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    Not able to pursue many interests at this time. My health prevents me from doing much. I wish I could go back to hiking, photography, etc..

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    Combat Flight Simulators. WWII, Modern, and Helos.

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  1. I am still very thankful to al here at Hadit, as my fight for benefits probably and mps tliektly lik e99% of positive help was given to me to help get through this crooked nightmare of disability claims...


     hope that al those stil inthe fight for their benefits, and those new ones can get the help to win, get the  benfits they deserve and hope what people like me have written with our experiences. I ahve not been here a lot, I am still fighting for health and peace... the benefits with more money were great, but the fight left me very sick.... and I need more rest than is normal... and I don't travel...... I enjoy living out inthe countryside in peace and enjoy different seasons.... getting away fromthe large cities and not inthe fight withthe va has probably saved me from dying faster,, less stress... I would say to those that can go to a smal town, go out intot he countryside, get away fromthe craziness... IMHO

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