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  1. Thank goodness I am finally in the 100 club. I got so many illnesses I can't name them all, but the one that got me over the top was Fibro. I second connected that to my knee, back, hip, shoulders, joints in my fingers. I also have sleep problem and the Rhomatored doc said this might be the reason I don't sleep weel. Well that's another step, but right now I'm goiing to enjoy this major acheivement. Thanks to all of you for advice, motovation, and encuragement to sticking with it. I know I have a long road to go to maintain my place in the 100 but at least the big part is over. One Team, One feight
  2. Berta, I appreciate the info. I'll reach out and wait for a reply. Buck52, you might be right. the bigger boys have more leverage to fight my battle. Thanks for the input.
  3. I really hope it work out for you. I did the same back three years ago but got denied. Maybe it changed. Good luck. I sure would love to know the outcome.
  4. Never heard of that before. I was thinking about writing something to express my thoughts but didn't know who to write it to other than the director of VA. Any suggestions?
  5. No past claim but multiple inclusions that I have had headaches for years. But I never claim just headaches
  6. I had a C&P for other issues but while doing the C&P the doc picked up on me having headaches so they awarded as issue/contention 30%. " we (VA) have assigned a 30 percent evaluation for your headaches based on: Characteristic prostrating attacks occurring on an average once a month over last several months". A higher evaluation of 50 percent is not warranted for migraine unless evidence shows very frequent completely prostrating attacks productive of server economic inadaptability. I was having headaches since 1984(documented in medical records (MR) don't know if I was treated for headaches, that's something I have to research within my MR, so the VA Retro rep told me. Question: Is there a form other than an NOD that I need to submit to get retro active pay if and when I find the proof of treatment for headaches?
  7. Mike, I too enquired about retro payment and within one week I got paid. I also got a call from the VA department who handles retro pay to confirm I got it. That surprised me. So they are getting better I think with assisting. On the other hand I didn't get retro back dated because this was my first claim for headache although in my service record I complained about headaches since 1984. The headaches have manifested into migraines so my current rating was for migraines and not headaches. I was informed by the VA adviser to find diagnoses in my records where they treated me for headaches and submit for retro pay as a new claim. I am consisting doing that.
  8. I had a DBQ C&P for Bilateral foot pain diagnoses associated with a claim condition Plantar Fasciitis. The C&P was completed by a Gen Med doctor. In the exam I asked did he think I should get surgery on my foot to relieve the plantar fasciitis. He said he's not a foot doctor so he couldn't comment. I asked way are you doing the C&P if you not a foot doc. No response. It seems to me it should be s specialist in the field of feet if you are going to get a good C&P. Anyway he diagnosed me as having pain in the arch area as well as heel and mild metatarsal. My question; is there a % in the mix.
  9. Rose, I need to know what you put  in your claim for Fibromyalgia. I have multiple issues that indicate I have Fibro. One person told me to get my provider to write a memo indicating all the joint pain I have is related to Fibro, both knees, (L) shoulder, lower back(D), hip, and all the doctor notes addressing OSTRO and RA. My deadline for submitting NOD is Oct 2017 

  10. ''Your Fired'' I can relate with that Buck!
  11. Ok so answer me this. I went to a C&P and got rated for an illness that I never submitted a claim for. I was giving the rating of 30% for migraines. My medical records (MR) show that I complained about headaches since 1984. The headaches worsen to migraines in 1990. When I retired I didn't mention this to the doctor because like others I just wanted to get out. The C&P doc added this to my claim and I was awarded 30%. Will it be retro'ed back to 1990.
  12. Black3018, I have OSA and it's not SC. I am still fighting and have been since 2004. I retired 2001. I have all the diagnoses of OSA but never got diagnosed while on AD, although my wife told me to and my Army buddies did too, but I blew it off and thought nothing of it; I am regretting that to this day. Yes, I'm getting treatment from VA and they provide me all the medical support I need, but WON'T SC. I did the friend and wife letters too, but still denied. I am also diagnosed with PTSD with mood disorder, sleep disturbance, depression, etc...etc. Still not SC for SA. I hate to put salt in your wound but Buck is 100. If you don't have anything in your records while you were in service for SA you are going up a hill with a 500lb ruck. Not saying you are defeated, but saying it's going to be a little more challenging than you think. We love a challenge... huh? I highly recommend before putting an OSA claim in you find something in your medical files that can be SC to OSA...example TBI (highly possible). You might try Fibromyalgia. Fibro is connected to sleep disturbance. But even that's not saying much. Short story: I had a friend who put a claim in for SA and got denied over and over again but kept on fighting for over 15 years. He got his claim approved after researching his medical records very...very...Very...closely and found one statement where a doctor recommend he get a sleep test. That was enough and all he needed. You know the rest of the story. It's not about your illness, although that is important to get treatment...it's about being SC....saying that to mean this; Get your records in order by date, after that, request a C&P, take all researched records to C&P highlighting the areas pertaining to the claim so there will be no misunderstandings of proof; remember C&P doc's are not looking for conversation only proof on paper. Key thought "You don't have to say anything as long as it's documented...trust me. True story: I did a C&P and the doctor found something in my medical records I never thought of claiming but complained about since 1984...headache's. These headache's manifested into migraines from that time to present. Just think, I've been complaining about headache's since 1984 but between 84 and present they grew into migraines and I thought it was because of OSA. I do have OSA but now I have found out that my headache's now migraines, resulted from my OSA. I don't know which way to go with this but I am sure within one year I'll figure it OUT! Sorry for being long winded
  13. What do a Substantive status mean

  14. I put a claim in and after a year I got a status of SUBSTANTIVE. What does this mean for me or where is it in the decision process. Any help is good help
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