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  1. update from the BVA, here is my time line claim filed in 11/10, appealed cert. at BVA 12/13, in Washington hearing 08/17/16 Appeal closed yesterday 10/13/17, hope the date is not an indication of thing to come. should get my letter next week. I Wish all of you waiting Good Luck
  2. I had my BVA Hearing yesterday, was wondering if anyone out there had had him for a Judge. I think the hearing went very smooth, got my finger crossed for positive outcome. Judge Howard Schwartz, very pleasent hearing
  3. I will try and make this short, and sweet so we can all understand, claim filed in 11/ 10 won all except for HBP was rated at 0%. Had IMO from Dr. Bash that discribed a 30% rating because of enlarged Heart. IMO got all claimed as secondary to Heart Deas. Here is the issue, DRO said no evedence meeting requirement for HBP at 10 % and the enlarged Heart was covered under the Heart Deas. rating. DRO stated that no VA Doc. showing 160 or higher sense 2009, this was correct, how ever my Cardio Rehab Docs. and Private Cardio Doc Clearly show a Diasolic 103 and 101 on Cardio Rehab intake Forms , and Medical Doc Showing Addition Medication that day for HBP and have been taking ever sense. If the case had been won for HBP, I would have been 100% 3 yrs and 1 month earlier. Claim filed in 2013 made me 100% P&T So if I win, net gain 40 K, plus wife was in school at that time and maybe elegable for backpay on chapter 35, if they make P&T from the 11/10 file date, for another 26K, worth the risk! plus 3 more years added to the time line of 100% for DIC, when that time comes. After 25 yrs in the fighting the VA, any planned reduction would result in an instant proliferation of paperwork and big firework. Plus another call to Dr. Bash and a good lawyer. This fight Dyies when I Dye, however If I win I will not file anymore claims till and if I servive my next heart attach or a new life threating event can be tide too my service connected Dis. Thanks to All for your help over the years
  4. No I do not have a lawyer, it is an in person hearing in Washington DC , my VSO is American Legion, put I do my own Work as far as filing, and preparing Doc. to present. So far I have done very well on my own, but I was a State Gov. manager so I am use to speaking in Gov. terms. And my advice here comes from a gent who used to work at the Board in Washington DC. And of cousre our own wizard Berta Really it should be a simple hearing but you cannot be to careful. Thank to Hadit for all the help and guidance over the years
  5. Thanks for resonding Berta, we can always count on You. It fairly simple I Hope, the appeal is for High Blood Presure, currently rate at zero but should be 10% with the same effective day of 10/2010. During the DRO appeal he state the evidence from my VA med. Record show evidence of HBP but did not us my Rehab or Cardio DR. file. there he would have found Diastolic BP of 100 or more, which caused promt medication. I currently take 2 Medication that control HBP and heart Rate. thanks for the advice
  6. I have a Board Hearing scheduled for Aug. 17, in Washington DC, can anyone give advice on how to prepare? Last Battle Plan !
  7. Berta FYI both the Phone and email no longer are working, thanks for tring though
  8. Can anyone tell me how to find out what the status of my appeal, it is for a Vidio Conf. in Winston-Salem, appeal Cert. 10/13, received by BVA in 12/15, but no word of any type. A freind who has VA access said, something should have happenned by now??? any recommendations thanks
  9. Congrads  on your BVA claim Win, what was the start date of then claim, just tring to figure when mine comes up

  10. Can anyone tell me the most recent vidio appeal date worked in Winston salem, or maybe where I can find such a date? Thanks
  11. harrysday, first good luck i am connected for the heart, first gulf war for environmental exposure, plus you could try secondary to ptsd, as stress can cause IHD. but it will need a IMO or a good QTC review.
  12. Hello Ck, Hope you had a good holiday, I think I would give them a while long, before emailing them again, even if someone was assigned your case the same day you wrote, it may take a couple of weeks, give her 2 or 3. When I got her assistance, I did not even get an email from the rater, just noticed changes in ebenefits, then got an email and the letter. good luck, hope 15 bring a solution wade
  13. CK, Mojo, Buck52 I sent Ms Hickeyan email sometimes back last year, She responded within 24 hours and my issues were resolved within 2 weeks, Excellent service from her and her staff. However I sent them all the information that they needed to act, and was very detailed, so there was not any guessing on there part. But it was excellent service wade
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