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  1. They tried to reduce my rating too back in 2018. I filed immediately I was just over my 10 year mark. They can't do reduce you without cause. There's a pinned post about the reduction rules, I'd encourage you to go search it out.
  2. I was told that by my VSOs too..."Better rethink filing, it could open a can of worms." That's exactly what they said. But the good folks here especially @brokensoldier244th and several others helped me see the light of that farce. If you have the documentation, if you have the injuries, if you have problems, then file for it. I'm not good enough at this process to tell you how to do it, but I told my VSO I'm willing to take the "risk" and I did. I'm now 100% P&T with U/I. I'm glad I filed at the behest of the folks here. Stop waiting and get some help in filing if needed. At least put in an "Intent to File" notice (?) so that you can preserve your filing date. Sgt. Wilky
  3. I've been discussing these events with fellow Marines and soldiers who were coworkers. What an absolute $%&* show. Every single one of us believe that this is our generation's Vietnam. If this is a taste of what the Vietnam Vets felt, I am sorry I didn't appreciate them more. Semper Fi, Sgt. Wilky
  4. Thanks, not planning on it. I had to quit what I was doing for a reason!
  5. Thank you for sharing the information and for your help!!
  6. Bronco, you and I live in the same state. I was doing some research and I'm not sure I qualify for the property tax reduction. Is the life insurance something I need to research and start or is that something that would come in the mail? Sgt. Wilky
  7. Hello All! The VA made several grants and continued several issues! Overall, I went from 80% to 90% with I/U granted from November of 2020. So I'm being paid at the 100% rate. So thank you all again for the encouragement and advice. It's strange to me, that this was so "Slam, Bam; Thank You Ma'am". I for sure thought that a denial would come and I was gearing up for a fight. No hearings, no meetings with occupational trainers or anything like that. Just, "I/U granted" and some increases from my contentions. I'm very thankful though and I can breathe easier nonetheless!! My two biggest questions are these: 1. Out of the 8 page decision letter, only in one little place to find these most important words: "Basic eligibility for Dependents' Educational Assistance is granted as the evidence shows you currently have a total sevice-connected disability(ies), permanent in nature." That sentence is found where the VA addresses Eligibility to Dependents' Educational Assistance under 38 U.S.C. Chapter 35. So, no where else is it shown that any of my grants state this in any other part of the decision. The only other place I've found is in the letter that you download for commissary privileges, it states: "This total disability is considered permanent. You are not scheduled for future examinations." It seems to me that if this were truly the case, it should actually state so in the decision letter from the R.O.. Does anyone have any guidance or advice here? 2. Should I be expecting another mailing from the VA that explains in greater detail what I/U means? I mean, I have a good understanding (I think) but do they not explain the ins and outs, the dos and don'ts of being granted and living with I/U? It seems to me again, that the VA might want to explain these things, otherwise a lot of vets could find themselves up $%^& Creek without a paddle here. Any advice or knowledge would be great. Thank you all and Semper Fi, Sgt. Wilky
  8. I've been guilty of many of these points too. It's taken me a long time to learn some of the in's and out's but I'm glad I didn't give up. Sgt. Wilky
  9. I logged in to Vets.gov and saw that my claims for increase was partially granted. I don't have the details as of yet, but I was sitting at 80% for quite a while and I saw that I was I was granted an increase to 70% for PTSD as well as several other contentions went from 10% to 20%. Of course, the good people here at Hadit.com have been tremendous allies in my fight and I thank you all for your encouragement and help, especially to @brokensoldier244th and many others. I was not optimistic in my C&P exams, but I was honest and I held back a lot of things, but the examiner obviously documented well and the rater(s) for that particular piece of the puzzle did me justice and for that I am thankful. The fight isn't over. I am beginning my claims for Rheumatoid Arthritis will hopefully win that claim but we will see. Semper Fi, Sgt. Wilky
  10. I was given these letters by a VSO that may be helpful to your case. Sgt. Wilky NEXUS SAMPLE.PDF NEXUS SAMPLE #2.pdf
  11. I should have clarified as I was speaking about two different events. My proposed reduction, now that I read your post, too, was 45 days from the date and I received it 16 days after the date of the letter. That was separate from the BVA hearing I just had a couple months ago (March 15th) that was an appeal from 2009...and wouldn't you know it, it was remanded back to the RO. Unbelievable, that 13 years later, this is still going on. Anyway, this just goes to show, like any other governmental agency, you will respond on their timeline, but you don't get a say in their timeline. 12 years and counting on this appeal...
  12. Funny how you get a strict time limit, (I got a 60 Notice for Reduction in Benefits and the letter came to me almost 16 days after it was date stamped) but they could take as long as they want. I had a hearing last March for an issue I appealed in 2009... Sgt. Wilky
  13. As I continue to think about today's events, I'm reminded how the end of the discussion (hence my original post) revolved largely around what part of the 70% criteria I didn't qualify for, but absolutely none of the 70% I did qualify for. I think I'll be looking quite closely at my exam when it posts and begin formulating a NOD response directed at those items, or maybe I just need to talk to an attorney to help me with my claim.
  14. I thought of what you said brokensoldier, I did make the mistake of putting on a good face. I do this all the time at nearly every dang C&P exam and it always screws me over. My post was largely sarcastic in nature, but from what I read (and I'm no expert) from here, from several of the law firms quoted here often times, I meet the criteria, it's just I "didn't make it bad enough". Don't get me wrong, it is that bad, and my wife would attest to it. I seriously don't hurt people physically. But what comes out is hurtful many times. I will ask her to write down her observations of me and those things you suggested. Her testimony helped me (us) before, and so I'll work on that this evening. Largely, I was venting, and I don't really know for sure, although based on what she said, I'm assuming, and when I assume in this area, I bat close to 1000. One of the biggest keys that I don't have, is traditional treatment records. I see a counselor, but not a certified mental health counselor. I see my pastor on a regular basis, and I'll ask him for a letter too. The examiner said that was fine and that it's not exactly detrimental to my claim that I haven't been in mental health treatment. But I figure, regardless, I better start going to seek some kind of help in this MH condition. Thank you for your patience.
  15. I had a C&P exam this morning that went two whole hours and then some, with a mental health professional via video conference from the Cheyenne VA. She was very nice and seemed to be thorough. She confirmed what I already knew, and that was that I had PTSD, for which I have been rated 50% since 2015. Anyway, I learned that although my symptoms have gotten worse, that since I struggled to keep my job of 18 years and having not been fired multiple times throughout my "career", and since I wasn't a complete turd to my employer and to their customers, and I rarely showed up late to work and since I didn't hassle my coworkers and behave inappropriately, and since I didn't get so angry that I hit my spouse or beat my kids (despite the fact I stated quite clearly [and my wife confirmed] that I've ruined my relationship with my oldest son), and since I can brush my teeth on my own that I "probably" wouldn't qualify for the 70% requested increase. So, I found out that if I had put my employer and my family through the proverbial wringer and I didn't cost them a bunch of money, and since that I haven't yet ruined my reputation in the neighborhood or at my church, and since that I was proactive to the point that the pain made it unbearable to work anymore, so I quit, rather than force them to fire me, I can't get the help that I need. I've been fighting the VA since 2008. I'm tired. Awesome. Sgt. Wilky
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