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  1. I retired last year and transfered my GI bill to my daughter. I put 15 months for my daughter, 15 months to my son and 4 to my wife. It was aproved and then my daughter went to school and has used 12 out of the 15 months. But now, how do I transfer from my son to my daughter?
  2. My daughter is actually 17 and in college, she turns 18 in August, so normally the benefits would actually increase when she turns 18. But in the rating letter it says that she is 11 and turns 12 in August. My son is 11 and turns 12 in February, so normally nothing would change, but the rating letter says that he is 17 and will turn 18 in February and he is obviously not in college, so the benefits are supposed to go down in Feb.......becasue of the mix up.
  3. Thank you very much Sir. Is there a specific form or format that I have to use? Do I adress it to a specific person or office?
  4. How do I change my dependent's birthdays? I submitted the correct birthdays of my children with my claim but when I got my decision the dates were switched around. My daughter has my son's birthday and vice versa.
  5. Lumbago Low back pain, low back syndrome, lumbalgia 724.2 Sprains and strains of Lumbosacral region 846.0 or maybe 847.2 Sciatica 724.3 These are some but there's many others, depends on the actual words on the diagnosis.
  6. I did go to the exam. I don't have anything scheduled anymore. Nothing is pending as far as I know. Just didn't want to delay it.
  7. My last C&P exam was 10 September 2009. Then I had a letter from Qu Te Ce asking me to go back for an Upper GI test. The test was 09 October 2009. I think that I shouldn't need anymore C&P exams, or anyother test ordered. If I ask on the status with an IRIS, will it delay the claim? "I don't want to loose my place in line"
  8. Thank you very much. The examiners were alll very nice, quick and polite. They did admit to not having the medical record. But they send you a questionaire to fill out at home way before your physical exam. When you get to their office you turn it into them, they make a copy and give it to you, I kept the copy and they kept the original. The questionaire is pretty much a worksheet for each complaint. So you can use your copy of your medical record as a reference to fill it out. You write down just the pertinent information on it. I even wrote down the name, adress and phone number of where I've been seen. Wrote down results of x-rays and MRIs. You can even use a yellow highlighter to mark words like osteophyte, osteoarthritis, parachuting, crepitus, the key words that they would have looked for in your medical records. They had plenty of time to do the actual physical exam becasue the history was already written down. Of course they write their own history using yours as a reference. BUT, just because it seems that everything went fine, doesn't mean that what the examiner actually wrote down was favorable. Also, afterwards they took x-rays of every body part that I complained about. Eventhough the prior x-ray results showed finding and none of the previous results were normal. That was alot of x-rays.
  9. Hi there, how do I get a copy of the C&P exam? Q. Ti Ce did the exam. It's been more than 2 weeks since the exam.
  10. I did the last C&P exam this afternoon. How long more or less until I get a decision? I retired 10 days ago.
  11. I have something like that already. A summary of the claims. Which I put inside the SMR. I thought that maybe the Doctor or Doctors in the C&P exam and/or the Rater would use it. But Do I really have to attach it to the 21-526 or leave it inside the SMR. It's 6 pages long. Each complaint is written in similar format to the Worksheets.
  12. I know that I write the complaint in And when it started in If it started 9 years ago and I don't have a specific day/month/year, then can I write 9 years ago? Then, the form asks to write in when I was seen for the complaint. It asks (From____ To_____) and then the Name and address of the Doctor/clinic. But, what if I saw different Doctors in different States? Do I write the date of the very first day seen for that complaint and then the last time I was seen for that complaint? and then write the name of the last Doctor seen for that complaint even if I saw different ones? Or, should I attach a sheet with the names of each doctor and clinic seen for that complaint?
  13. Thank you I'm just trying to make my claim solid. How do they test for memory and concentration? With the 'put the cube into the block ' test and the MMPI only?
  14. I'm actually retiring in September after 26 years. I have copies of everything. I just read this afternoon the clinical impression from the Neurologists and it says that I have a "history of TBI" (he actually wrote TBI) and that "certainly the TBI may have exacerbated any preexisting tendency". So (this is me speaking) even if the Arachnoid cysts are congenital, or the ADHD is congenital, or that the Arachnoid cysts are not the cause of the ADHD, the fact is that the TBI may have exacerbated any preexisting tendency, I'm I correct? Just planning ahead in case the rater denies any claims. Also, in the MRI of the brain there were white matter lesions, which the Neurologist wrote down that "these are nonspecific, not in a periventricular pattern". And that he doesn't think that I have MS. But he did write taht "These are probably related to previous trauma or idiopathic".
  15. The Psychiatrist and the Neurologist wrote everything down on paper. Saw both of them off post and I have the notes from them. And I have the ER note from the ER at Ft Bragg where it says it was head trauma due to airborne operation. I have the reading of the radiologist for the brain MRI. I have a follow up with the Psychiatrist on Monday morning. He is going to increase the concerta cr to 108 mg a day which is off label. Makes perfect sense to increase it. The FDA aproves 72 mg as the maximum dose but since adult ADHD is not in the DSM IV but it will be in the DSM V, I'm assuming that for an adult the maximum dose might be higher than 72mg.
  16. I retire in 170 days. I hit my head during a bad military parachute landing fall in 1994 while stationed at Ft Bragg NC. I was diagnosed with ADHD 4 years ago and take Concerta for it. The Neurologist and the Neuroradiologist cannot tell for sure if the left frontal arachnoid cyst was congenital or if it was acquired. The Neurologist said that the right temporal arachnoid cyst is less likely to be congenital. The Psychiatrists says that there are cases where head trauma has caused ADHD or exacerbated it. Arachnoid cysts can be congenital or acquired after head trauma. Left frontal Arachnoid cysts are more common in people with ADHD. So, do I claim the Arachnoid cysts a benign new brain growth? 8003 Benign, minimum 60 Rate residuals, minimum 10 Or do I claim TBI residual??? Evaluation of Cognitive Impairment and Other Residuals of TBI Not Otherwise Classified Facets of cognitive impairment and other residuals of TBI not Level of otherwise classified impairment Criteria Memory, attention, 0 No complaints of impairment of memory, concentration, executive attention, concentration, or executive functions. functions. 1 A complaint of mild loss of memory (such as having difficult following a conversation, recalling recent conversations, remembering names of new acquaintances, or finding words, or often misplacing items), attention, concentration, or executive functions, but without objective evidence on testing. 2 Objective evidence on testing of mild impairment of memory, attention, concentration, or executive functions resulting in mild functional impairment. * 3 Objective evidence on testing of moderate impairment of memory, attention, concentration, or executive functions resulting in moderate functional impairment. 0 = 0 percent; 1 = 10 percent; 2 = 40 percent; and 3 = 70 percent.
  17. I had a Brain MRI which showed an arachnoid cyst in the left frontal lobe and one in the right temporal lobe. Are Arachnoid cysts rated as a benign new brain growth? 8003 Benign, minimum 60 Rate residuals, minimum 10
  18. Do you have a link to that bill? Moving to Texas in July 2009
  19. I'm claiming IBS, and as part of the work up, colonoscopy was unremarkble, labs and cultures unremarkble or negative, but abdominal CT showed that. So, are the abdominal symptoms sequela from a ruptured appendectomy, post-cholecystectomy or is the fatty liver from taking INH for 6 months. The liver enzymes used to be very high, some where more than 3 times the normal values, but for the most part elevated for about 10 years, then slowly went down to normal.
  20. Well, I just go my results of a CT scan of the abdomen and it shows: Marked Fatty Infiltration of the liver. I don't drink alcohol and never abused alcohol either. Would it fall under: Chronic liver disease without cirrhosis?
  21. PE1

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Renal Artery Stenosis

    I just received my CT scan results of the abdomen and it shows 2 to 3 small right renal arteries. Given the histrory of Diabetes and Hypertension, I'll most probably have an MRI next. So, if the diagnosis is renal artery stenosis, then how is it rated? As a dysfunction? 30%? The systolic blood pressure is predominatly above 160 and the diastolic is above 105 and I take blood pressure medication. The blood pressure alone is 10%. The diabetes mellitus is treated with glucophage so it's 20%.
  22. Not using any right now. We have a TAPS briefing in late February and representatives from DAV will be there but I'm in California right now. I'm not filling until July 2009 in San Antonio.
  23. Can someone recommend a good VSO in San Antonio please?
  24. But if I were you, I would see my PCP in person and have him explain it to me and that way you also have a note.
  25. He or she might never call. Small central posterierior focal disk protrusion (a small central posterior herniated disc. it's a small herniated disc. The disc looks like a jelly donut. a hard fibrous ring surrounding a soft center. running, sit ups, ruckmarching, lifting heavy things can put pressure down on the spine and the soft center will shoot out like jelly from a jelly donut, and can press on the root of a nerve or on the spinal cord. in this case it can make the space that the spinal cord goes through smaller.) -moderate central stenosis that the tube, space or where the spinal cord travels through is smaller. moderatly smaller. -neural foramina this just means the hole through where the nerves exit the spine -moderately large left paracentral focal posterior disk protrusion which results in sever left lateral recess stenosis pretty big disc herniation to the left which is pretty much pinching the nerve -congenitally short pedicles with mild central stenosis that the bones that make up the vertebra, the ones that aim back, and make up the hole where the nerves come out are short and that you were born like that. and also it makes the space where the spinal cord travels through smaller. -mild bilateral foraminal stenosis. that the holes where the nerves exit are small on both right and left side.
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