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  1. No you will not recieve no dependency money, your Daughter will recieve money directly into her account...from chapter 35...My son used his benefits for 5 1/2 years straight and got his Masters in Environmental Engineering...its just easier for your daughter to recieve benefits and to use all the alloted Months you are entitlled too...Hoped this helps...
  2. Hi Everyone, been a while since I been on, I want to Thank everyone for the knowledge and help with my VA Cases...I have learned how to speak VA nese since my early days here and have been helping Veterans since...Thank You Hadit for that...I hope to talk with you all again, as I have gained some insight into different areas...Be back later City Boy...

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  5. Thanks.. I will look up and read that article you mentioned. Also, I believe that it was rateable in 1985. Just recently I had another C+P exam for Chronic Prostatitis and for the newly found Bulbar Stricture at the Boston VAMC and this was a different doctor than last years C+P exam. This doctor in his exam noted the same as the other doctor that "Chronic Prostatitis and Bulbar Stricture did begin during Military Service". He was the Chief Urologist for this area. I will keep everybody informed. Thanks for everything.
  7. I just wanted to keep everybody updated. Well, the DAV got back in touch with me and told me that they tried to get the C-file from the VA, but was in the hands of the rater. So, the DAV is waiting till they are done rating my appeals and will look at the rating decision for possible CUE ( 1985 decision) when the VA is done. Looking at the end of August 2009. So, I started to look around for the Chronic prostatitis decision of April 2 2002 where they approved my condition for 10%. I found that in this decision that the VA did reopen the claim of unspecified genitourinary condition (As Chronic Prostratisis) which I was denied for reopening (the 1985 claim)on October 12 2000 (because of no new and material evidence). The VA reopened the claim as new and material evidence because I clearly pointed out in several areas, the Chronic Prostrate problems were diganosed in SMR, in service and at the separation examination. Which should of been clearly noticed in 1985. My question now is if the VA gave me the decision based on new and material evidence and payed me back to the date I tried to reopen the 1985 claim for unspecified genitourinary conditon, why did they not open the claim in 2000 for me? The condition was stated clearly in the SMR in 1985, 2000, 2002, and still to this day has not changed. So if they reopened a claim and payed me from April 2002 back to June 2000 does that take away my possible CUE in the 1985 decision? I hope I explained myself well. Not feeling to good today. Thanks. If you need anymore info, Please ask.
  8. Berta the condition that was claimed, I believe was an unspecified genitourniary condition, which the American Legion processed for me. I believe that the same testing is involved when looking for either condition, because they still do the same tests. I can't wait till I look at the 1985 decision when I go back to the DAV the end of next week, when the c-file will be back from the VAMC. I have another C+P exam for the bulbar urethral stricture that they just found {this coming Saturday} when they upgraded my Chronic Prostratitis to 20%. The VA Doctor said, that both the conditions are connected to the service, from the date that I started to complain about pain and symptoms. So, now there is two different conditions that are connected to the service. The problems I complained about are the same symptoms as 1985. Also I will mention the 1151 and see if there is any thing we can connect to this. Thanks. I'll keep everyone informed.
  9. I went to the DAV today monday the 3rd of August and they agree that I have a monster CUE against the VA possibly back to service, because I applied a year after I got out of service. The DAV is waiting on my C-file to get back from the VAMC next week due to C+P exams this week. So as of next week I will know why they actually denied me in 1985. Thank you everyone for the help.
  10. Thanks. I already have learned more from everybody here, then i've learned in the last 12 years on my own.
  11. Thank You. Im glad to be here.
  12. Thanks, Glad to be here. Makes things alot more easier and clearer when aremed with vast knowledge from everybody on this site.
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