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  1. Ok I received my denial letter for my claim, which also was added why they took the 20% away from my disability rating for scars. The reason why is the VA has changed their requirements in service connected for scars, they are now rated 0% so the 12 inch long scar running down my leg for my last knee replacement no longer qualify s for a percentage rating but only 0%. so my disability rating page for scars for service connected went from 20% to 0%.

    The only way to get a rating on the scar if it causes Constance pain and it can't heal or there is too much nerve damage around the area but then again you have to prove that, but as of right now the VA took the 20% and awarded me 0% for my scars which were service connected. Plus the letter goes on to tell me I can appeal it and all that sort of crap. the Scar that was created while having my total knee replacement is now added into the 30% in a way you can see why the VA took my 20% rating away. Talk about streamlining the VA system for service connected injury's. The VSO she still wants me to re-submit a new claim for scars for my second total knee replacement now I have to make that decisions weather or not it will only waste my time filing the claim since my second knee scar is 1/2 inch wide and is 15 inches long and it took 67 staples to close it up this time around, I have great pictures looks like Frankenstein worked on me, LOL

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