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  1. Rob, I too have TBI, don't get ahead of yourself, plan your course of action as you move to lovely old GA. The TBI is 1 claim the PTSD is a separate and distinct claim. Before you retire make sure you have all medical records in hand. Names and alternative addresses of fellow airmen. By alternative I mean sister/brother, parent in case you need them as a witness down the road. Next if I had a permanent address in GA. I would find address and contact for the VFW and get joined. Reason being They have a Vet. Service Rep. to assist with your claim, or new friends can guide you too best ve
  2. Glad u got what the gov't owes u. May ur family & u now live comfortably. ausgmblr
  3. Steve, Things are different today than when we got disabled. Law requires certain accomadations for disabled employees. Like the ramps you see everywhere now. The Fed gives 5pts. to vets and 10 to disabled vets. Fed job openings at usajobs.gov, The States & Counties have their own web-sites Where I'm at City jobs are under County. Most applications are filed on line. Border patrol took 100K app's, by test on line for 35000 jobs. Their is a web site for corps that are giving preferential treatment to Vets. I think it's like 51. Fields like whse. labor, security to electronic engineer
  4. Late Checking In, Sorry. Been busy with helping vets. Met a Gulf War Vet Last week gave him your cite address. Mostly busy preparing trip to NJ to attend 90 yr old uncles' birthday party. Wouldn't miss it for the world He is a WWII Pacific Campaign Iwo Vet. Met another poor vet got him filed for compensation he is WWII only country he missed was Italy. Should have been filed at least 30 yrs ago. Poor man eating next to nothing to pay his rent. ausgmblr
  5. Go ahead go to Social Security Office with Law cited to you in answers posted. Get claim filed SSDI has nothing to do with your VA claims totally 2 different Sections of the U.S.Code which governs the application of the VA and Social Security Laws. They told me in 1997 I did'nt have enough quarters to qualify when I wanted to file due to brain damage and retirement on disability was 100% since 1968. Sent me a letter every year since 1998 I didn't qualify for SS. Then when I reached 62 sent me letter I did qualify because didn't need 40 quarters was on SSDI back in early 70's taking Vet rehab
  6. i CAN'T FIGURE THIS OUT EITHER A VET WITHOUT servicemens group life insurance can apply after an awarded claim, within 2 yrs. But I can't appeal the A&A claim it was approved. I can't appeal the insurance app. it's not a claim & it's not in the health division of the VA. what the heck can I do? thanks.

  7. I am rated 100% and another 20% for encephilitis and third degree burns since 1968 . I filed a request to buy the SGLI after an award for aid & assistance was successful. Prior to the A&A I was drawing homebound. The application for the SGLI was filed within the 2 year window allowed after a new claim is awarded. I received a letter from the Insurance Section of the VA saying request denied reason " request based on claim should have been made as request for increase in rating". I can find no court cases on point. These HB and A&A are 2 different section 38 USC, but again no a
  8. sgli v claim

    1. ausgmblr


      I filed a righteous claim, solely to be eligle to apply for SGLI. I am 100% and cannot buy commercial life. After claim was approved, Applied for SGLI as allowed within 2 yr. window. Received response "i was not eligible as as increase of homebound to aid and assistance was not a clqim but an increase in rating. What to do, Insurance noclaim although its clear error health admin. contradicts insurance 2 different Sections A&A and Homebound.

  9. Fellow Non-Approved Vet, Welcome aboard. As already stated by your replies received this is just part of their games. I believe to keep their budget in line thru the current fiscal yr. First Get good representation you have plenty of time to appeal you just got the letter? Go to your State Vet Rep Benefits Office. Their number can be found in your yellow pages or web address on line. I don't care for the Service Social Organizations any more. My Williamson County, TX. office rep. working on her law degree, been to the VA VRO training(don't think DAV etc. sends there aids to the VA traini
  10. The Fed Lists all Job Openings at USAJobs.gov. You can put resumes, fill out apps, leave on file for positions of interest for all agencies and they will contact you when there is an announcement made. Avet gets a 5 point preference and a disabled vet 10 points. Find the Code Ex: 510 Auditor, Location TX, look for open announcements you qualify for if any. If not look at requirements and leave interest for them to call you when opening comes up. But Fed jobs are becoming far and few due to all these budget problems. Anotheer month or so IRS will be hiring Temps for coming filing season.
  11. Last 2 C&P's Examiner had me walk staight line, toe-to-toe. For effects of my brain injury. I think also some resistance pushing on leg while pulling up. So I guess so. Ausgmblr
  12. :o Hell John, get on their Web site and order a copy of your DD214 then send it to them Registered Mail return Receipt requested. Then ask the VRO if he has found it yet, he says no, send him yours and the Post Office Registered Mail Receipt. They'd loose their paycheck if it wasn't required to be on direct deposit. ausgmblr
  13. Governor and put in law bill 3613 exempting from real property taxes at varying tax rates all property disabled vet owners, bill says effective 2010, Governor back dated to2009. Appraisall districts mailed forms required to be filed 7/23/2009. Law Attached Ausgmblr
  14. Have you never seen these children roller-skating with helmets on. There the smart ones.. It doesn't take much at all to damage that soft tissue of the brain that is only protected by the skull. The brain controlls, operates every function of your body. Cut his throat on the left side cutting his vagal nerve and you stop 90% of the messages from the brain. As I was told by one of the smartest men I ever met in my life in 1968 when my Encephilitis started and gran Mals a Neurologist/Neurosurgeon told me "if the brain were the moon the rocket ship would still be at Cape Canaveral". Were a go
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