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  1. it looks like they low balled me bad on my 1151 win with my necrotizing pancreatitis.

    I have like 5 issues,,,

    1-the 1151 was a pancreas procedure that failed (won)

    2-depression from illness and pain (won)

    3-skin issues remanded (eczema skin swells too) remanded

    4-gastritis and ibs from active duty originally filed and denied 1997. (remanded)

    5-myosotis (muscles fill out, flab, but no power, no nutrients from the intestinal and pancreas disease, so they are very weak) remanded

    6-neurological (the neurologists said it was Parkinsons... but originally had taken meds on active duty when I got sick from chemicals and took meds for tremors) but I lost al controls of my limbs and had to be bathed and moved by others until I got strength up and got some of the limbs control back, but lose control of my limbs when doing strenuous activity (remanded)


    I was at 60 % for many year (50% headaches plus 10% for bad knee patella from active duty)

    now with the 1151 win from the pancreas surgery issues (was in VA hospital 6 months fighting for my life after they cut the wrong parts) plus depression, my rating looks like it went to only 90%

    Of course the remands are still out there..

    Was I low balled ?


    (I downloaded my benefits letter and found this number out.)

    I sent my POA a copy of my BVA decisions.


    Rhetorical and depressed, who can one with 1151 with necrotizing pancreatitis, spend 1 year in a wheel chair and in bed, no chance of any cure ever. Very sick and in severe pain every day.

    60% to 90% low balled? and with a few more issues in remand...


    any more advice?


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