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  1. Okay, thanks for letting me (sorta) hijack the thread for a minute. Thank you all for the humor and the clarification! Sgt. Wilky
  2. I gotta ask this, and I know it's going to sound incredibly stupid to some of you, but I really don't know...who the heck is Peggy? I've seen this 10,000 times and I assumed it was the IRIS number, but apparently, it isn't... Sgt. Wilky
  3. I'm a big advocate of honesty. It would seem to me that if your C&P examiner is examining you for a mental health claim, prescribed medications from other mental health doctors would seem to help your claim. When the VA asks for other medical records and they end up getting them, they will see you were prescribed those meds anyway. There is no reason to withhold that information. Sgt. Wilky
  4. You're right, I'm just blowing steam. I'm still wrapping my head around why they will still use it to judge a vet, but (it seems to me) that any evidence a vet submits will be carefully scrutinized to deny the vet their claim. I have two binders stacked full of paperwork from the VA. The BVA judge looked at me and my wife and VSO in July of 2015 and apologized to me and said I never should have waited over 8 years for my claim to be approved. Of course this was before DBQs I believe. I remember when DBQs came out and how everyone was happy to have an equal playing field when it came to submitt
  5. For the VA to claim that fraud (I really have no doubt it happens on occasion) is the reason why they're discontinuing the availability of DBQs is a severe case of cognitive dissonance and is the height of hypocrisy. Just my humble opinion though. Sgt. Wilky
  6. I reluctantly have to agree with what Berta has stated. I remember coming here in latter end of 2008 because the VA had denied my claim and it seemed my VSO at the time was just kind of okay with the decision (she wasn't but to Berta's point, they are overworked and stressed out). I realized that I was going to have to learn a lot of the system myself, and I have still yet to touch the hem of the garment of information needed. In order my own future claims to succeed, I'm probably going to have to go at it alone. My own VSO has not responded to my email I sent three weeks ago and my claim is c
  7. The VFW lodged a formal complaint and is screaming about it (I'm not a member and they're not my VSO).
  8. I saw this on military.com the other day. Wow, the VA is batting 1.000 with the awesome new decisions coming down; clearly on the side of the vet (eyeroll). I certainly intend to write my congressman and two senators regarding these changes. To me, this is taking a 20 year leap backwards. Very disappointed and disheartened by these changes. Sgt. Wilky
  9. Hello All, I am attaching sample nexus letters I received from my VSO. This information may have been posted before, but if it helps someone out, then so be it! Sgt. Wilky NEXUS SAMPLE.PDF NEXUS SAMPLE #2.pdf
  10. Okay, so I have some learnin' to do...I need to understand the difference between 100% schedular and TDIU. As of now, my opinion and the opinion of my wife (will be visiting with my doctors about this in March and April) is that as of right now, I'm not able to continue employment at my current job. I would be fine with just 100%. I don't believe that I'm permanently unemployable; but as of right now, I am. I certainly appreciate everyone's response. I think I'm going to be on here a lot more bugging the snot of you all. Thank you so much in advance! Sgt. Wilky
  11. Thank you Brokensoldier, That is one of the biggest issues...I don't have hardly any memos of deficiency, or disciplinary actions. I largely work independently, and my issues of pain and fatigue were always pushed through for several reasons. I rarely see a supervisor. I suppose that I could the one I know the most to write a letter stating that he knew of my pain and fatigue, that he knew I soldiered through it, and that he knows I'm in a lot of straits with it. I do plan to take FMLA over it and then quit. I can get a coworker to help me with a letter too. I definitely didn't "f
  12. Hello All, I am looking for guidance, experience, opinions, and any information on having to quit because of my disabilities. I'm 80% combined service-connected, but I'm so tired of the pain and chronic fatigue that I cannot continue on with my work anymore. My wife and sons are suffering because of my grumpiness and tiredness, I can't attend a lot of their functions and spending quality time with them is difficult. I have worked as a security guard on Homeland Security contracts since 2004, after getting back from Iraq, and it's all I've ever known or done. I can't hardly walk the beat a
  13. Whatever you do, don't give up! If it takes 20 years, don't give up! Sgt. Wilky
  14. The VA sure loves to keep this as quiet as possible. I have three types of arthritis, lupus, Reynaud's, and most recently, a diagnoses of Bronchiectasis. All of these stem from the VA's acknowledgement and grant in a 2015 decision granting me for "unknown Gulf War disease" but my VSO won't help me touch it! Sgt. Wilky
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