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    Not able to pursue many interests at this time. My health prevents me from doing much. I wish I could go back to hiking, photography, etc..

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    Combat Flight Simulators. WWII, Modern, and Helos.

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  1. While I await my DRO hearing coming very soon..

    1. retiredat44


      While I await my DRO hearing, I have a couple things to say:

      first: I had my story published:



      I have this picture of me with a big screen tv... with one of my combat flight simulators on it..

      the story that goes witht he big screen tv is:

      I was scheduled for a pancreas operation and I had entered a contest for a LCD HDTV, with my local cable company...

    2. retiredat44


      I cannot get my story link to post correctly so here is the website: search for my story using the word TOXIC on the website:


    3. retiredat44


      also my story got cut off..

      that 46" LCD HDTV came through a contest I entered and won it 3 weeks before I went into the VA hospital for 6 months. I ended up spending the year in bed and when I got out that TV was wonderful and it still is!

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