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  1. I don't know how the lady knows. I just know that she said her husband is in a lot of pain and somehow she has evidence that they made a mistake. She said it was backwards. I was confused about that too. I've got osteoarthritis in my knee and will eventually be looking at a new knee too. Gee...makes ya want to ask lots of questions.
  2. Hi, I met a woman last weekend at a gathering who's husband had a knee replacement at the Buffalo VAMC. She said that they screwed it up and the knee was put in wrong. I told her to get all the medical records sent to her so that she could see in them what might be there. I don't know how she knows it was done wrong. She said it was too bad you can't sue the VA and I told her there was a way to handle that. I can't remember the proper terms. Can someone tell me? I told her I would get some information for her. Thanks, Judi
  3. If I have already been granted SC for PTSD/MST how can they attack it? I had a lawyer who found the evidence to prove the attacks. I do not have any combat awards as the MST happened in the US during Vietnam. I haven't worked and I sent the form in about work in June. My daughter has revised her letter and she is going to send it out tomorrow. My counselor is going to write a letter for them too. She is VA so the information is already in their computers.
  4. The VA foot doctor had them ordered for me. Do you see the POD at the VA?
  5. I don't feel that my PTSD has gotten better. I feel like it has stayed the same. I don't know if MS could be caused by service. It's been too long I think. I know that PTSD can do stuff to you but I don't think they are connected...
  6. Well...I just got a call from my SO and he says I should not bring up the MS because they might say that the PTSD got better and the depression is from the MS. The letter my daughter wrote mentions it so I guess I am not going to have her send it. Actually, I had a migraine in August and the doctor did all these MRI's and they discovered the demylenation in my brain. I didn't even know I had it. Anyway, he said to just go to the evaluation and not worry about it. That is not so easy to do as you all know. I did not file a claim for the MS but my VA doctor put the results of the MRI's in
  7. My daughter has written a letter stating that their letter has caused a lot of problems and that I do not work and have not worked and all the other things that still are the same as they were. I will make copies of everything and send it in to them. I still don't know when this appointment is going to be. I have to get through the stress of seeing a neurologist Thursday for the MS. I am on SSD and I'll be finding out what they will cover with the Medicare. I hear MS medications are really expensive. Thanks for all your input. I'll keep you posted. Judi
  8. Wings, Here is what it says: VA is required to periodically re-evaluate certain disabilities. We have requested a physical examination of your service-connected disability(ies) so that we may review the severity of the condition(s) to ensure that you are properly evaluated. In a shor period of time, the VA medical facility that will conduct the examination will notify you as to its time and place and any special preparations for the exam. You may have already received the scheduling letter. If you do not report for this required examination, it could result in the reduction or di
  9. Patrick, I haven't worked since 2003. I got a form a few months ago asking if I had worked. I filled it out and sent it back stating that I had not worked. PTSD/MST is my disability. I was diagnosed two weeks ago with MS so I get to have this stress too. I did not file any new or additional claims. My SO says it's a routine examination. I really can't understand it when my award letter said no further examinations and P&T. I am 10 steps forward and 50 backwards emotionally. Judi
  10. Brothers and Sisters, I am SC 70% with IU for PTSD as of 03/2004. Today I got a letter from the VA saying that I was going to be re-evaluated to make sure everything is proper. In my award letter it said "no further exams will be scheduled" and on the last page it said that I became P&T as of March 2004. Does anyone know about this re-evaluation? I don't have the date yet and they didn't call it a C&P. Is it really another C&P? Thanks for your help, Judi
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