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  1. I recently ended up in the emergency room at one of the local hospitals out in town (non VA). I went there becsuse I had a painfull erection that would not go away. I ended up getting a bunch of shots in the penis that did not help. The called in a Uroligest who stuck a needle in it and drained it. Still no effect it keeps filling up and the blood is not draining. The docter asked me what medications I was on. I told him and he said it was in direct connection with Trazadon I was told by the doc that it happens to a few who take it over the course of years. Since non of the treatments where working I was then taken into emergency surgery, and worked on. It still looks like there is not much improvement I am propably going to loose the use of my penis it will no longer be able to get hard. I was also told if it where to do enough dammage I might not be able to have kids. It was a rough 2 days for me and still is I am only 26 years old and have been waiting to get a back surgery in hopes that it will work some and I can get off some of the long list of medications that I am on. I have never herd of this with this drug I am not too sure how rare it is but I know that there are a lot of others out there who are on it and wanted to spread some kind of awareness that this could happen. I talked to the docter and he is going to get me all the paperwork from the ER visit and surgery paperwork, and a note stating that the situation was caused by the drug. Even though I would like to have the problem fixed which it looks like that wont be the case can I file with the VA for it causing this condition. Is there a way to file this as a secondary claim. Is there anything I can do through the VA call or complain as this will have a large effect on the rest of my life I am not sure what to do or if there is anyone out there who can help me with this problem Thank You.
  2. In the past 6-8 months I have gotten a lot worse pain wise for my low back pain and for loss of movement and feeling in my left leg. I can now walk for about 5 min at the most at one time before I have to sit or lay down to get it to stop hurting. My leg swells horribly if I over do it throught the day. I am currently 40% for my back and 20% for my leg. I was just at the pain clinic and they refered me to a neuroligist, and to a shrink. My question is would I be better off for a new claim if I waited to file after I saw them which will probably be a couple months? Or should I put in now will my notes from my referals make it into my claim if I file now? Thanks Jon.
  3. i was at the Pain Clinic on Monday and the Doc suggested that they put me on Tramadol and Gabapentin. I have read a lot of the posts on the Gabapentin is anyone out there taking Tramadol. Right now I am taking Vicoden and I have been on it for years and it is no longer working I have built a large tolerance to it. I am just worried that Tramadol might be too strong. They wanted to put me on methadon or morphine i asked if they had anything else that is when they suggested Tramadol. Does it work well I have a bad back with bulging disks and Spinal Stenosis, and bad nerve pain in my left leg I am just worried it might not work.
  4. Yesterday I had a spinal injection for the first time. I sat there waiting talking to the others that where ahead of me waiting to go in. They all told me they work pretty good it just depends on the person how long they last. I sat there waiting and saw that it only took about 15 min for each of them to come out of the room. They explaind to me what they where going to do and how it worked. I went back to the room to have the procedure done not feeling to bad about it. I was wrong. I was in there over and hour they had 2 docters there working on me, I think the one working on me was a medical student. I was x-rayed so much I am supprised I don't glow in the dark. Overall it took them about 45 min to give up on where they where trying to get it, so they told me they where going to put it in the middle of the spine and hope some medicin moves into the right spot. Overall they had me in there over an hour moving the needles around in me. I don't want to say it is a bad thing to have done. It seemed to work great for most people I guess I was one of the few it would not work on I felt tourtered when I left there I was shaking and they would not let me stand for a while because they thought I was going to pass out and they wanted to see if my heart rate was going to go down. Afterwards the docters came out and asked me if I was ok. I did not know haw to take it. I told them how I felt which was I did not see them once come out and ask any other person there afterwards if they where ok. I asked them what they did to me My back was startiing to throb bad. They tore up the muscles in my back and now that the numbing medicen wore off I feel worse off then when I went there. I guess what Im getting at is there anything I can do about it. Right now I never want to go through that again. Is there someone I can talk to at the VA about it.
  5. A couple months ago I had an MRI done. It said on the bottom of the results that I was going to be scheduled an appointment with a Neurologist a couple days ago I called the Neurologist department at the VA hospital here asking when that would be since I never herd from them, and never even got a letter with an appointment date. I was told over the phone that the docters looked at my results and recomended that I get nerve block injections. I have been refered to the cronic pain clinic where they are supposed to discuss the recomendation for the injections with me. I have mentioned it to docters in the past before and they all told me that I am to young for them I am 26, and have been told that they are bad for your bones and over time can eat away at your spine. My other concern is that I am a big baby when it comes to needles and injections. Has anyone out there gotten these injections before I am currently looking around to see the pro's and con's of this type of treatment. Do they actually work I have had cortizone shots in my foot before and it only lasted a week or two are the nerve block injections the same way. I would really like to get off the pain medication there are too many side affects and do not want to be put on methadone or morphine. Any input would be great help thank you all for your help here Jon.
  6. Thank You for explaining that to me I will be sure to call my PCP to set up an appointment. Thanks again. Jon.
  7. I got the results for my MRI today. I diden't think that you would need to go to medical school to understand what it says. Doe's anyone know what these mean? -Small central posterierior focal disk protrusion -moderate central stenosis -neural foramina -moderately large left paracentral focal posterior disk protrusion which results in sever left lateral recess stenosis -congenitally short pedicles with mild central stenosis -mild bilateral foraminal stenosis. That is some of the terms that is says I have no idea what that means I just know that my back still hurts. Have any of you out there herd of any of these. I would just try to call my PCP but who knows how long it will take for the to get back to me. Thank You Jon
  8. Jon here up late again can't sleep, but it gives me a lot of time to visit the sight. Thank you to everyone for the help.
  9. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you. I have read what you all said, and there is definatetly some things that I will try. I did not know that anything like this exsisted until my boss told me about the sight. It is nice to know that I can get help and advise from you all. Until know I really thought that there was nothing that I could do. I really had no idea of what else I could do. Thanks Again Jon.
  10. I have been dealing with the VA for 4 years now. I am service connected at 40% for my back and now 20% for my leg because of my back. I have been assigned a VA primary care docter who does not want to do anything for me except prescribe pills. Everytime I end up in the emergency room which is now 4-5 times a month on a good month the docters tell me I need a MRI. My docters excuse is that if I get one they will want to do surgery and it will limit me the rest of my life. I tryed to explain to him that I am limited now I am 25 years old and cannot do anything except come home from work and lay in bed because I hurt so bad. I am to the point where I cannot work some days, and recently hurt so bad I could not even drive to the hospital. I have tryed telling him that I don't want pills I would like something done to fix the problem. My back is pinching nerves in my leg and I am slowly loosing feeling and movement in my leg. I am affraid in a couple years from now I will not be able to walk. All I am looking for is a little help to the problem I don't exspect it to be fixed right away. Has anyone else out there gone rounds with docters trying to get help and not just prescribing pain pills? Am I fighting a loosing battle? Can anyone help me I am only 25 and some days feel like it will never get better.
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