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  1. Thank you all, I'm glad I ask!!! I was thinking since it was a VA exam/treatment & documented, it would be similar to the C&P that he just had. Someone told me he could use for his ear/hearing loss as informal claim date - since the examiner then kept refering to his ear problems in service. It has certainly been past the 1 year mark for the stomach, and yes I agree....he should have filed back then.....He just wouldn't - I think he was in denial that it would be a lifelong problem.......
  2. Jan 2006 my husband was just rated 10% for Stomach/bowel/colon problems ....We sent NOD - (feel it should be much higher) But atleast he was granted S/C & rated..... *He had formally filed 3/05. I just got his VAMC records & found that in 2001 his primary physician at VAMC "advised him to go to DAV & put in a claim for stomach & colon problems." He didn't at that time - he just wanted to get "fixed" . He realized that wasn't going to happen & put in the claim 3/05. Was that an informal claim in 2001? Does it establish a retro payment date? Can we request retro payments to the date she made this note, since he was S/C & rated? It is clearly in his VMAC records - and from what I've learned here on Hadit - I think it is an informal claim -but wanted ask on this senario specifically before we filed anything else. Also - if this is informal w/retro intitled - should we wait until after decession on the NOD? Or go ahead & send in request now? It doesn't have a time limit does it? Thanks, dtclou
  3. You can file claim without a "diagnosis". Your SMR "should" document you had medical problems & your attempts for medical treatment - which will establish that you did have those problems during you service. Proving you illness/disabilities are SC (service connected) seems to be the hardest. Have you gotten a copy of you service medical records yet? If not - request them so you can see for yourself what is documented.
  4. Thanks - I guess it must have been reinstated? It shows on my husbands imm rec's that he received G.G. in 1992 - He was over seas for most of 3 years. I didn't know what it was for (neither did he......) Thanks
  5. Does anyone know what the G.G. immunizations given to military in 1992 was/or is? I tried to Google it, but was confused.... Was it another name for the anthrax shot? Was it even a shot? What was it for & do they still give it? Thanks
  6. How do you file a section 1151? Can you just submit it as a regular clam & state it is a 1151? If 100%p&t is granted on a 1151 is it the same benefits as a S/C claim (depentants/college/etc..)
  7. Chronic is defined as "lasting for 6 months or longer" - obviously it has been longer than that now - but perhaps it wasn't in their "time frame" for "chronic" on the date of diagnosis......(11/04). How far apart were the 6 treatments? Also - I've seen many people post here that the "VARO cannot make medical determinations". If you medical records say it was chronic - they should have to base it as such. There was definate evidence of "lumbar thoracic strain" even if they don't consider it "chronic" at the time - it has become chronic (assuming you are still having problems)
  8. He doesn't know if they are classified. He did do a lot of DEA & secret service, worked with chemical & neuclar weapons & the demolition of ammunition. All I know is here in the c-file I just got is that there are 4 seperate requests for " separation documents, personnel file showing unit of assignment, dates of assignment, participation in combat operations, wounds in action, awards & decorations, and official travel outsie the US" In response:99 A check of NPRC'S computer database indicates the military record has not yet been retired to code 13. Since DPRIS is now operational, we suggest you address a new request to code 31 thru PIES. Our understanding is you will receive a response VIA DPRIS w/in 48 hrs" He was h/d in 1994 - so how long does it take to retire MR to code 13 ? They have requested 4 times (that I see here in his c-file) and never received anything but the above statement. Should he send a statement to VARO that there is a possiblity that they are classified? Would they need to contact a differnt records dept. Or would NPRC tell them if they are classified?
  9. He did not wear protective gear. (I have many photo's) No masks for ammunitions demolitions. The only time they wore protective clothing/mask was when working on or disarming chemical & nuclear munisions he said they wore a charcol suit or a chem suit. As for using the same pit - he says "sometimes"... "a lot of pits we did that ---demolition pits..." I do not know why they didn't biopsy the thyroid nodule........ He has just gone to a civilian ENT who has ordered a scan & biopsy this week. (this is a year ++later since VA record found it. They never told him they found anything at all) I just got his c-file & am going thru it. I found this tyroid record the day he was going in for his hearing test & told him to show it to the Dr - as this Dr is also a thyroid specialist.
  10. Thanks Jim, He kept very few of any military records & VARO can't get them. I did find Evals that commends him & recognizes many dives "as deep as 150' " That is about all our "proof" right now....he also did SAT dives. In his c-file there are 4 requests from the VARO to obtain his personal file so they can get his stations/decorations/combat history etc.. They keep getting "no files found" He did some secret service work & DEA & also worked with SEAL (I did send 3 of his Evals that stated these things to VARO) They didn't have any of these in his c-file. Spent very little time with his team most TAD to other special force teams. He thinks some of his records may be classified/sealed . Do they do that ? If so - how to you get them? How do you obtain TAD records ?
  11. He had an audiograph - mostly measured in 30's & 40's for hearing loss. Highly recommed to get hearing aids for both ears.
  12. How do you file a section 1151 claim? I have his VAMC & numerous times it is documented they kept telling him to "use it as much as you can" "walk on it" . His civilian Dr told him that due to continuously "re-breaking it" every morning by trying to use it - he did too much damage. large deposits had formed & a fusion was now the only option for helping aleviate some of the pain.
  13. Does he specifally need to list DU in his claim? (He knows for sure he was exposed to DU) Should it be a seperate claim from GWI? He was "MANY place & blew up everyones stuff."... He doesn't know who's was made of what......... Should he leave it lumped in the claim with GWI or file exposure seperatly? Thanks
  14. Hi, thanks - I'll send a letter to VARO & ask them to pull his VA Rx for proof he was on meds & obviously diagnosised if they put him on meds..... VARO just denied him s/c & said he wasn't ever diagnosised . I didn't know this was a presumtive condition. Thank you all.
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