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  1. Hello all, first let me begin by stating that this message might be in the incorrect forum but I was unable to locate the proper forum to post my problem. I was medically retired after being diagnosed with MS in Jan 2008, I received retirement payments totalling around 4,000 until my VA compensation kicked in and received a form saying that I was not responsible for taxes on my retirement becuase my VA comp was more than my retirement. I filled my taxes and sent the form to the IRS in Feb of 2009. I received a letter yesterday stating I owe back taxes on this amount and the IRS made no mention of my form I sent in. I know this board is full of knowledgable personal and would like to request what form number I was sent so I can request a new one and send it to the IRS to rectify this situation. I am aware that I should of made a copy of this form but for some reason I did not. If someone could please help me I would appreciate it greatly and moderators if this post is in the wrong forum please feel free to move to appropriate forum and I apologize for my mistake. Thank you
  2. Sorry it took me so long basser, the answer is Yes I used Indy. All my physicals were done in Louisville though. Both facilities seemed great, I know others have trouble. But they were really great for me.
  3. I'm sorry Cheif, hopefully they can get it expedited for you after the form is back.
  4. Well 80% is actually a very fair rating. I am 26 and have MS, so unfortunately there will more than likely be a time when I will be unable to work. So I am going to do my darnest to work until I am unable. Thank you both for the congrats!
  5. Just wanted to pass along that I received phone call from a fantastic VA officer verifying information after a "De Novo" review. He stated that I had been increased 60% to 80% to the date of my medical retirement (20 months) It went quickly after putting my NOD in FEB. The whole thing went very smoothly for me and I am so appreciative of this website and that my claim was handled by a very intelligent and diligent officer. Thank you very much hadit.
  6. Congrats on the win. Hope the C and P goes well. Take care
  7. Not sure what happened yesterday at Duke, but just wanted you to know someone was thinking about you. Hope everything went well. God Bless
  8. I am not positive, I am SC for MS and know TESLA strengths pretty well but 1.0T is pretty awful with lesion detection. I am unsure of you money situation but it might be of use to go private to obtain a proper test. I know it is expensive but maybe you can get a definite dx(tough sometimes) but the money for compensation should pay for it self. Just my very humble opinion and should be used iaw the experts on this site, they know this system alot better and their info should be given more weight than mine. Good luck
  9. Hello, I have viewed your site for a long time, finally became a member so i could post. Quick overview of myself, I am 25, medically retired army, for a dx of Multiple Sclerosis. After discharge I was rated at 60%, I sent an a NOD for an increase on the muscle weakness claims of the upper and lower extremities due to the fact I feel as if I am at a quarter of the strength I was before my first exaserbation(sp). I also was not rated for fatigue due to ms, and Irritable Bowel associated with MS even after being DX while on active duty. So I sent in those claims along with the request for a higher percentage for muscle claims. I received a fast response and had a C&P for the IB and fatigue, but there was nothing about the elevation of weakness claim. Also on the sheet they sent me it mentioned all claims except the claims for increase that I had disagreed with. Are these claims going to be seperate? I requested a de nero(sp) review for the weakness, will that be taken care of possibly from another review officer than the claims for IB and fatigue??? As you can tell I am a little confused about this process and if anyone needs clarification I would be happy to restate my question if needed. Thank you very much for you time and help
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