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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows if Champ VA will pay for this kind of surgery, Lap Band or gastric bypass?Also I have a disk herniation at L5-S1, does anybody know if this means surgery to get the disk better,or just let it heal on it"s own. Thanks for any help or information .Mary &Greg. Also good luck to Pete. I will be going to see a spine doctor in Sept. 8
  2. Yes, I have had acupunture and it helps, but my sister tried it and did not help, also it takes time with acupunture, maybe 10 treatments before you start getting better. Some people it works sooner and some not Also cuping (not sure how this is spelled) is done by these acupunture doctors also,it really helps to take the inflamation out, along with acupunture. It is not a fast treatment though, most people do not see results fast and stop going. Hope this helps you , It did alot for my daughter who had Fibromaliga, for 5years and was in constant pain, we tried everything for her with all the doctors and then we tried acupunture and it took almost a year but she is healed of that disease now, for almost 8 years. No more pain and she is doing fine, and no medicine. They say there is no cure for this disease, but she is healed. hope this helps.Mary& Greg
  3. Hi everyone, just wanted to know if this is right , 38USC 1318 [i.V.iiii.3.D. 18d] In order to establish entittlement to DIC under 38USC 1318 a surviving spouse must have been married to the veteran for at least one year immediately pereceding the veteran's death, or any period,if a child was born to them during or before the marriage. Never heard of this before, but does this mean if your spouse is 100 % service connected and P.T. but dies of non serviced connected condition you will still get DIC , or does the 10 year rule knock this out. I also was married to him 6 years after his discharge. Just trying to find out for myslef , for the future , we never know how long , any of us have on this earth. My husband is alive and I want to keep him that way a long time. Thanks for any help on this subject. Mary & Greg.
  4. Hello all, just wanted to know why the Va. will not pay the entire amount to the hospital my husband was in for last year after he had his heart attack. I called the number and told them in the right time frame. And he was 100% in threat for his life. I made sure I did everything they say you need to do to inform them, our doctor even told them he had to have this done now or he would not make it. I found the progress note in the many I have collected over the last 2years. It was a phone call from our doctor to the VA. and it says he would be approved and singed by chief medical officer of Fee services. And here is my question, the va has only paid a few thousand on a 65,000.00 medical bill. My husband had to go back the day he was discharged because of problems so he had a longer stay than normal, but the MILL/Bill , is only paying the hospital a small amount on the totlal cost, they (VA) told me the hospital has to take it and thats all they get. But the hospital says that s not true and of course want us to pay the rest of the amount off, over 45,000.00. My husband at the time of service at the hospital was 70%I.U. Is this right? Never heard of this before. Any one know the answer on this one. Thanks for all the information & help . Mary & Greg Ps. I wonder if they can put a lien on my home? I hope not. They want the money asap. HAHAHA, I have to laugh about because It is crazy!
  5. To all you guys with heart problems, please take care of yourself, and if you can tell something is not right in your body go to the doctor, I know you can not always know when it is happening , but take care of yourself and have test done on a regular basis. I know the fear it puts in you, my husband had a 100%block and they said he just made it for help to get to him because he would have died in another10 minutes. Take you meds. and don't miss them, by husband was and still afraid every time he gets shortness of breath. He also has copd, Just wanted you all to know everyone cares, and it is normal to be a lillte bit afraid after going through what you all have experienced. Mary&Greg
  6. So my husband is paid at 100% and we get all the education, and theUNiformed Services ID cards, he is Service connected at 100% now. So are we able to do space A travel . I do not think we ever would my husband is not good at waiting on anything , and he won't fly anymore . But I would just like to know. Thanks Mary& Greg.
  7. Hello, I thought we already had this stuff, if you are P&T and disabled? Is this something new for all disabled vets, that would be great if it is. Mary&Greg
  8. Hello everyone, I just wanted to know if anyone knows of a good Dental Insurance by itself, I will be getting ChampVa. but they don't have any dental. Thanks for any help Mary&Greg
  9. Lady

    Got 100% Pt

    Greaat News ant we are happy for you and your family!
  10. Thanks Jim and everyone who answered my question, Jim should I do an NOD and try to get my husband to 100% ? Mary
  11. Just wanted everyone know my husband got the news last week they made him P&T. No more exams, and I did get the educational benfit also. Also the medical from ChampVa. This is so great . I have been staying at home taking care of my husband and did not have health insurance. He is 70% P&T. This may sound silly but should I do a NOD and try to get him up to100% which he really is , or not put myself through more paperwork. I am also trying to S/C alot of his health problems with his PTSD. So this is why I am asking about 70% or try for the 100%. Hope this makes sense to all , we are very happy.Mary&Greg
  12. Hi, just wanted to know if a person could send in a request for P&T and a request for getting s/c for new things to his PTSD. All is new information not sent to VA R.O. in the past. Or is it better to send in 2 different claims. Since this is new information ,I don"t want them to get one claim first and say I can't use some of the same new informatioon on the 2nd. I hope this makes sense I am trying to help some one with this .Thanks Mary
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