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  1. wings dont even bother, just shut the front door, because YOU DONT KNOW ME> you make assumptions, and ya know what they say bout those. Im not talkin to you *itch, get IT! mystic
  2. I thought i was gonna die from blood loss with that last abortion in military FORCED. it didnt seem like she called me a liar. SHE DID. then i showed her examples of cases where SOMEONE ELSE accused Military of forcing abortion, (same time i did my tour) and they were approved for disability.not called liars. I think Wings is a liar. If she REALLY HAD PTSD, she wouldnt have the recall that she practices on here. JMO. She lied and got away with it to the disability folk. Smirk. Mystic
  3. pre-award letter. Hmmmmmm, didnt know there was such a thing, but it sounds major "warm and fuzzy", and deserving of a major CONGRADS!!!! Mystic
  4. EWWW EXCITING!! Ill say a prayer tonight for you. Sincerely, Mystic
  5. X X X Hot-diggety-dog! Awesome! Congradulations! Woo Hoo!!!!! Mystic
  6. Still here, there and everywhere! Woo Hoo! Mystic
  7. Besides Wings claimed that my very contetion of rape and coercion from the military was ludicrous, and accused me of comparing the military to the Gestapo. The last of that is ludicrous and Ive proven my contentions are real and not at all unbelievable, as evidenced in these(rightoff the top) case scenarios.I win,shes a loser,imo. case/Thread closed
  8. Carlie, the denial was for allegies and such. However there were two items noted in the beginning that were approved, and I dont know for sure what they were, but I know what she claims. Nowhere does it state that her claim of rape and coercion to abort were denied or dismissed, remanded or any other thing, so it must have been approved. Mystic
  9. No attack, merely a constitutional right. For the accused to face their accuser. Court of law is good enough for me. Heres yet another claim of forced abortion, and mind you they won. http://www.va.gov/vetapp/wraper_bva.asp?file=/vetapp10/Files2/1016362.txt This isnt meant as an assault, truth be told, just countering what I felt was an assault on my honor. You might feel the same in my position, ut since ya dont, nobody is forcing you to read this, with all due respect. Mystic
  10. Very Interesting. Thanks! I cant find 2/3 tho. I watched number one. Mystic
  11. I have been looking at claims and almost immediatly came upon one that mirrors my complaint. Yet Wings you claim that Im accusing our military (ya know the one that a lot of people are saying they got screwed by) of being like NAZIS, in forcing women to get abortions. That YOU represent the entire forum in your opine of my dilemmma.This appellant was in almost exact years I was, and has exact same complaints.:BUT IM A LIAR WINGS. You give yourself to much credit , with sticking your head in the sand ostrich like, and swearing the whole forum is down there in the sand with you. Jeez, can I get
  12. Boy youve got THAT RIGHT! LOL! Sorry bout the mess last night. I dont like bein called a liar, but everybody else is presumed to be telling the truth. Makes me feel ostracized, and hurts my feelings. However it was never my intention to have that mess goin.Okay MAN!lol! sincerely, Mystic
  13. OW. That sounds painful! What did ya want to know tho. Mystic
  14. Whats cts? Im not familiar with needing or using an emg to diagnose existance of fibro. But its thats DRS IMO that you can use. Get him to say its more likely than not attibuted to have started.manifested, or what you had thrn is what you have NOW. Same thing. Ill have to ask my neuro about that emg.It IS a cns lnked syndrome. Anything else, did I miss something? Good Luck and I welcome further query. Mystic
  15. DANG Jaina! Sorry to usurp yer thread. Its hard gettin answers sometimes. Good luck gal! Mystic
  16. P.S. Sorry I have more questions than answers. Welcome to Hadit! ~Wings Hi, with that in mind. Ivebeen trying and trying to find cases where others were or FELT they were coerced/foced to abort a child in the military. Can you find anything like that for me in your resources, please. Mystic
  17. Whats the question. Ive fibromyalgia. I could write THE book on fibromyalgia.Same thing? Mystic
  18. 3 MONTHS! NO WAY! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hooooooooo! CONGRADU friggin lations! Woohoo! Mystic
  19. Celli, Im glad you saw my post. I was wonderin where you had gone. Sounds like a plan, eh! You NEED a vacation, and if its Florida, then its Florida, I dont like the sound of what Im hearing bout the va and just the basics. thats what I was doin. But that trauma group sounds fan friggin tastik! woo hoo, yes go ! That great. ya need people that can relate. I wish we would march on washington, yeah buddy that would be t*ts! Im feeling kinda goofy this am,and hope all is well with you. Ill try an pm you with my email, tho its just my name at hotmail.com. you can figure it out probably. HUGS!! Mys
  20. Thanks brother vet! Back atcha and you KNOW I mean it! Hugs, Hang tough! Remember These colors dont run!WE MAKE THESE COLORS, with our collective might! Not those cowards behind closed doors ruining lives one by one, after our Brothers and Sisters have given theirs so freely. Given with BRAVERY, such that those others will never know! Mystic
  21. Look at ALL the money they have saved by not treating my life times worth of ptsd! Talk about cost saving! Mystic
  22. Vunderbar! Congradulations! SSD took me 4 years and no retro! Excellent! Sincerely, Mystic
  23. YOUVE just done a great service to your fellow Vets and THIS forum. THAT one post will make this particular forum invaluble if I am right, and imho. Thank You! Mystic
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