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  1. So I saw a lawyer who filed for my SSI and SSD, records were ignored for the time being as far as military goes. I also went to the VFW and had them file a claim for hearing and tinnitus, not even sure how this relates to me but i am doing some research on the matter to better understand myself. I was informed that I would need to get my personality disorder rating removed before I can file for any service connected disabilities. He said a former physician that saw me who would right a note stating he never diagnosed me with any mental issues would be a case breaker along with the meps record
  2. So it's been determined and changed that I have full blown schizophrenia, medication has been given and I am in my "pilgrimege" to get on the right path. Both docs seem to think the military is a major contributor in some way and are really digging to get to the bottom of this all the while of dealing with my insanity. Today I meet with a lawyer to file for SSD and boy do I have no idea or desire to do this, but it's for the best for now. Do I need to include my medical documents from the military as part of filing for SSD? They document that there was something mentally wrong reg
  3. The VA had advised me that I have to see someone outside the VA first and then submit a claim before they will even consider running an eval for it to count towards my claim. Not to mention I sought help and was pushed into it as thinks have gotten a whole lot worse. Having the professionals clarify in writing won't be an issue. I think this is something I will have them do as well once the diagnosis are ink as well, so that all information as possible is submitted. As far as SSA goes, I am waiting because I have never filed for SSA before and the diagnosis haven't been submitted
  4. That was some really informative and helped me understand something I had never heard of! Thanks for that! Plan is to take the both diagnosis,submit them to both SSA and file a claim through a VSO with anything records the VSO suggests. I'll more than likely get SSD before I hear anything from the VA. Both professionals have pushed for it. Guess I will keep you updated. Thanks.
  5. Found all the information I need right now. I just need to wait until the diagnosis from my therapist and psychiatrist are in ink so that I can file them with my claim. I'm also filing for state disability as well at the recommendation of the two professionals I'm seeing. I'd rather not even go through the VA but I was discharged based on false facts. I've never seen a therapist, counselor psychologist, or psychiatrist until AFTER I was done discharged from the Marine Corps.. I don't know how it was considered a pre-existing condition. Both the psychiatrist and therapist feel what they
  6. Rather than the "Hope" method, I am willing to do this the proper way. I have my medical records, my OMPF, and service documents. My OMPF is on disc, and the others are hard copy. I'm not sure what I am looking for as far my documents go but I will search hadit for leads I suppose. As mentioned I am seeing professional help at this time too, I'm on the ill side of things right now and will be leaving my job soon. I'm willing to do what I need to win I suppose. My only concern is I don't see any documentation in my medical records from when I saw the division psychiatrist. There is docu
  7. My therapist and psychiatrist believe that it is service connected among other factors that happened after the service, naturally. They have both stated that they are willing to issue documentation stating there opinions and what they have seen so far.
  8. Thank you all for responding, @ StretchI received a General (UHC) Discharge @broncovet It's been 9 years actually and I don't know how many doctors I have seen for this mess, I was under the impression due to the type of discharge that I didn't get medical benefits. I'm not sure how I request to see a VA doc. I'm currently seeing a psychiatrist and therapist that are both willing to submit whatever is needed as far as opinions go. As far as the forms go, would seeing a VSO not be advised? Or should I see someone else?
  9. Morning, Going to try and cut right to the chase. Marine Veteran with 1 year service, discharged with "personality disorder" that was diagnosed as an pre-existing condition. That's my first question, I have my entry records showing my exams were clean and I entered on a clean bill of health. Is there any way to correct this? Since I was in the Marines and had left I have been having issues ever since. As of late I was finally pushed into seeing a therapist and psychiatrist. The standing right now is a diagnosis of PTSD and Schyzotypal Personality Disorder (Cluster A), they ar
  10. I was discharged with the narrative of PD and want to get it changed to the diagnosis of PTSD. I have a general (under honarable conditions) discharge, and have gotten worse over the years. I was in enough to earn the status of veteran, and served as a wartime vet as well. I need to talk to a VSO but am having a hard time because, frankly, Im nervous and angry all at the same time. I don't even know where to begin saying I need help and to get the benefits to get the help. I have 2 children and want to be in there lives. It's been 5 years since I was discharged and am on the edge of just
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