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  1. Pete53

    My request for SMC(S) went into development as a new claim

    I have been told that it should of not went into development, because it was oversight by VA, not awarding on the elgibility date of 1 April 2010.

    Pete, what do I need to get this infront of the correct approving authority

    Thank you for your support

  2. Thank you for all the comments, I was told that the bilateral for my ankles would be combined in the rating forSMC (s) So, if that not true, maybe that the reason they didn't award it 95% of all posts say that I'm elgible, hope there right I'm told its in the Development stage, that doesn't make sense, what do they have to develop, all the rating are in my system it seems to me, they should says opps, we missed this, lets award this and retro back to the effective date what are they developing????
  3. I have read literture and post all weekend. Let me state my facts, and give me your best advice 8 Nov 2009, rated, effective 2 June 2009 100% PTSD permanent 17 Mar 2010 rated, effective 2 June 2009 20% Degenrative Joint disease of the right Ankle 20% Degenrative Joint disease of the Left Ankle Bilateral rating should be includend in overall for ankles 10% Right Knee degenerative joint desease 10% Tinnitus 0% Bilateral Hearing 0% Gastroesophageal 1 Apr 2010 rated, effective 2 June 2009 20% Right acromi
  4. Thank you Larry, that is funny but worth the laugh so the real answer is that my monthly checks will not be taxed, but will pay some at the end of the year This is what I understand
  5. I understood, that they took Taxes out of your SSDI What is the facts about this Thank you
  6. Thank you everybody. You all know I am new and just learning You mention DIC, this is paid to the wife and what is the Criteria for payment of this to your wife.
  7. Thanks Pete, As usual you gave me the needed information Darryle
  8. What is the dollar Benefit the wife gets after you pass away if your on SSDI Is it % or calulation by your Benefit and yours I have read the Web page, and can't fiqure what the answer is
  9. June 7th.

    Happy Birthday sgmdae...

  10. They sent the cases to a rater when they think, they are fully developed Some claims are return from the rater for further development Ie if your claiming sleep disorder, the rater see you went into evaluation for sleep disorder and the result are not there then back to development for more work. Then time frame depend on the case load at the region My decision came two month after C&P because they farm it out to another RO, because at my RO they where backlog 6 months or more
  11. Thanks for message, I clearly understand what your saying I just trying to know the law. I have no plans on violating the rules I am Thankful for the benefits they provide
  12. Does the laws prevent you from earning any income if your found Disable by SSD I heard so many answer to this Someone give me the best answer possible
  13. If it is large amount, it will take longer, more then one signature. I had luck with the toll free number, need to ask the right question and be patient with them. They gave me valuable information. Also use the IRIS system they will get back with you in five days. The information is good, but be prepare for part of it be a standard answer. ie, they will be taken care of in the order they are received. Tank The Long time Forum Veterans will disagree with the above information. That is the way they are. But very few of them had the speedy success I had using the tools above.
  14. If a decision is made what is the next step in the process?
  15. Thank you Pete for your comment: Fact: 1 Dr of Psy 1 Dr PsyD, 3 Social Workers All find me Impaired socially and occupationally Now the the SSD Doctor feels that I am organized, talk clearly and not so bad. My GAF is Better My feeling are that they kept sending me out until they got the report they wanted to determine my disability. Its not the fact that they might find me able to work, its the way the way they disreguard all the information from the past. I am much better now, but I am not working and have some care that is working for me Thank you Pete for your comment: Fact: 1
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