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  1. Been gone for awhile. Glad I've found my way back, I've missed my hadit family.
  2. Berta is right. I have a daughter who turned 18 in the last three months of high school. She enrolled in college, that next September, by the time the VA switched her to chap 35; I got a letter saying that I was overpayed. I've been paying it back over a year now. I did apply for the waiver but was denied. I was told that you can't have both. I learned my lesson. My younger kids all turn 18 before high school is over. I will just let their benefit expire when they turn 18 to avoid owing money. /doc
  3. Thanks guys, if I can help one vet avoid what I went through then it will have been worth it. I'm here to pay it forward. /doc
  4. Congrats. HB is like icing on the cake. Good job. /doc
  5. Bonzai, I know it will happen for. The remand should be signal for them to make it right. /doc
  6. Thank you all. I've been having spontaneous smiling attacks for last few days.
  7. I wish I could line all you guys up and give you all high fives and hugs. I know I could not have done it without my hadit family. I had my ALJ hearing on the 29th of December. I have been a wreck for the last month leading up to it. I get to the hearing with my wife. My lawyer meets with me and tells me that the clerk just spoke with her and he said there was going to be a "quick" hearing. I go in with my lawyer and I'm sworn in and we go through all the blah blah blah. The judge asks one question "Have you worked since May of 2008?" Of course my answer is NO! Just like that I'm leaving with a fully favorable decision, after over 3 years of getting denied and wondering if this was going to happen. It did and I want to be the first to say you guys were a big part of helping me get here. When I found this site, I was struggling to make ends meet, working two jobs, going to school and failing to do either well. I was 30 percent S/C and felt like I should be higher but didn't know how to get there. Within three years I am now TDIU, with SSD. You can not well maybe you can understand what this means for my family. While it will never make up for my hearing loss, back and knees, depression etc. I because of God and you guys will be able to provide for my family in a way that I couldn't do while working two jobs and struggling to keep them both. So line up and accept my thanks : Carlie, John, PR, Pete and Pete, Jbasser, Wings, Berta, and even Cowgirl where ever you are. I have learned so much but most importantly I have learned that no one will be a better advocate for you than YOU. The wealth of knowlegde here is immeasurable, I hope to add to that base. I just wanted to say thanks Hadit family and thats what we are here for all you do God Bless T-Bird for having the vision. To those that are still waiting don't give up you have the evidence and the truth on your side. / doc
  8. Congrats on your long overdue win. Have you downloaded that form for TDIU yet lol. /doc
  9. Congrats, I am waiting to get mine. /doc
  10. navydoc2

    Woo Hoo!

    Congrats, great news to hear especially during this upcoming season; where money can be an issue. /doc
  11. I'm not sure if your asking for your C-file or medical records from the VA medical center.
  12. You could call the 800# back and ask what your current rating is. Its worked for me once. Good luck. /doc
  13. What are you service connected for? Are you getting social security? Do you see a private doctor or just VA docs. It would be great if your primary care doc can write something saying that you can't work due to your S/C disabilities. /doc
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