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  1. I was sent to a regular hospital in an ambulance,and stayed 3 days before they could transfer me to the VA Hospital. and fee basis covered the costs, but it took over one year and I had to send tons of documents and bills to Fee Basis. When you call and get a recording, you must leave a message. They will send you an address were to send documents.
  2. It turns out, if you have both SSDI and Veterans Disability, you only get one check. I got one for SSDI. You do not get 2 checks. Only one check if you are on both SSDI and VA Disability. That's $250.00 only, stimulus payment.
  3. I mean an IMO, not sure if the doctor will do any IME at all, and I don't see how that would help, the doctors at the VA all know me extremely well, but none will write a Nexus letter.
  4. I have an IME scheduled (in Southern Ca, from a doctor) in a couple weeks. When I had my first claim it was approved without any IME at all. That was for 50%. My father got 100% no questions asked and I am much sicker than he was. I will have to pay around $1,000 for an IME. This doctor wil only take cash, no credit cards) I carry the records in, and the doctor will review up to an inch (I have about 1 foot so I have to assemble a 1" package from those).
  5. Peripheral Neuropothy and Jet Fuel Exposer I just found Claim that was approved for this: http://www.va.gov/vetapp08/files3/0818924.txt I have put in my new claim for this and was about to pay for an IME to help with this claim. But now I see it is already approved by he VA Disability board for this condition when it has a Nexus to the veteran's service. I am overjoyed. I tried for this claim many years ago but the doctors did not give me the diagnosis until recently, even though I have suffered with this condition since I was on active duty so many years ago. I originally thought it was MS (because of all the pain and tremors and shaking), but turned out to be This Peripheral Neuropothy and Myontonic Dystrophy. How I found this claim on file was when someone here mentioned a search for Dr. Bash in the VA website. I did this and typed in the key words. This is extremely helpful. I just wonder if when they handle a claim at the VA Admin, if they do a search for precidents of approvals like they do in law cases. In any case, the Jet fuel caused me such great health problems that I am already at 50% percent and this should put me way over the top of %100 perecent (100% total) after all these years. Thanx everyone for all the great ideas and help in these forums.
  6. Anyone hear of a doctor Betancourt in Orange County, Ca. that does IME exams? I can go see here, but it will cost me about $1,600. I must pay up front all at once. She does Internal Medicine and Toxicology. There is a doctor in San Bernadino that does Neurology, also about $1,600. I am considering taking a stab at these with no recomendations. I am also thinking that maybe wiating for the claim to go through, and if gets rejected, see these docotors and submit the opinions on appeal. My VSO says it wil lnot hurt to get these IME's. I just wish I could find some doctors that have done these for veterans claims. These doctors do this for private companies.
  7. I find this pain management drug testing info bizarre. I have been oj pain management for a very long time, many years. I am currently going to to a pain management clinc at the VA and have never had such an agreement. How odd I never had been through the agreement stuff. I do take pee tests and blood tests, and even spent 6 months in the hospital under rmore heavy drugs... Even when they could not find the source of my pain, they never put me into any agreement for pain meds. When they did find my problems I was vindicated for them thinking it was in my head. I never heard of anyone else here that is under pain management that that went through this agreement and pee tests. Maybe they do the pain management stuff for active duty? I have to re-read this thread, maybe I misunderstood it.
  8. I am in the middle of my claim for an increase in my Disability rating. The paperwork was just submitted by my VSO. I am wondering if I should get an IME from an outside doctor only if I am turned down and need to appeal? Getting an IME is very very expensive. Plus I had to literally search the Internet dor docotrs that do IME's. And they seem to have never done Veteran IME's only for civilain companies. is it better if I se ehow the firs tclaim come sout before I go through with an IME. in other words if I lose my first application, the get an IME? Or get the IME for the first claim? If I wait and see how the claim comes out their cards will be laid out on the table. As it is now, I am confident I can at least go from my 50% to at least 70% but I am shooting for a full 100%. Also, I still can't find any recommendations for doctors that do these exams and write a Nexus letter, close to me as well. I did find this Dr. Bash through these froums, but he doe snot answer e-mails and he is 3,000 miles away. And the doctors I did find in Southern California were just grabbed off the Internet, with no recommendation or knowledge about them. Plus they seem to have no experience with Veterans. The firs time I got my 50% Disability rating, int he 1990's I did not need an IME. But I did expect more than 50%. The 50% did save my life. But I am fully 100% with al my serious problems. I am also on SSDI.
  9. when you fil out the release form, it has not only check boxes for that what type of records, but also a comments section. So, you can go read the relase form, and sign for only the records you want released., it is not a blanket release. That is through all my experince and I have done this many times..
  10. btw, I have contacted some doctors I found on the Internet that are more local to me, but I have to drive 100 miles in severe pain and hard meds to get there. Also, I have no recommendations for these doctors, I just went through an exhasutive search and emailed and phone several IME docotor's offices and anded up with these doctors that do these. But, these docotor seem to just do IME's for private companies, almost all lthe time. I have not seen any info that they exam veterans for disability claims. They charge a fortune and I feel it is a crapshoot if I go and spend this money. I really need recommendations for local doctors instead of just pulling names of the Internet. The doctors I have contacted are in Southern California, in San Bernadino, Ca. As it is right now, they charge about $600 to $1,600 for a review of only 1/2" of medical records. I have one foot of medical records! Actually more than that! Of course my VRO helped me package a smaller stack of records to use so they are more organzied with a brief amount of info that is directly related. I am already rated at 50% and the last time I applied with the help of a VRO I was approved with no appeal needed. But, with Social Security Disability they tried to deny me and I can swear they tried to see how far they could push me before I killed myself. They were thye most rotten people ever! :)
  11. I have emailed Dr. Bash 2x in the last 3 weeks, and never received any response at all! Me thinks his email is dead, or he moved away.. I have recently submitted a claim and I needed an answer quickly. :D
  12. I have not gotten a VA Disability stimulus check yet. I did get a SSDI stimulus check 2 months ago. I have been on disability for 15 years. I am wondering maybe there is some type of schedule for them sending out the Veterans disability checks, maybe in alphabetical order? maybe that is why I have not gotten a check yet?
  13. I have been a chronic pain patient for 20 years.. and have been addicted to the pain meds for probably 10 or more.. But, they keep me alive.. if you need them, you need them, there is only so much a pain a person can take.. the addiction is just that if they are not taken at the times they are suppose to be taken, in those intervals, you become very sick, and suffer greatly.. also, some pain meds have side effects, mood swings.. but the pain in itself causes mood swings.. not one time have I had any euphoria.. too bad,,, all these years of suffering that would be a gift.. The back problems have left me crippled... cannot empty the dishwasher without suffering greatly,, and if I do not become crippled more during bending over.. soon after the next day I will be unable to get out of bed.. to top that off with intestinal disase and pain.. I just wish they would have fused a couple of my discs L- discs togther... I have had stuff interested through my body under x-ray scopes before.. I am not looking forward to it.. it's not pain I am worried about,, (well actually yes... that sucks..) it just totally freaks me out having the procedure done...
  14. In 2 weeks I am getting shots in my spine too to relive pain. My first surgery was 20 years ago. I had L4 disc removed, and have degenerative disc disease. I also suffer from myotonic Dystrophy and spent 6 months int he VA hospital for pancreas sugery to remove a cyst. I am wondering if the spinal shots will be of help? I suppose they help some people more than others.. I am just looking for feedback.. I also have some forum posts here about my new claim... but those are other issues... Thanx.. ;)
  15. I can't find the edit button, so I will just add more in a second post. I am also on permanent SSDI. I have been fighting illness now and have been too sick to work for 20 years. Regarding an IME, Independent Medical Exam doctor. I could not find one int he VA to write one, even though I live there, wel actually ddi for 6 months, I could not find one that would for my claim, so I had to search on the Internet to find some. They want anywhere from $600 to $1,500 to look at 1/2" of medical records to do an independent exam and from there if they would consider wrting a Nexus Letter. Though there is absolutely no guarantee they will. I really, really am hoping bad somone will give me the name of some doctors I can see that already know about Jet fuel exposure and have written Nexus Letters. thank you, retiredat44 San Diego, Ca.
  16. I have a disability rating of 50% from Jet Fuel having made me sick while in the USAF. I am back again with another claim in for an increase in rating to 100%. I suffer from Myotonic Dystrophy and intestinal disease, among many other problems. I recently spent 6 months in the hospital for pancreatic surgery, fighting for my life. I am a sufferer of severe chronic pain. I have been searching for an Independent Medical Examination to supplement my claim for the increase. I hoping hoping for some recommendations for doctors that are doctors/specialists in the field that can provide me with a Nexus letter about Jet fuel exposure and health problems. The Jet fuel caused me to have severe edema (sweling of my extremities with blood running down the open lesions..). I suffer/severed with extremely debilitating headaches. I have been been diagnosed and being depressed. I have been suffering with extreme intestinal pain, diarreha and weight loss for many many years. That is only partial list of my health problems. I did not smoke nor drink. I worked as a fuels specialist int he USAF. I worked with the distribution, storage and filling of aircraft and ground vehicles with JP-4, gasoline, and diesel. I was soaked in JP-4 too many times to list. When I became ill, and after many months of diagnosis I was cross-trained into the communications field. I was working in a chmical free environment for a few months, then CBPO notified me they were changing my job. I was put into a job with petrloleum chemicals all over again. I had a waiver from doctors to never work again with petro chemicals. That made no difference. I reported to work and had to work with printing presses. They use petro chyemicals. I was again exposed to the liquid trichloroethylene . I became sick all over again. So I got really screwed bad. Again the swelling bleeding, and headaches. Any info to help claims please post.. thank you, retiredat44 San Diego, Ca.
  17. Looking for Doctor in San Diego area for Nexus Letter. I am opening a new claim, current disability rating is 50% and have many more service connected health issues. I have some help from a pro that works in filing claims. But, I need a doctor to read over my files and write a Nexus letter to present for my new VA Disability claim. I am in San Diego county. I did hear about a doctor in Orange County who writes letters, but for the life of me I cannot find his name any longer. I am still searching to find out who knows who and where that doctor is. Does anyone know where a doctor that writes Nexus letters and opinions on connection to service related health issues might be? In Southern California if possible. San Diego area is best. Thanx,
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