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  1. Thank-you for your response.
  2. Thank-you for your reply. I have many symptoms, neuropathy, bad kindeys, bad bones, tremors, blood disorders,
  3. Is there a rating for MGUS, or smoldering Myeloma? Is technically is not cancer but precancer. It causes lots of health problems and was wondering if I could get a rating for this.
  4. I am currently at 60%, I have some new conditions and Im going for 100%. I am still working but its becoming increasing difficult, If I get 100% I am going to retire. Does the money I make have anythng to do with compensation? I am a factory worker--could they deny me because I make too much? Is there a phamplet or rules to read on this matter? There are so many veterans now I am worried this process could take a year, maybe I cant make it another year--I just dont know.
  5. Just how do you apply for a rating increase? Is there a form download? I have diabetes and need to add renal insuffencency.
  6. Can you receive full compensation and still work? Any links for information would be appreciated.
  7. I was told I can not get Janumet from the VA. This pill is 2 drugs in one--does anyone know if the VA supplies januvia seperately?
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