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  1. i CAN'T FIGURE THIS OUT EITHER A VET WITHOUT servicemens group life insurance can apply after an awarded claim, within 2 yrs. But I can't appeal the A&A claim it was approved. I can't appeal the insurance app. it's not a claim & it's not in the health division of the VA. what the heck can I do? thanks.

  2. sgli v claim

    1. ausgmblr


      I filed a righteous claim, solely to be eligle to apply for SGLI. I am 100% and cannot buy commercial life. After claim was approved, Applied for SGLI as allowed within 2 yr. window. Received response "i was not eligible as as increase of homebound to aid and assistance was not a clqim but an increase in rating. What to do, Insurance noclaim although its clear error health admin. contradicts insurance 2 different Sections A&A and Homebound.

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