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  1. Hi Berta, Just received my Christmas present (December 24, 2005) from the VA. A review of my service connected disability (ies). I am unemployable with 70% PTSD. I thought this witch-hunt was over? The latest word from POW's was that it was over. Am I missing something? Please respond to my personal e-mail wdsharpe@earthlink.net. Thanks.
  2. You must visit the VA Regional office near you. A quick walk-in to the receptionist and a letter will be typed before your eyes. Take the letter to your town tax assessor's office and file for property tax exemption.
  3. John, I have paralyzed vocal chords which cause shortness-of-breath on exertion. Exertion may be anything such as you describe; walking, getting dressed, showering, etc. My condition was not as severe when I was a younger man. But lately, at 60, it has increased in severity. My sleep has become difficult. I've gotten sleep apnea condition from this breathing disorder also, and wake up many nights gasping for air. Pulmonary sent me for a sleep test. It was determined that wearing a CPAP mask would eliviate most of the sleep apnea. This mask forces air into my lungs, thereby keeping the air pipe open. Losing weight is mandatory. Eliminating alcohol, coffee, and other muscle relaxants are also necessary. Of course, if all this doesn't help, a tracheotomy is necessary. What to do? What to do? A rather perplexing situation to be in. I wish you all the best of luck. I'd give back all of my 100% P & T, if only to breathe freely.
  4. I concur with you. Too many SO's, and too many years of hearing other veteran's tales, have shown me that a new claim placed after an existing claim, starts the ball game from the 1st inning. The VA is not our friend. Any excuse, will be used to prevent acknowledgement of your disability to slow the compensation process.
  5. ******************************************** Forgive me for intruding into your message to Berta. "Should I file this claim while my ptsd claim is pending? " If you file another claim, while the PTSD claim is in the process, your PTSD claim will lose it's position in the adjudication process, and your file might go to the end of the long line. It would be a shame to lose all this waiting time, for a major PTSD decision, with a knee injury claim. IMHO Johnny
  6. When I applied for my VA compensation, I was alone, as many of you are. There was no source of information to help and guide me, through the difficulties faced by all veterans when dealing with the VA. This book, 'Military Veterans PTSD Reference Manual', by I.S. Parrish, InfinityPublishing.com helped me tremendously. It is a printed form of this Hadit website, but with an extra feature. It contains precise sections of 38 CFR, to make you understand and prepare your case, because the 38CFR is the adjudication officers bible. I.S. Parrish walks you through all the phases of VA PTSD claims filings, PTSD treatments, therapies, medications, writing the stress letter, documenting your claim, denials, and appeals. The book was well worth the $19.95. NOTE:I do not benefit financially from the sale of this book. Do your own research.
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