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  1. Sgt. Wilky, just read your posts in reference to Tinea. I'm trying to help a veteran with this disease and I'm requesting any info you have pertaining to this disease and your claim process.


    Thank-you in advance.

    1. kluender


      My email address is kluender@bellsouth.net

  2. Wow, what the fail.

    They do that on purpose. I sent them all my records; service and current civilian and it didn't matter. They intentionally ignore evidence and they want you to go away. All I can tell you, is keep following the process and keep hammering away at it!
  3. A lot of older vets who are perhaps, stuck in homes will probably not have that capability, and are being left out in the cold-intentionally. But most younger vets have the ability, capability, and responsibility to educate themselves. They have the world at their finger tips. All these websites provide excellent and near thorough resources for all veterans, but it is no substitute (nor should they be) for the veteran who isn't willing to put their own boots on the ground and make the claim happen. I agree that there are a lot of great people, especially on this website, who have devoted much energy and time to assisting those veterans who want to help themselves, and kudos to them!
  4. When you say, "How long is too long," my only reply can be when the statute that dictates the time frame is being violated, that is too long. Understanding the nature of the beast that we deal with though, perception is not reality. Personally, I knew the VA wasn't going to get to it in the time frame allotted in the "rules" so I gave grace (it was a good exercise on my part). After nine months, that was my proverbial line in the sand.
  5. Allansc2005, I can't answer your specific question, but I had experience with a very large large retro the VA was dragging its feet on. After fighting the system for nearly 9 years, I finally won my case and I was due retro that almost approached six figures. After receiving my packet granting the benefit in July of 2015, I waited earnestly for the VA to catch up. In October of 2015, they finally updated my file to the 80% I currently am, and it wasn't until April of 2016 I started banging doors to find out where my retro was. I used the VSO, who told me to keep waiting (which I had no more patience to do after 9+ years) and I went straight to the VA Secretary's office. Upon contacting the Secretary's office in April 2016, and remaining calm, cordial, and polite, I received my back pay (If I remember correctly) in about three days. I know it was less than a week. I don't know why it took so long, what the hold up was, or what the process is, but I know that I gave them more than enough time; and in fact, the VA was in violation of the statute, but I did my due diligence and stayed on it. You may be okay financially, but the VA is sitting on your benefits and I would say that you owe it to yourself and those who are still waiting to "assist" :) the VA in clearing that file out! Semper Fi, Sgt. Wilky
  6. Absolutely what Berta said; although, the VA fast letter meant absolutely nothing to the VA. But don't assume the VA will take care of you, because they'll find ways to not.
  7. Yes, file the claim. You'll have to go through the regular motions of getting denied, but if you show enough hearing loss, the VA will provide you with hearing aids, even if you don't meet the standard of compensable disability. There is financial compensation, but you have to show a compensable disability for it (at this moment, I don't know what it is). The VA denied me (after being in artillery for 8 years-surprised?) and I appealed and won based on a DRO review. The audiologist screwed me over. That particular experience is what led me to the conclusion that C&P exam doctors aren't there for you, but for the VA and that has been validated several times over. I would file the claim. My hearing aids help tremendously. I'm rated at 0% for hearing loss, but it helps get the tinnitus under control so I can hear myself think and hear those around me.
  8. Back Pay

    After winning my case (after an 8 year battle) I too waited several months for my back pay. I got fed up and emailed the Secretary of Veteran Affairs @ robert.a.mcdonald@va.gov and kept the message short, simple, and sweet (don't be a jerk)! Within 3 weeks I had my back pay. Semper Fi Brother. Sgt. Wilky
  9. A whole crap load of back pay is posting to my account tomorrow!! Thanks Hadit.com veterans for all your encouragement and assistance!! Semper Fi, Sgt. Wilky
  10. Hey everyone, Just a quick update! After constantly checking Ebenefits with no update, I finally called the VA on Monday and asked them what was going on. They gave me some song and dance about this, that, and the other, but last night I logged in and it was updated to reflect my 80% SC rating, and just as importantly, my effective dates weren't messed with! All my grants were effective as of July of 2008! So, now I know for sure that my back pay is being worked on as I type and hopefully it won't be too long before my family and I have it in our hands! It should be large five figure sum of which we will put on our house and I will probably drop down to part time work! The eight year wait is almost over!! Semper Fi, Sgt. Wilky
  11. Exactly. The evidence was there all the time, they just chose to ignore it. Consequently, it'll still be another year and a half before the claimant is actually paid.
  12. Ebenefit Error

    It seems Ebenefits is back online now.
  13. So, I heard from a nice lady at the Denver RO just a bit ago. She said she received my "Dear Bob" email and she has someone working on it right now. She said I should hear something about my back pay next week. I also have to go in for another or couple C&P exam(s) to determine ratings. She also stated that she was glad I emailed them because my file had been sitting on a remand desk and they "missed" the partial grants. I think it'll be a little longer than a week, but at least I was able to force the ball to move! Semper Fi!
  14. Thanks guys, for all your responses. I haven't heard or seen anything yet. Still have my fingers crossed. Semper Fi!
  15. Just received an email from the office of the Secretary which stated that his office has received my email, and has forwarded my inquiry to VA Leadership for review and direct feedback to me. So...who knows what that means, but perhaps they'll call me after reviewing my file and tell me what is taking so long to get my back pay and implementation. I should be at 80%, not the current 60%.