. the funny thing is I still get the Gulf war review publication, however nobody shows that i was part of the study...very frustrating. I feel your pain. most of my symptoms(rashes on chest, swelling hands and feet, etc) are well documete dint he file. however, at the time i was a young dumb kid and did not think to make copies or knew how to file a claim.... Matt
  14. Regarding this thread, I too have been at odds with calling the hotline. I have been severely depressed the last few months. i have not been active on this board and even stopped seeing my shrink at the VA. why, it is easier for me to deal with my situation, by not dealing with it. everytime i saw my shrink all she wanted to talk about was my job capabilities and i am not just at that point in my life. I hate to disapoint, so i just stopped going a few months ago. i am trying to gain enough strength to go in a dn tell her to her face, but at this point haven't built up enough courage. I have often contemplated just ending it all. the one reason i haven't is I have small children and that would be the most selfish thing in the world to them. So i don't, but that doesn't stop the ideation's i have and the morbid thoughts. I also, stopped taking the meds they prescribed for me and started self medicatiing deaily, which by the way seem to help me sleep better. Just don't know what to do at this point. matt
  15. Well the funny thing is if the Doctor diagnosis me with something other then TBI, then I will just claim that as well. The are opening up a giant can of worms. I hate to add something that I think is probably false, but to just play the game i will. I have learned a bunch from this website and i was pretty much just venting on yesterday. Also, i am pretty happy right now due to when i originally filed and won my 60% claim, I never submitted copies of my childrens SSN cards, which I submitted on July 23 and just received the award letter in today's mail that I should be getting that check for back pay for $110 for 18 months. Now we have christmas money for the kids. you all have a good weekend. Matt
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