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  1. I hope I didn't come off as I don't want to support my kid, because I love my child and spend as much time as I can with my child. I have a job and they are welcome to do what they wish with that income as they have every month for years. The problem was when they came after my disability, which was given to "me" for combat injuries I've suffered. I know deep down inside all that money hardly reaches my kid when I see the condition of the clothes and shoes the kid has over with the mother. Is it fair? No...! But I give everything I can to my kid, but his money hungry mother coming afte
  2. WOW!!!! What a response!!! I will need to read this a few times to fully understand it. But its a shame this bill isn't in play yet. I already have been divorced for about 5 years now back then I only had the initial 10% I got out with but then years later got all the way to 80% . I know she has caught wind of this and wants to do a child support modification. I already pay $750 a month for one child, but I guess she wants more and more... I really hope to figure something out soon, I cant even sleep knowing that she wont stop until she cleans me out... Thanks guys you really made
  3. I've done some research and read what the USC says on how no one can attach benefits to any hearing. And I know the Supremacy Clause states that when state and federal law conflict federal law always wins. So how is it I'm being told I have to claim it as income, and it will be calculated into there crappy formula.... Please help!
  4. Hello brothers and sisters I am asking if I wanted to join the local police force and the VA has diagnosed me with PTSD and I collect benefits, do I have to disclose this to the Doctor during my police psych eval. I know I have to take the 600 question test the MMPI. But I guess what I am asking is, are my VA records kept private. Or can an employer such as a police department request to see my medical charts? Do they even do that? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Been gone for a while, but still alive and kicking, reporting for duty...
  6. Please dont give up!!!!! It took me 5 years and the folks at this website and I finally went from 10% to 80%! Do your research on this website, it has everything you need. It wasnt easy for me but after working with the Hadit folks they helped me get it done. Hang in there brother.
  7. That's weird I have 50% PTSD and 30% TBI but I have only met with the social worker a couple of times during the C&P process and after the award Ive only seen the psych doc once for meds since my award 2 months ago. Other than that I got nothing...?
  8. It's great to hear that I am not alone, granted I like all of you wish to not hav to deal with this. But since i have to at least I know that my issues are not just me, I mean that what I've become is not because of choice. I showed my wife these posts because sometimes she is the one who suffers the most. We all have started a good thread here.
  9. Thanks very much guys! This is exactly what I wanted to hear, I am currently taking my meds and will follow all o your advice. I will continue to fill my meds and will go to all my appointments. I agreed to one on one counseling but haven't gotten any yet, i agree with the fact that I need to be ready to commit to life with the VA. Thanks again to all this place rocks!
  10. 1. Yes I am married with one child but I was already getting that for them 2. Yes I go to VA for healthcare but they never charge me...? 3. I think they give you a break on home taxes thanks for reminding me 4. I dont think I qualify for SSDI as I have a full time job. Or do I...? 5. No I am not retired Thanks cowgirl!!!! I am interested in this SSDI, do you get that if youre working, or only if you can no longer work? Also they said that this is not permanent and that in the future I would be examined to see if I have improved, whats up with that? And do I get to enter the Commis
  11. How does this add up to you guys...? 50% PTSD 30% Headaches 10% TBI 10% TMJ 10% Tinnutus Is it just me or did my math skills go out along with my mind... I just received my rating for PTSD and TBI today, but I am real confused on how they rated this along with my old stuff. I was 30% before the top three ratings and now I am 80...? I thank god everyday and HADIT for what I have I am grateful trust me. But I am just confused and would like to understand this better plz and thank you. GOD BLESS all HADIT members for there help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <_<
  12. I called and requested the notes, they said they will mail them out. Ahhhhh PCL that's the one!!!!! So I got a 75 on that. Let me ask you, do tbi and PTSD get rated together or do you just get one or the other.
  13. During a c&p exam for PTSD I wAs told I had a score of 75 on my pcl pcv PVC or something exam, I cannot remember the acronym. Does anyone here know what test this is, and what that score means? At my exam I felt like I was in the movie A few good men. For two hours this doctor asked alot of questions, and wanted alot of details. He seemed like a nice guy though. I was really getting worked up with the fact that this Is the longest exam I had ever had. I also got my TBI c&p done but that went real fast 15 minutes or so they asked about headaches and other stuff., do you get rated fo
  14. Ohhh ok I didnt know that... I guess it makes sense, still seems like a waste of money. I understand what they try to do with the fishing trips, I will be watching for it. Thanks!
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