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  1. Hi Everyone Just did an up date on my Dad in Social Chat and the lost of my mother. I have been also trying to help my Father-in-law who has Mulitple Myeloma. Dad 2 was dianosed with the myeloma in June 2006. Dad 2 served 3 tours in Viet Nam on air craft carriers stationed at Yankee Station. Ships were the USS Dale and USS Hornet (CVSG-57). I wrote the claim using the Haas case, request 100% SC for AO exposure. Dad 2 is currently in Chemotherapy for the myeloma is showing a level 80% in the bone marrow. Dad 2 is still trying to work at the age of 75 selling real estate. Dad is a r
  2. Hi everyone Dad did get an award for his prostate cancer he applied for back in 1995. The VA awarded the 60% rectro to 1995. Went from NSC to SC with 0% rating last year. Won appeal and granted 60% for prostate cancer on Oct 3, 2005. No retro payment has been made as of yet. In 1995 Dad was 50% SC for skin cancers the other retro he recieved was retro to May 2001 to present. According to my math Dad should have a new combine rating of 80% (60% + 50%) from 1995 to May 2001. This should of been a retro of 30% pay difference that Dad did not get and should be due. In the past the retro
  3. Sorry that it has been so long that I have posted. Just have had my hands full all summer with everything going on. First the great news! After seven years Dad got his Auto grant approved for a wheel chair auto! We found a place in Portland that works really great with the Veterans called Preformance Mobility - Mike did a wonderful job and handled everything from the VA beautifully and so smothly! If only our claims could be handled as smoth as the VA did on the Auto grant would save us years of appeals! We found a used Van that was taken care of since new. It is a E-150 ford w
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