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  1. My 1st Check In.....Present
  2. 1st Filed my claim Aug 08, I did a lot of homework and submitted 4 IMO with my claim and spent time reading and following advice from you guys! Well it all came togther today as I received not only my packet but my retro check as well!!! New Claim Vietnam Vet 0%, but now, in just under 11 months 100% Coronary Artery Disease 50% PTSD 20% Diabetes 10% Hypertension Today is a Good Day.........Thanks Everyone
  3. Thanks but Im in Houston not Tampa, This is my 1st claim so I have no experience, just depend on you guys, I have learned one thing....my VSO is and has always been most Un-Helpful and Un-Caring! The St. Pete VARO is pretty slow, but you will get your rating. I am at the St. Pete VARO as well for about 35 years. You usually have to fight for everything you get, and they give low ratings. Some of the ratings I have gotten have just been pathetic. They are not big on logic. St Pete is a very busy VARO. There are over a million vets in the St Pete region. They get about 10,000 pieces of mail a day. I would not want to see their mailroom. It would give me nightmares.
  4. My VA Office is the one in Beautiful Houston, TX
  5. Hello All, I called the famous 800# and was told that my claim had been rated on the 26th and had gone to be authorized, (Whatever that means) so my question is I guess Im close to finding out something does anyone know how long it may take?? All guesses appreciated !!
  6. Sorry Guess I didn't make myself clear, I am handling my claim, just finished my last C&P exam, it was through QTC my 3rd one for different things. now just waiting, I have written IRIS but they haven't answered me and it's been over 8 days, so just for the hell of it I called my VSO, was treated terrible, who pays these folks anyway? I just dislike the way I was treated by the Texas Veterans Commission so much that I do not want them listed as my VSO. I have learned in the past 10 months that you MUST handle your own claim, I just don't want them listed. And also is it true that if I do have to appeal my rating (if I ever get one) I will need a VSO to represent me or just a lawyer! Thanks
  7. Hello From Houston: For the past 10 months I have been represented (LOL) by the Texas Veterans Commission and have come to realize they are Terrible and I want to change VSOs, anyone have suggestions for a good one in Houston? Also I understand that to change you must submit a form to the VA and it takes awhile for the change to happen, What form do I need? Thanks,
  8. How do you handle this: Just as an example, you receive your rating and sayit 30% but you believe it should be much higher, what do you do? Do you accept the payments at 30% while you fight for a higher rating or do you refuse any compensation until you appeal. I am still waiting on my initial rating, soon I hope, but I understand that in most cases you are "Low Balled" so wanted to be prepared to fight! As Always........Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply, I guess what gets me is that I already have (2) IMO from Board Certified psychiatrist and they both state I have SC PTSD with a GAF score of 35, and now I must go to a guy arranged by QTC that treats Kids for my C&P wonder how much he knows about SC PTSD, Im not even sure I'll get SC for anything at this point!! Again, Thanks What is riding on this claim is your percentage of disability. This C&P exam is not the end of the story. If the exam and your rating does not go the way you want you go out and get another opinion from a psychiatrist and rebut the rating if you get low balled. I have never gotten the rating I wanted without going through the appeals process. This is what separates those who get a low rating, and those who eventually get a higher rating. You have to be ready to appeal every decision. The C&P exam is just round one in the fight.
  10. Thanks for you reply, in answer to your questions is YES MY two IMOs are from Psychologist. This is a new claim for PTSD never rated before......My concerns are his being a QTC Doc for one, not being able to understand him, and the fact that his practice is for your adults and children, how much experience does he have with SC PTSD. My stressoes have already been verified so there is alot riding on his exam!
  11. Well the long awaited notification for my PTSD C&P finally arrived but I must say Im worried here's why....What do you guys think? I have 2 IMOs stating I have PTSD as I said my VA exam is on the 19th schedlued through QTC with a Dr Ashok I Khushalani, I looked him up and his specialties is Pediatric/Adolsent Psychiatry, and he went to school in Bombay! My concern is of course QTC and the experience of the Doctor involved. I have also been told that QTC will not provide the Doctor with my medical records. What do you guys think I should do.....if anything, Im just real uptight about the whole thing!
  12. I also have a QTC Doctor exam for PTSD the Doctor is Ashok Khushalani I looked him up, his specialty is Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, wonder how much PTSD he had treated! I have 2 IMO stating I have PTSD should I take copies of these reports with me!
  13. I was advised today that I am being scheduled for a PTSD exam with a QTC doctor and not at the VAMC in Houston Texas is this normal? Anyone with experience with QTC PTSD exams what to expect, etc
  14. What does everyone think.....I requested my C&P exam records through iris since they were conducted at OTC Doctors and not available through the VAMC, well they came today and much to my surprise included were the results of a PTSD exam from another Vet, can you believe that!!! Of course the VA 1-800# said please send them back but I just hate to send them in so they can get lost again, now Im worried that my records needed to decide my claim are in someone else file....Suggestions
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