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  1. Thank you, RIP Carlie.

  2. Tim


    After reviewing your profile, I was wondering if you could offer me advice regarding my current appeal?


    Questions regarding current appeal.docx

  3. I'm just in hopes everything goes as stated and I don't wind up getting some crazy paperwork stating . . . A C&P was scheduled, you did not attend, benefits are reduced. I wish I could laugh at that - but I know better.
  4. UPDATE, I'm still in shock and can now personally verify that an email to Allison Hickey helped me with a problem, in a timely and efficient manner. I believe broncovet may have hit the nail on it's head in his post, because the VARO staff that called me this morning stated that the C&P exams were requested, due to a VAMC hospital admission I had in April 2014, to see if any increase in my current evaluation, would be warranted. Below is exactly what went down. (BTW - the 1st of the two phone calls came in to me at 7:45 am.) "Allison and XXXXXX, Wow - I am stunned and
  5. Thanks again to all for the encouragement. Berta - seems like it never ends. Being that I have absolutely no claim issues in process or under appeal, there would be NO justifiable reason for anyone at the VARO even taking a look-see at any of my medical records. I mean, I do think they are supposedly so busy handling the backlog and current claims - to be just poking around reading random medical records without any reason to trigger such an exam. Even at that I'm pretty darned sure that all of my medical evidence of record only continues to support the evaluations I have.
  6. Oh what a crummy night I had - up and down about every 45 minutes. I hope this stress doesn't put me in the dang hospital.
  7. Thanks for the reply's. There is NO reason nor regulatory justification for any additional C & P exam, for me. There is nothing that would warrant an increase in compensation, a higher level of SMC or any additional benefit. All of my SC'd conditions are of record as being static in nature and I am over 55 years old. I'm thinking this is just a waste of resources that another veteran could benefit from. I will update as I get information.
  8. Well - I think I might be going into SHOCK ! I have already received two emails in reply. 1) from Alison stating she is going to ask the St Pete VARO director, why they are asking for another appointment and 2) from the director of the St Pete VARO stating her name, her position at the VARO and, " will look into the issues you raise and have someone from my staff contact you to explain." So . . . for now I will look forward to being contacted. Hopefully, this exam for me is not really needed and another veteran will get the opportunity to have their C&P exam schedule
  9. Well, I just sent out this email and sure hope I get a helpful reply. If I do not have a reply by Friday morning I am going to my VA Regional Office in person and try to get to the bottom of this. carlie Under Secretary Veterans Benefits Administration U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs March 31,2015 Your Honorable Allison A. Hickey, My name is Carlie. I am an honorably discharged US Army veteran. I am in receipt of service connected disability at the 100 percent rate along with SMC/S, adjudicated to be permanent and total by both the Social Security Administratio
  10. Z, Please pick a forum that your question fall under, probably the Claims Benefits Research forum, start a new topic with a title and post your info and questions there. Thanks
  11. Chuck - most likely very true - but this is a way the vet can try to grease the wheel a bit, at least a tool worth giving a try in a situation if they are having difficulty obtaining medical care in a timely manner. jmho
  12. Berta, I got a laugh out of this one.These days it's hard to believe that IRIS, used to be helpful :-)
  13. US, The C&P from a contracted provider, is not really a part of your records until after a decision has been rendered. You might find it quite difficult to get a copy before that.
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