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  1. Travel benefits are subject to a deductible if you are not haveing a C&P examination and you are a "Sevice Disabled" veteran receiving Disability Compensation, HOWEVER if you are a "Non Service Disabled" veteran receiving a Pension you also qualify for travel benefits but you are NOT subject to a deductible. Doesn't sound fair, does it?
  2. My rating decision for Degenerative Disc Disease, cervical spine, dated April 7, 2010 states, The rating criteria was revised Sept 23, 2002. Under the New criteria, "an evaluation higher than 40% must demonstrate incapacitating episodes of intervertebral disc syndrome haveing a total duration of at least 6 weks during the past 12 months; or unfavorable ankylosis of the entire spine with or without sumptoms such as pain(whether or not it ratiates), stiffness, or aching in the area of the spine affected by residuals of injury or disease." If this is of any help!
  3. So what is the requirement for a VA Disablity Rating for Ischemic Heart Disease. I have been prescribed Simvastatin 80MG Tab once daily to lower cholesterol and Fish Oil (Sea Omega) 1000MG Cap twice daily to lower cholesterol, by my VA doctor, for the past ten years. So does this qualify for the VA Disability Rating, or does anyone really know? " ischemic heart disease — A serious problem caused by inadequate circulation of blood to the heart muscle. Blood flow to the heart is blocked by obstructions of heart arteries by cholesterol deposits. Ischemic heart disease is the underlying disorder for sudden episodes such as heart attack and sudden death as well as the chronic condition of angina pectoris. Ischemic heart disease is also called coronary artery disease or coronary heart disease."
  4. You should find a Veterans Service Officer in your area and let them handle it for you. The service organizations all have Veteran Service Officers, and your State or local governhement might have one also. Good Luck
  5. B) Lawyers Serving Warriors is a project of the National Veterans Legal Service Program. It provides free legal representation in disability, discharge, and veterans benefits cases to service members and veterans who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. The organization reports it has recruited hundreds of lawyers gthroughout the coungtry to help in its work. Those lawyers are provided training on laws governing the military and veterans disability benefits programs. The project is operatged in cooperation with the Pro Bono Institute and veterans sercice organizations. They are at www.lawyersservingwarriors.org and lawyersserving@nvlsp.org and (202) 265-8305 x 152. submitted by frank van hoy in the MOPH
  6. ditto Stretch, so what else is new? The VA had me in a lock-down for three months in 1974 because I got drunk and had no idea where I was, and for one month again in 2007. I have no idea where I spent my 20's, just trying to forget. Shit happens - like they say. Listen to this song by George Jones, it is interesting. http://home.comcast.net/~singingman7/TNOTW.htm ditto Stretch, so what else is new? The VA had me in a lock-down for three months in 1974 because I got drunk and had no idea where I was, and for one month again in 2007. I have no idea where I spent my 20's, just trying to forget. Shit happens - like they say. Listen to this song by George Jones, it is interesting. http://home.comcast.net/~singingman7/TNOTW.htm
  7. California AB190 was approved the first of 2009. It says that vehicles with Purple Heart license plates are exempt from paying parking meter fees. However, the individual cities must approve this, so everyone living in California should contact their local mayor and ask that this California State bill be approved in their individual cities or counties.
  8. What about 70% - does the 5-year rule apply, etc. And what if you move to another district, does it all change when the new district takes over??
  9. I am at 50% PTSD and have been prescribed the little blue pills for about 10 years, so is there any way that the ED is secondary to PTSD. Does anyone have a letter that was used to successfully support a claim of this sort?
  10. Sounds to me like you have PTSD as a result of combat, and you are attempting to self medicate with the alcohol. This is typical of myself and so many others. You might want to get a non-VA phycologist or physychiatrist who specializes in this sort of thing to examine you and write up that you have these symptoms as a result of combat. Sounds like you have lots of proof that your unit saw action, but do you have any proof that you were actually involved. Might need buddy statements. If I were you, I would file a claim for PTSD immediately, and use the services of a reputable claims processor such as the DAV, VFW, etc. to help you. After you are awarded the PTSD, then you can apply for alcohol as secondary to the PTSD. I have gone throught the inpatient program for alcohol, twice, and it is helpful. Also there is the PTSD group at the VA that you should probably join. good luck
  11. Can anyone refer me to an IMO (phyciacrist) on the west coast - someone who is familiar with the VA system and has gone through it before. The VA forensic physicrist gave me a GAF score of 45 for combat-related PTSD about 18 months ago, and a more recent VA physicrist game me a GAF score of 35 for combat-related PTSD about 3-months ago. I have had a combat-related PTSD rating of 50% for several years. I appealed the rating in 2/06, and earlier this month they finally gave me the results that stated that I was to remain at 50% because the C&P Case Worker felt that my VA medical records did not reflect a higher rating. I now have a formal appeal pending as of this week so I would probably need an IMO after reading these posts. thank you
  12. I remember a while back that someone posted the Code that deals with multiple diagonosis for the same disability, and that the VA is supposed to accept the diagnosis that will be the greatest benefit to the veteran. Does anyone remember what code that was ? thank you
  13. Boats, It is certainly worth a shot. I have 40% DDD from C4-C5-C6 (since 1996) and now that the pain has spread to the lumbar region I tried for service connection of the lumbar as secondary to the cervical, but was turned down flat. Keep in touch and let me know if you go for it, and perhaps send me some info so I can reopen my case if you are successful. Can't hurt.
  14. Pete 53 I have had the same thing for about six months now, and it got to the point where I cannot pick my nose or drink a cup of coffee because the pain in my right elbow is so bad. I had a lot of schrapnel from Vietnam in my right elbow, so I thought that perhaps it was from that. Well, as it turns out it is Tennis Elbow, or more to the point they call it Golfers Elbow (Tendonitis). The VA in San Diego gave me ice packs, elbow and wrist splints and told me it will take about 3 - 6 months before the pain recedes. I was told that it is caused by overuse, and because there is no numbness in my right hand, it is not Carpal Tunnel.
  15. About three years ago my GAF was 40 and my rating was 50%, been that way ever since.
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