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  1. pamelab

    Voc Rehab

    I have been attending an online school since Dec. 8, 2009. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive the monthly stipend?
  2. Hello everyone it's been a while since I have posted anything, but just to catch up on what's been going on, I've had two c&p exams one for fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome they gave me 20% for the fibro and 10% for the IBS. Now everything they required to get a higher rating was in my exam reports why they didn't do it is beyond me. Well i guess that's the VA way. My question is what should I do at this point to get a higher rating? I've been to the ER three times already because of pain and fatigue just left from there today. Should I take my paperwork to my VSO and file an appeal. I'm in that revolving door and want to get out. Any advice will be helpful. Pamelab Gulf war Vet
  3. Not sure if I am doing this right or not but I have my rating for fibro. 20% and IBS 10% but I believe they low balled me according to my C & P results and what they rated me on. How can I get a higher rating? Should I take my exam paperwork and everything to my VSO and file a disagreement? Everything the regs is asking for to qualify for a higher rating is stated on my C & P paperwork.

  4. Hello everyone it's been a while sine i have posted, but I've had my C&P exams fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome and of course the lowballed me but I got 10% for IBS and 20% for the fibro. Everything that the reqs state for me to get a higher rating for each disability has been stated by the examiner at the exam and put on the report I don't understand why it was was overlooked. My question is what is my next step to getting a higher rating on each. Do I take my paperw...

    1. Tbird


      Please post this in VA Claims Research so that you get more eyes on it.

    2. pamelab


      i don't know how to post this in the va claims research forum. How do I go about doing that?

    3. navydoc2


      click on the va claims and research forum and click on add or start topic.

  5. pamelab

    Gulf War Exam

    Is there anyone on here that has had a gulf war compensation and pension exam? if so, what does it consist of? Does it involve fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, depression exams or what? I have a c & P exam coming up in May. This is my very first exam. I'm hoping to get a rating. I currently receive nsc pension rated at 90% . I also have a diagnosed of fibromyalgia, irritable bowel and major depression disorder. I have other symptoms as well trouble sleeping i am on 150mg of trazadone, i have dizziness to the point where i have fallen in the past. Everything that is on the checklist for symptoms I have. I also have a nexus letter from my primary care physician stating in her medical opionion it is more likely than not that my conditions had their due to my military service. I had gotten ill while on active in Saudi Arabia with upper respiratory infections, body aches and when i got back stateside i started with the diarrhea and vomiting i loss a considerable amount of weight because of it. So hopefully i will get a rating of considerable %. Any feedback is welcome.
  6. pamelab

    C7p Done

    hang in there kiddo. we all have days like that especially with the VA. Don't do any drugs or hurt yourself or any one else; trust me it doesn't hellp. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It is good that you told her that you were holding on to a rope not a thread. I like that, It shows you have strength to go on. Keep fighting. Soon you will be sharing a success story.
  7. At that time i didn't have too much to provide. i had to build my case and send off for my smr which i received in part originally, just a few days ago after much research on my part i received what i needed to prove that i was ill,hospitalized during desert storm.
  8. No it did not have a rating decision, it just flat out denied me based on, from my understanding, lack of evidence. Thats basically what it balled downed to. but they worded it their way.
  9. The conditions were depression/confusion-we denied service connection for depression/cofusion,based the evidence of record supporting this condition existed prior to service. There must be objective evidence of worsening of a preexisting condition in order to establish service connection by aggravation. there is no evidence that the condition permanently worsened as a result of service. 2.Chronic Headaches- we denied service connection for chronic headaches since this condition neither occured in nor was caused by service. They also said that service connection can be granted but there must be current evidence of permanent residual disability associated with the claimed disability that is attributable to a period of active service. 3. Service connection or respiratory condition was denied for the same reasons as above.4 Service connection for Gulf War Undiagnosed Illnesses - We have denied service connection for GW Undiagnosed Illnesses, based on we have reviewed your Gulf War health registry Examination it shows you have not been seen or evaluated for any chronic symptoms or diseases that have not been diagnosed. It does go on to say that Service connection may be granted for this disability if it either began in military service or was caused by some event or experience in service. However, before service connection can be granted there must be current evidence of permanent residual disability associated with the claimed disability that is attributable to a period of active service. Now since then I have recently received my SMR which shows i was hospitalized for 4 days while on active duty for headaches, and respiratory condition and skin rashes. In addition to this, i am currently diagnosed for chronic headaches, seen several times within the past year for brochitis, and skin rashes. all of which i am taking meds for. i also have had a recent GW registry exam this year the doctor diagnosed fibromyalgia and i am have an upcoming appt. for rheumatology and upper gi exam for irritable bowel syndrome. all of this symptoms/conditions has been following me since desert storm. i also was hospitalized latter part of last year for tb, but it was not active, but they placed me on medication for 9 months which i am still taking. You think all this may make a difference to them.
  10. thank you for this information, it is very helpful.
  11. hi again, I have an appeal hearing coming up in April. this is my first time going thru this and i don't know what to expect. my appeal is for GWI, Major Depression Disorder, Chronic headaches, respiratory, all of which i have current documentation and diagnoisis of. i also recently received my service medical records showing that i was hospitalized for four days after i got discharged from SWA. it also shows chronic headaches. i believe everything will go well. i just don't know what to expect. can someone give me an idea. desertshield/storm pamelab
  12. hello again. I have a couple of questions. My claim is on appeal and has been for about 1 year now, i have seen any outside dr's because i can't afford to. My questions are will the RO be able to track my conditions that are on appeal by having access to my medical information or do I have to submit new evidence myself? If I have to submit new evidence how do I go about doing that and will appeals process be interrupted in any way? desert shield/storm veteran
  13. Thank you for that post. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make those meetings, but I did send two emails to the contacts listed, I also am going to pass this information around, again thank you. Signing off pamela b
  14. pamelab

    Gulf War Study

    thank you for that info. i completely understand what u r saying. although my primay care has ordered blood tests recently tht came back negative for arthritis. I sincerely believe something is going on with this pain. i constantly hurt and i don't consider myself to be elderly, i'm only 46 yr old. well i will get back with u all when i find out more. wish me luck again thank u. signing off desert storm veteran, pamelab

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