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  1. Thanks broncovet, I met with Mayo today and they seem pretty squared away, I do have pretty good private insurance, I filed a claim with VA last week, my VA Urologist seems to be on board with the Referral.....I always feel better when I get a take from you guys/gals
  2. I am a 100% P&T USMC Vietnam Vet, just diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer....can I get a Referral thru Veteran's Choice for treatment at Mayo Clinic?....anyone out there used Mayo for Cancer Treatments? Thoughts or advice??Thanks in advance for any advice, comments, etc....peakgolf
  3. Thanks for the many wise words of wisdom....one more question: your thoughts on best way to file my claim for Agent Orange/Prostrate Cancer...should I file the claim thru e-benifits or use a VSO? When I talked to a State of Arizona VSO advisor he told me he can file my claim electronically which is much quicker vs using e-benifits..... the way I understand it when I file a claim thru e-benifits I fill out the claim on e-benifits website and I then have to snail-mail the paperwork to e-benifits.....I have been led to believe that filing thru e-benifits is the quickest way to process my claim! Your thoughts on this??? peakgolf
  4. Thank you guys for the prompt replys!! I am just trying to get some advice on the best way to approach this....Semper fi, peakgolf
  5. I am a USMC Vietnam Veteran rated 100% P&T PTSD, 10% Hearing Loss, 10%Tinnitus.....I had my yearly VA Physical in March of 2018 and found my PSA had risen from 4.1 in 2017 to 6.8, my primary care Dr at the VA said she was concerned and would get a Referral for me to see a VA Urologist.... 2 months went by and no Referral. I contacted my Private Family Dr and he referred me to a Private Urologist who did a biopsy and and was diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer. Incidentally 4 days after this diagnoses came back I received my long awaited Appointment with the VA Urologist finally came through and I see him next week. My questions are: 1. Should I file a Agent Orange/Prostrate Cancer Claim with the VA and risk having my 100% P&T being reduced after my Prostrate Cancer is in remission or should I go ahead and continue with the Treatment Plan my Private Urologist recommends and keep the VA out of the equation (I have fairly good Private Insurance). 2. Should I keep my appointment with my VA Urologist and try and get him to Refer me to the Private Dr. who is going to be administering the Radiation Treatment for my Prostrate Cancer so the VA picks up Treatment Cost..... Thanks in advance for any advice on this matter, Peakgolf
  6. I am 30% SC for PTSD and have filed a NOD to hopefully increase the %. In addition to the PTSD I grind my teeth (Bruxism) really bad and have done so since I returned from RVN back in 1968. My family dentist fixed me up with a night guard about 4 years ago which seems to have stabilized my condition but unfortunatly the damage is already done, teeth worn down almost to gums. At the time I filed my PTSD claim thru the DAV I wasn't aware that Bruxism could have been brought on by my PTSD and my family dentist is willing to write a letter for me stating that in his opinion it was more likely than not that the PTSD contributed to my Bruxism. At the time I filed my original PTSD claim I was unaware that my Bruxism could have been brought on by my PTSD so I didn't include it in my PTSD claim. Last week I went back to the DAV and had them file a claim for Bruxism, secondary to PTSD......Anyone out there willing to comment on what I am up against? What I am trying to get is dental coverage for this condition thru the VA.... Semper fi, Jim Parker USMC RVN 1966-1967
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