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  1. Thanks again asknod! I appreciate your help. Will be submitting it via e Benefits. With any luck it should go quickly as my request for increase for my SC COPD took only 2 months. Hopefully I can be of help to others with the knowledge you've provided me. Your fellow Vet and Washingtonian, fullcount15
  2. Thank you asknod for the speedy reply. In order to complete the 526ez correctly and avoid any delays, where do I list my reason for submitting my claim? The only place I see is in Block 13, or should I submit a supplemental form (memorandum)? I just want to insure I dot all the i's and cross all the t's. Also, should I cite Bradley/Peak somewhere in the claim. Thank you again for your assistance. Your fellow Vet and Washingtonian, fullcount15
  3. Last month I was awarded a 100% scheduler rating for my COPD. I am also rated for traumatic arthritis right ankle – 20%, traumatic arthritis left ankle ankle – 20%, left foot pes cavus with arthritis and plantar fasciitis – 20% and right foot pes cavus with arthritis and plantar fasciitis – 20%. I was also awarded Special Monthly Compensation (SMC-S). I wasn’t aware of what SMC-S was so I did some research to understand the additional benefit. Prior to my 100% scheduler rating I was awarded TDIU in December 2008 for my COPD (rated at 60%). In addition I also had the aforementioned SC ratings for traumatic arthritis right ankle – 20%, traumatic arthritis left ankle ankle – 20%, left foot pes cavus with arthritis and plantar fasciitis – 20% and right foot pes cavus with arthritis and plantar fasciitis – 20%. After researching SMC-S benefit it seems as though I should have been awarded the SMC-S benefit when I was awarded my TDIU in December 2008. What would be the best course of action. CUE claim? If so, can I submit a cue claim via e Benefits? Thank you in advance for any assistance anyone can provide.
  4. Good day. I am a disabled veteran currently receiving 60% service-connected disability for COPD. I recently had a CAT Scan done for two lumps in my neck. The good news was that the lumps were nothing but a virus. The bad news is that the CAT Scan showed a mass in my upper left lung and I also had aortic dilation of 4 cm. My doctor ordered a PET Scan to see if the mass was active and cancerous. The results came back that indeed the mass was cancerous and active. Several doctors met on Wednesday to discuss on a possible treatment plan for these conditions. The news was not promising as they have deep concerns whether or not I would survive any operations due to my decreased lung capacity due to the COPD and are hesitant to operate at all. My question is there a possibility to get a increase in my current VA disability due to the complications my COPD are creating in treating the aforementioned conditions? I hope I explained myself clear enough as I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I thank anyone in advance for any assistance or guidance you can provide me.
  5. I have a question in reference to filing a CUE claim. In November 1984 I was granted a 50% rating for pes cavus of the left and right foot with arthritis. In December 2005 I filed to apply the bilateral factor of the aforementioned conditions based on the presence of a compensable degree of disability in both lower extremities. In July 2006 I was granted the bilateral factor, but only with the effective date of December 2005. My allegation is that the bilateral factor should have been applied by the RO when my original rating was awarded in November 1984. Due I have grounds to file a CUE claim? I have spoken with my VSO at American Legion and she has a no idea what a CUE claim is or what to do. Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Did you have to submit any paperwork or was it automatic? From what I understand, the VA has to send the rating to DFAS and then they restore my retirement pay and issue me retro pay. How long did it take? I just want to keep on top of things as I don't trsu the system after battling for years with my claim. Thanx.
  7. Good morning. I recently received 100% IU rating. I called the VA inquiring about the restoration of my Retirement Pay and they directed me to DFAS. I've spent hours on hold waiting to speak with a DFAS rep about what the procedure is without any luck. Does anyoneknow the process of having Retirement Pay restored after receiving a 100% IU rating? Thank you so much for any assistance.
  8. Problem: Have VA employees check their negative attitudes at the door when they come to work. Fix: Get rid of all the supervisors who cannot seem to train and motivate their employees. "Enthusiasm Breeds Enthusiasm". Bottom line is get rid of all the Dinosaur Deadweight within the system and get some people in that want to serve Veterans with dignity and respect.
  9. I received an unexpected phone call this morning from my Regional Office in reference to my claim. It was in response to a request I made the beginning of November after talking to a VSR via the 1-800-NOCLUE number, that someone call me and give me an accurate status of my claim as I was fed up with the continual roller coaster ride and conflicting information I had been receiving over the past months in reference to the status of my claim. The VSR said she would put my request in the system and someone would contact me within 7-10 days. Needless to say, I didn’t hold my breath for the return phone call. Anyway, the person that called me this morning informed me that my claim will be finished up this week and I would receive a decision letter within the next two weeks. After he gave me this information, I told him that I received a Fully Favorable on my SSDI claim last week and should I send the decision to the VA. He told me no as my claim would be sent back to the Pre-Determination Team and the entire claim process would start over from Day One. Somehow from his tone of voice and insistence of not sending the SSDI decision in, he was trying to tell me something. Any suggestions or has anyone experienced this? I just found it very unusual that he called. Thanx for lending an ear !!!
  10. Just received a call from my lawyer. Received Fully Favorable decision from the ALJ retroactive to the date requested. IT'S OVER!!! As the late, great North Carolina State basketball coach Jimmy V. always said, "Don't Give Up, Don't Ever Give Up". Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  11. Just received word that my claim left the Rater and is in Ajudication. Does anyone know how long this process takes? Thanx!!!
  12. Received correspondence via IRIS today that the pre-determination team has sent my claim back to the rater as the rater needed more info on something. Said I should receive a decision in the next 30 days. Hope this is a positive sign.
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