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  1. My appeal to the veterans court in Washington DC has recently been assigned to a panel for a decision. It was initially assigned to a judge now it's been ordered to a panel? What does this mean for my case? Will this now be much longer of a wait? Is it a good sign or a bad sign? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joe
  2. Thank you all for responding. I am slowly starting to understand this whole process. Carlie I did as you suggested and looked at what was sent. It is definitely a soc not a decision letter. Although at the end of the soc there's a page that states "decision"? Where it says increased rating from 30%-50% retro to 2008. I guess that's what confused me as to what I actually received. So am I to understand you that this is just a soc and the actual decision will follow? Any clue as to possible time between the 2? Is it usually days, weeks, month's, years? Lol Berta they did acknowledge the ime I had done but seems for some reason they Didn't give it as much credibility as I think it warrants? I will try to post the ime so you can tell me wether it meets va standards. Carlie are you saying I may be able to keep the claim at the ro before moving to bva? What would I do file another nod on the newest decision? And then what happens, I have another dro hearing with a different decision review officer? Thanks again to Philip, teac, berta, carlie, and anyone else I forgot. I am sooo unbelievably grateful for this website as the knowledge I've gained Is undescribable.
  3. Thank you for clearing this up for me because I had someone on the 1800 number tell me otherwise also a vso at my local va told me the same thing? I'm sooo sorry to beat a dead horse but are you sure the increase takes affect immediately? And I will start receiving the new rating and also the retro eventually.all while furthering my appeal to the bva? And if the bva rules in my favor and grants the 70% then I guess they will owe me the difference of 50% to the 70% in retro?
  4. I was under the impression that I do not get the retro or start receiving the new % until I decline to further my appeal to the bva?
  5. Teac do you mean I will be paid the retro now then wait for the bva?
  6. I was initially awarded 30% for ptsd July 2008. I filed a nod and requested a dro hearing in person. I have had the hearing and finally received what I assume is a soc. And was awarded an increase from 30% to 50% retro to july 2008. My dav rep who has been no help what so ever to this point still hasn't returned my call? I wasn't sure how it works from here? I thought I would be changed to 50% and get the retro owed start being paid at the new rating and then continue my appeal to the bva if I disagreed with the dro decision. But after talking with several people from the 1 800 number that is not how it works. It was explained to me that the appeal is not completed that the va has made there move now it's my move. I either further the appeal to the bva and wait yet longer for there decision. Or I can accept there rating and case is closed. Can someone confirm wether I'm understanding this right. My question is this. I want to continue my appeal because I believe that my current condition, medical treatment records, and an imo I had done warrant a 70% rating. I have contacted several lawyers and am awaiting wether they will accept my case. Would it be safe to assume if the lawyers are interested in taking my case that I have a good shot at getting the 70%? And if the lawyers aren't interested I should accept the dro decision? If I hire a lawyer and the bva denies the 70%.do I owe the lawyer 20% of my 50% dro rating? Any input and advice would be greatly appreciated. Sorry this is sooo long. Thanks
  7. Hueyman and your point is? Is this report. Sufficient and good evidence in my dro appeal . Does it meet VA requirements? I was initially awarded 30% for this. I filled a nod and. Had a dro hearing. then I got this ime and submitted it to VA ro as evidence. Thanks to anyone who can offer there opinion. joe
  8. i am not good at this and dont know how to edit my personal info? if an admin can help me delete my personal info that would be great. and hoping to get some opinions on my ime report thank you joe joe, I edited out your IME due to the personally identifying info. Make yourself a copy - white out (redact) your personally identifying info then rescan and re-upload it - into your post.
  9. brokensoldier could u please message me? i was hopingu can help me with my sleep ap claim? its very similar to yours. thanks for your help

  10. johnjjr, yes your reply was very helpful. alot of the drs i have found near me have done numerous imo's. but it seems that they do them for alot of different situations though? for example workmans comp,child support,competency hearings etc... im just trying to decide which is best suited for what i need them for. as you said familiar with the va. its such an expensive price to me that they charge for this. im just nervous and want it to be right. carlie im sorry if i came off rude and offended you in anyway? i dont know wether its my illness or what but i always feel like some of the people responding to posts are very judgmental? i love this site and everything about it. its unbelievable how much info and knowledge you can get from the site. i am just so frustrated with my mental condition and the hoops that the va is making me jump through. i have several other claims in different stages? some have been denied and i let the yr pass without persuing? some i have reopened but havent sent in any new evidence to support my claims? i have tried my best on my own to do these claims with the help from this site. but i feel its bigger then me. and am desperatley in need of someone to help me step by step through each claim i have. but dont know where to start? thanks to everyone who gives there time to helping others here on this site!!!!! tankerjoe0
  11. Carlie thank you sooooo much for your concern and help with my post. You asked why not. Well because after examining me she was unable To make a statement concerning my current condition? How convenient. You have been around for sometime? I'm sure this is not your first time hearing a vet was lowballed on there Condition and filed a nod about it? I am Quite aware of the requirements for a higher rating and Meet all of them with out a doubt. I was hoping that you would have addressed my question. Not inquire about why I was unhappy with the drs evaluation? Is it not reasonable for me to get an imo to state my current dissability From someone other then the veterans administration? Thanks In advance for your follow up reply.
  12. i have narrowed my search of drs for my imo down to 2. ive read posts concerning verbiage for initial compensation connecting it to service. for example as least likely as not etc... however i am already sc for ptsd at 30%. i filed a nod and requested a dro hearing in person for a higher rating. i had the dro hearing and was sent for a new c&p exam. i am not happy with the drs notes from the new c&p exam? therefore i am seeking an imo to submit as more evidence. my question is what exactly am i asking the dr to state in his report? i dont want to spend the $1600 and have something thats not helpful to my claim? what im asking i guess is what questions should i ask of the drs before deciding what one to choose for the imo? i know what i need. after examining me and me telling them how severly my ptsd affects my whole life. i need the dr to honestly describe my current mh condition and the effects it has on my daily life and functioning to include impaiment with work etc.... but how do they word it. do they say in my opinion the veteran fits the requirements for such and such % disabilty? i hope i have explained what im trying to ask? thanks for any and all help tankerjoe0
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