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  1. Pending Decision Approval what does that really mean? and gave it a closing date of 1/11/2019 that little question mark tab does not really tell you anything, and why does it have to take almost a year just to have it sit in that "Pending Decision Approval" mode in ebenefits? 

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    2. Buck52



      Please ask all your question in one post and not make mulit-postings

      under the CLAIMS RESEARCH FORM

      All these questions your asking only gets confusing to members &the post will not be read as they may get lost in all these different questions your asking so its better to just stay in one post and ask your questions 

      Thank you and Welcome to Hadit

    3. Rhodesia


      Ok I will do that sorry about that.

    4. Rhodesia


      just looked at e benefits this morning now my claim status went from "Pending Decision Approval" 9/16/18 to 1/17/19 to "Preparation For Decision" 12/12/18 to 12/1/19 my original claim started in 7/15/2016 is the VA that far behind in processing claims? 

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