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  1. The VA/BVA claims, appeals created a big problem. I was diagnosed when I was Hospitalized for 6 months 2008 in the San Diego VA Hospital for Necrotizing Pancreatitis. During the BVA appeals, someone changed some of the wording from 'Necrotizing Pancreatitis', to 'Chronic Pancreatitis'. I need that corrected as they make a lot of decisions on diagnosis and medical issues. I am awaiting for the word from the BVA through my VA representative who worked my BVA case for me.

    In Oregon they have VA representatives when you choose representation, like when you can choose a POA through the DAV, American Legion, or the VA has them too. I had no choice, a few years ago I needed help and they were the only help I could find. Now the BVA has only approved and given me the 1151 claim and denied the rest. The only claim left is TDIU, which no one would help me with because up until late last year I was only 60% (I have been un employable and totally disabled from 1995). Now I am at 90%. (it took until 2019 for the BVA to get it changed to 90%) But they low balled me badly, and I believe it is not only bad decisions at the BVA, but also because they wrote down the wrong disease in the decisions.

    I cannot move on to the next POA, until the BVA has said they are finished with my claims (so my VA representative can be let go because the BVA appeals are finished), and I believe that the next step will have to be an NOD for the BVA decisions that used the wrong term, diagnosis. And that will be corrected with help by a paid POA I have retained (highly respected professional who is going to be my POA as soon as I can fire my current POA), but they cannot help me until the other POA is no longer my POA. I am awaiting word that all decisions have been made up until this point, by the BVA, so I can bring in some very good help with my appeals. Note: I have never before appealed BVA decisions before. From this point on it is new to me. Getting these bungled screwed up mistakes corrected. I don't understand how they can get away with doing this stuff !

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    2. Buck52



      your post is showing up at retired44 feed

      he wrote this in his public feed....

    3. pacmanx1


      OK, thanks but I still think other veterans should hear about Clemons V Shenseki.

    4. retiredat44


      Thank you...

      I am so sick from, this war ... I let a few days go by to look at the response,.... technically they won they beat me to a pulp and put me in the dungeon...


      I am happy the good people respond with really good info on how the system works with claims and the laws.

      I also am locked up, cannot move the claim forward until I get word that the BVA is done, then I can let my current rep, POA go, fire them, and move on to a new Rep (They are ready when I tell them that my current rep is fired). Even with this info, there is still nothing I can do. I have to have a rep do it, as the system is, even if you have the info, there is NO now way to work with the VA/BVA. etc...  they call you, you don't call them...

      To anyone else with along fight ahead of you.... Good luck..... even with the facts on your side...

      I am going back to laying down sick...

      I got called for another C&P, I think it might be for the TDIU, I try to apply for so many times and was told no... I was too low a percentage (they said I had to be at least 70%), though I have been unemployable since 1990. As usual they didn't give me an appointment anywhere close to my home, they made it a 180 miles round trip.

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