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  1. "AYE" DONT forget it was the Navy THAT GOT YOU HERE MARINE
  2. Congrats Pete,glad to see you are out and about,take care don't overdo
  3. Do you have the letter showing you were approved for the grant? You will not have to pay for shipping or for modifications to the van.type in "handcap van" into your search and you will find tons of vans and companies to accept your grant.I used my grant to buy a 2012 Honda oddysee which cost 73000.00 with no out of pocket expense.check with United Access in Dallas
  4. well I am still having a problem and maybe other vets are as well,here is a copy of my attempt === Payments No payment information is available to display.
  5. here is the reply I received from my iris question Discussion Thread Response via Email Via Email (Dept of Veterans Affais) 07/02/2013 02:48 PM Unfortunately the VA Payment History feature is not operational at this time. The developers are working on repairing and returning this tool to the ebenefits web site. We appreciate your patience. Thank you, Shane R HRC
  6. would these two diseases,pulmonary fibrosis and asbestosis, be considered pyramiding since they are both of the same organs.What happens if a sailor dies from one or the other will his wife still be paid DIC.Not sure how this works,should HE JUST ADD THEM BOTH TO CLAIM TO BE SURE.
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