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  1. Greetings, I am trying to locate the VA form to add an child to a veterans VA comp (dependent). Any help would be wounderful. Thank you and God bless. Bound4Heaven
  2. Greetings, I looked at all the other posting areas, and didn't find one that fit this issue. Thanks for responding. God bless. Bound4Heaven
  3. Greetings, Came accross this, and thought it needed to be posted. I am particularly concerned about sections 13101 through 13434 of the new bailout bill (HR 1). These sections would set up the infrastructure to computerize the medical records of ALL AMERICANS in a government-coordinated database, including psychiatric records. It is scary enough that a government bureaucrat is directed by statute to try to influence my doctor's decisions with respect to my medical care. But of even greater concern to gun owners is the fact that a government-coordinated database will now contain all records of government-provided and private psychiatric treatment. Last year's "NICS Improvement Act" codified ATF's attempts to make a person a prohibited person on the basis of a government psychiatrist's finding that he is a "danger" -- without a finding by any court. Well, roughly 150,000 battle-scarred veterans have already been unfairly stripped of their gun rights by the government. Now, this new government-coordinated database threatens the gun rights of people who, as kids, were diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder... seniors with Alzheimer's... police with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder... and many other law-abiding Americans. God bless, Bound4Heaven
  4. Greetings, My daughter attends an out of state school, and receives chapter 35. This is a federal benefit and good in all 50 states. The state you reside in, has no effect on benefits. Hope this helps. God bless. Bound4Heaven
  5. Purple, I got a letter today from my local RO on this issue. They told me the letter I received from the other RO was wrong and apoligised. The letter they sent, "said I was 100% T&P and there were "No Future Exams" and the review in 2013 was a dependent review. I guess they review your dependents every so many years to make sure you are not receiving monies if they have moved out or ect. Thank you again & God bless. Bound4Heaven
  6. Greetings, Are we also able to use the quarters? lets say you go on vacation and find a base. Can we reserve rooms on base? Thank you God bless. Bound4Heaven
  7. Greetings, I just sent a copy of my 2003 award letter stating "No Future exams" and a copy of the letter I just received. I sent them both to my local RO for clairfication. HoweverPurple is right in the 10 years exam for IU. However I am not IU. So we will see what the VA says. Thank you and God bless. Bound4Heaven
  8. Purple, I made a mistake here. I was awarded 100 IU P&T on 2003. So the 10 year would make since if I was IU. However I am 100% Scheduler +SMC. It sounds like they have not updated their records at least in my claim. Do you al feel that would be accurate? Thank you. God bless. Bound4Heaven
  9. Purple, Thank you for your response. I was awarded 100% IU back in 2002 on that award letter it stated "No future exams" and then granted me chapter 35. In 2006 I asked for an increase on 3 of my disabilities and was granted loss of use of bi-feet and they granted all requests. My total rating at that time was over 180% and they granted me SMC, housing grant and car grant. They changed my rating from 100% IU to 100% sceduler. I just spoke to a RO service rep via the 1-800 number. They were clueless, and told me to send a copy of the award that says "No future exams" with my letter I just got to my local RO. I have never been to South Carolina. Thank you. God bless. Bound4Heaven
  10. Greetings, How would I go about getting it squared away. Would I contact my RO directly? Thank you. God bless. Bound4Heaven
  11. Greetings, I contacted the 1-800 number and asked to be sent a letter stating my current rating to use exchanges. I am currently rated at 100% T & P SC + SMC. I don't get any more letters from the RO asking if I am working when I was 100% due to IU. I get a letter back from an RO in a different state stating that I am 100% , but this letter also said that I was to have a re-exam in October 2013. I contacted the 1-800 number again and I got a different RO and that rep told me to make a copy of the letter and send to my local RO. My last award letter said no future exams. I have heard from here on hadit that no future exams really doesn't mean that, and have read that many were given re-exams within a year or so. Do you all think this is a type error? and if they were going to re-exam me why would they wait until 2013? The VA never seems to amaze me. Thank you and God bless you all. Bound4Heaven
  12. Greetings, I belive the only service that allows space A is the Coast Guard. God bless. Bound4Heaven
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