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  1. My husband received his retro the day he received his envelope. That process was about a week after the change on ebennies. There was no delay because he was not receiving retirement pay.
  2. Thanks everyone so much :) I hope everyone has great news as well.
  3. Thank you. He has had SSDI since 2012. We applied for unemployability in 2011. Right now i hope that he gets better and eventually he can go back to work but only time will tell. When he started having trouble, i did the only thing i could do; research it and be there for him.Thank you all for being there for me, it has been so many years of uncertainty and fear ( there still is ) but now there will be a little extra for him .. and even though the money does not make his issues go away...We will be able to get him the things he needs and he does not have another thing to worry about.... Than
  4. Thank everyone for their replies. I am going to look at our banking account in the next couple of weeks to look for his back pay. I am not worried about over spending because i know how it is not to have money for the basic necessities so most of what he gets will be put in savings. We are both amazed, relieved more than happy.. it has not been long as some but a fight since 2010 ( denied) and re-applied and denied in 2011.... appealed in 2012 and approved in 2015.. Thanks again ,, so much. In 2008 when he first got out of the military, i was completely lost... i did not know anything... I spe
  5. Thank you all for your responses. I hope so. How long does it usually take for them to send him his letter and what he has been approved for back pay? It does not say that they have completed the appeal process as of yet either.
  6. Hello all, I looked on my husbands ebennies and they have him at 90%( from the 80% he used to have) now and his AB8 says that they are paying him at the 100% level.. I am hoping that it means that they approved him for unemployability. Does that sound about right or is it just my wishful thinking again?
  7. Update: The person that i talked to was completely wrong. The two claims that she mentioned were not the ones that he received in the mail.Also, there was no partial award; they both were denials. I guess instead of calling the VA, i have to wait and see the letter. I am so disappointed and i wasted a great weekend worrying about what may be. Thanks everyone for responding to my worries.
  8. Thank you all for your replies. I will get a VSO, but it will have to be for the claims my husband has left. By the time i get to the regional office, the letter will probably be here. i am not having a hard time occupying my time since school is back in. I guess i will have to wait and see after they decide to send it to him. I hope they granted both of them :) and he got the SOC because the htn is at a 0 percentage... but one can always hope.... Also, i have been reading some of the other posts and many individuals have come across similar issues that my husband is facing at this time.
  9. Thanks. I hope so as well. Thank you for your service as well; all of your services,
  10. Thank everyone for the replies. I have not received anything as of yet. My husband does not have a VSO, I have been doing everything for him so far. The person stated that on February 11, 2012, your husband received a partial grant , then she said,, what, that was yesterday and started to tell me that the Va will send out the SOC on the appeal on the 17th of February.. She also said two were decided: unemployability and hypertension. The other two that were in appeals, are still under review. I filed his NOD November 2012 ( original claim was Aug 2011) . I was doing some research and can a un
  11. Hello everyone, I have a question about my husband’s appeal. This week, he received a statement of the case (SOC) and when I called the VA, the person let it slip that he received a partial award. She also stated that they are planning on sending my husband the information on the 17th of this month. He had two claims they decided; unemployability and hypertension. I looked on ebenefits and I did not see any change. Is there a way that I can find out what they decided before the 19th or 20th? Thanks
  12. Thank you both for your responses. I called the 1800 number and according to them he does not have an open claim at this time. She said that they may have accidentally put it up when they wanted to assess his compensation. She also mentioned that his appeal with a DRO is still in the beginning stage after over 2 years.. I think that i gave myself false hope thinking that his C&P exam was them actually looking into is appeal and not seeing if he was better ( they could have read his medical records for that). Thank you both for your service and enjoy your holiday.
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