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  1. Some of these conditions are getting worse and I'm working with my VSO for increases. None of the increases would change my ratings, but the older I get the worse they're getting, especially the osteo conditions.
  2. My code sheet came back and said that all disabilities are considered static...I'm assuming, that from a compensation point of view, this is acceptable?
  3. I have been receiving help through this forum and the research that is available here. I understand people want to help too, and some of them have reached out to me. My VSO has been very helpful, along with members of this site and I am very grateful for all the help I have received. I'll keep everyone updated as we go along and pass on any help that I receive. Semper Fi, Sgt. Wilky
  4. Semper Fi! I am approaching 41 years old. I don't know if RA and arthritis is considered static or not, but I'm getting worse, even with the 11 different medications I'm on. TDIU is a completely new issue for me to learn, and having been unemployed now for a year now, I will have the time to do my research. Thankfully my wife earns a good living and with my 80% we're doing okay. Sgt. Wilky
  5. This does make sense and provides a bit of peace of mind. The VSO I think, is familiar with the claims process, not so much as with how the VA arrives at their conclusions. When the VA tried to remove service connection a couple years ago, I was the one that had to send the VSO the 10 year rule in regulations and asked her to include that in my appeal. It seemed to be a bit of a revelation to them on what that 10 year rule was, but the VA dropped the attempt to remove service connection.
  6. Brokensoldier244th, I was hoping you would respond, and thank you for doing so. My current Undiagnosed Illness ratings are based on symptoms that I had and currently do have. My VSO is all for rocking the boat, although one of the VSOs I was talking to (in another county in CO) used that very phrase, "Don't rock the boat." I thought to myself, "Sheesh, I AM rocking the boat, cuz' I got problems!". However, my current VSO is concerned that if I go to the VA and asking for IU because of the Undiagnosed Illnesses getting worse, and now that they will have my current diagnoses in hand of oste
  7. Good evening, My VSO believes I should apply for IU. I had to quit my job a year ago due to the pain and the inability to remain seated, to remain standing of any consistent length of time. Anyway, I was granted in 2015 for "Undiagnosed Illness" in the upper and lower back, legs, and knees at 10% each (along with other ratings) for a combined rating of 80%; effective to 2008. My VSO is concerned however, that my diagnoses of arthritis in the spine, along with Rheumatoid Arthritis could upset these grants, due to the fact that there is now a diagnoses. I was diagnosed in 2017(?) with these
  8. Okay, thanks for letting me (sorta) hijack the thread for a minute. Thank you all for the humor and the clarification! Sgt. Wilky
  9. I gotta ask this, and I know it's going to sound incredibly stupid to some of you, but I really don't know...who the heck is Peggy? I've seen this 10,000 times and I assumed it was the IRIS number, but apparently, it isn't... Sgt. Wilky
  10. I'm a big advocate of honesty. It would seem to me that if your C&P examiner is examining you for a mental health claim, prescribed medications from other mental health doctors would seem to help your claim. When the VA asks for other medical records and they end up getting them, they will see you were prescribed those meds anyway. There is no reason to withhold that information. Sgt. Wilky
  11. You're right, I'm just blowing steam. I'm still wrapping my head around why they will still use it to judge a vet, but (it seems to me) that any evidence a vet submits will be carefully scrutinized to deny the vet their claim. I have two binders stacked full of paperwork from the VA. The BVA judge looked at me and my wife and VSO in July of 2015 and apologized to me and said I never should have waited over 8 years for my claim to be approved. Of course this was before DBQs I believe. I remember when DBQs came out and how everyone was happy to have an equal playing field when it came to submitt
  12. For the VA to claim that fraud (I really have no doubt it happens on occasion) is the reason why they're discontinuing the availability of DBQs is a severe case of cognitive dissonance and is the height of hypocrisy. Just my humble opinion though. Sgt. Wilky
  13. I reluctantly have to agree with what Berta has stated. I remember coming here in latter end of 2008 because the VA had denied my claim and it seemed my VSO at the time was just kind of okay with the decision (she wasn't but to Berta's point, they are overworked and stressed out). I realized that I was going to have to learn a lot of the system myself, and I have still yet to touch the hem of the garment of information needed. In order my own future claims to succeed, I'm probably going to have to go at it alone. My own VSO has not responded to my email I sent three weeks ago and my claim is c
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