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  1. It's not always the pay that motivates an attoney, sometimes they just like to win ;-) Good luck Bronco! Wings
  2. Chain of Command? Central Office? Wow guys, this sux bad ... Wings
  3. Buck, If the Vets Center is close by, go in and look around, see wat kind of resources they have for veterans; maybe a public library, computers, literature and whatnot. Maybe there's friendly, knowledgable people working there? Even iif they don't have what you need, it might be a good fit for another vet. I live pretty far from most resources that, like you, most of my help is on-line from Hadit. Write your own unoffical nexus statement and share it with your MH provider. Help her connect the dots, if she doesn't agree, she doesn't have to make a statement ... Hope you have a good day ;-) Wings
  4. Hi Buck, I have no experience or exposure to the Vets Centers, but unless they keep copies of NVLSP's Veterans Benefits Manuals on their desks, I wouldn't want to file my claim thru them! I have a lot of respect for NVLSP's attorney's and staff, and their publications are a MUST HAVE for any vets advocate. The manuals are expensive but you might be able to borrow a copy http://www.nvlsp.org/ They pretty much wrote the Book for Vietnam Vets on filing/winning thier PTSD claims. New Claim for you?? Wings
  5. Teac, I'll read it again. I always thought that once a vet is rated 100% schedular, the TDIU was moot (dismissed, not relevent, dropped). You still haven't told me the statute or law that would permit the award you are seeking, I can only guess --and will read Bradly again. In the meantime, I hope that others will help you because your quuestion has me confused. Sorry. ~Wings
  6. x x x Teac, You're hard work deserves a reasonable doubt, but I have not yet read or seen the claim that thas put forth the argument that TDIU "stands alone" as a separate 100% rating. I do not want to be curt, but I think once the VA assigns 100% schedular, the TDIU becomes "moot". Let me think about this some more and get back to you. It helps the search, if I know what search terms to use, typically I start with the Statute .. in this case, you are primary concerned with 38 CFR 3.351 and USC 1114 and additional 100% ratings --and even "earlier effective date" for SMC awards? Have you thought about an earlier effective date? ~Wings
  7. Ken represented Roberson v Principi http://www.ll.george...ns/00-7009.html I think he would do a good job with your claim. `Wings
  8. KENNETH M.CARPENTER, ESQ. CARPENTER CHARTERED 1525 S.W. TOPEKA BOULEVARD P. O. BOX 2099 TOPEKA, KANSAS 66601-2099 TELEPHONE: (785)357-5251 He's still active. ~Wings
  9. x x x Like I said, it would help if you stated your claim. Your hypothesis is vague, "then why would TDIU not be counted toward a higher A&A rating when a veteran already qualifies for A&A." Period. Question mark. Stop speculating, and assert your claim --and then we can see if it fits. Know what I'm sayin'? Something like this: The veteran claims SMC. The veteran believes that he is entitled to a higher SMC award under 38 USC amd 38 CFR ... because 1. 2. 3.
  10. Teac, Are you thinking that because there was a narrow window of time (dates) that you held 100% TDIU, and before you were awarded 100% schedular -that at that point in time you should have been condiered for a higher SMC? I am really confused about exactly what you are asking ... It would help me to understand if you simply state the nature of your claim. Have you filed the claim yet? ~Wings
  11. x x x Which came first, the chicken or the egg? If the OCD diagnosis followed the PTSD diagnosis, that is fairly common. May PTSD vets have co-morbid conditions that develop as a consequence of highly traumatic events. OCD behaviors are often a means of coping with PTSD. ~Wings P.S. 1. http://www.mendeley.com/research/posttraumatic-obsessivecompulsive-disorder-case-series/ This report documents emerging posttraumatic obsessive-compulsive disorder in 13 Israeli military veterans diagnosed with both obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), for whom the onset of OCD was clearly associated with the trauma. Data presented include four detailed case reports that delineate relations between symptomatology in the two disorders. Clinical and theoretical implications of these data are discussed. 2. http://www.mendeley.com/research/connections-among-symptoms-obsessivecompulsive-disorder-posttraumatic-stress-disorder-case-series/ Theoretical, clinical, and empirical implications of the functional connections between symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are abundant. As such, four cases are presented here of men and women who met criteria for comorbid OCD and PTSD. All had been diagnosed with treatment-resistant OCD and were seeking treatment from an OCD specialty clinic or institute, all reported a history of traumatic experiences prior to the onset of OCD, and all appeared to demonstrate negative treatment outcomes. Upon examination, it appeared that symptoms of OCD and PTSD were connected such that decreases in OCD-specific symptoms related to increases in PTSD-specific symptoms, and increases in OCD-specific symptoms related to decreases in PTSD-specific symptoms. Speculations about the function of OCD symptoms in relation to post-traumatic psychopathology are put forth; and theoretical, research, and treatment implications are discussed.
  12. Wings

    Ptsd Qtc Yesterday.

    Good work!! You did your homework and helped yourself immensely!! ~Wings
  13. No big deal ;-) Glad you were able to service-conect the PTSD with aggravation. Stay on-board, there's other's here with similar claims that need your help! ~Wings
  14. x x x Every IRIS I have ever sent has been copied to my C-File --and they have often acted on an IRIS much faster than snail mail. Forget about calling, it's a crap shot. ~Wings

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