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  1. Thank you, My wife still wants to work and her parents winter in Sun City. I'll check it out though!
  2. It will be the Phoenix valley area. Depending on what we find.
  3. My family has visited our in laws in AZ the last few years. We love it down here. Any advice about moving to az? What about bringing in an out of state vehicle? I will have a 13 year old son and a 19 year old daughter with me. I am 100% P&T. Thank you
  4. Thanks everyone. Been having major problems since 2001ish. Took a lot of fighting and to finally get a C&P examiner who agreed with what I was saying. He also pointed me in a few directions that I didn't even know about. Like I have been having problems with Diabetes for a few years and he asked me why it wasn't service connected. I told him I wasn't diagnosed in the military and nothing I am rated for I can second it under. He showed me right in my medical records where I was diagnosed with it in the military. Amazing that they NEVER told me that.
  5. I was on ebenefits and my 90% got dropped down to 80% according to the website. I checked a few days later and I had the commissary letter and the benefits letter and both said 100% P&T. I called and doubled checked with Peggy and they said the same thing. I haven't recieved the BBE yet, hopefully in the next few days.
  6. I put in for a few conditions in May. At the same time I also put in for IU, since I lost my job because of my service connected disabilities. Now I know ebennies isn't very reliable, but I went there to check the status to see if I was getting close. It moved from "pending decision" to "pending decision approval". I then checked my letters to see what they say it the letter shows that I was reduced to 80% from 90%. UGH. Should I be concerned? I know I have to wait for the decision letter, but any way I can find out whats going on. I called peggy and they said I should have a letter by the 20th.
  7. I have issues as well. I was a "Fueler" in the Marines from 1994-1996. Was covered in it more times than not. I agree it is total BS. Also I would like to be of any assistance I can, also maybe I can use some of the information at a later date.
  8. I ended up going to a buddy of mine who works for a VSO. He called and got it figured out. It is 90%, my headaches came back at 50%. Drives me nuts, that I was already 80% and another 50% only raises it 10%.
  9. I was just on ebenefits and I saw that my disability percentage went up. Now I do have an appeal going, but that shows no progress. My list of disabilities are 50, 30, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10 According to my math that still equals 8x%, Do they routinely up your percentage on there without adding the new disability to the list? I did see an error where the 50 was rated at 40, so I contacted my VSO and forwarded the decision (thank god I keep copies) and that has been corrected. But that doesn't equate to 90. Help!
  10. Update: It was denied, because the examiner thought that I should have more erisions (SP?). Anyway, I talked to my rheumatologist and she said she doesn't refute exams or give opinions. She doesn't have time. She is the only fairly local rheumatologist in the area. I have contacted my ex wife who I married while in the Marine Corps and she is writing me a letter saying that I had joint issues since we got together about a year into my contract. My wife, who I dated before the Marines and married after I moved back home after my divorce is also going to write one and say that I had no joint issues before going in and since we have been together after I have had nothing but joint issues.
  11. I was there in 93-96 and there was still contaminated water. There were a few places where the water would still smell of chemicals. I think they need to extend the dates, IMHO.
  12. I have an appeal going that is at the BVA and in April or May it will be 5 years!
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