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  1. My RAMP started 4/9/18! Am over 200 days now ! Its saying prepare for decision that's almost 8 months now so dont feel bad !
  2. Optomusprime

    RAMP processing times

    I filed my RAMP 4/9/18 ! I have two appeals in Ramp one for sleep apnea secondary to PTSD, the other appeal is for increase of service connected kidney injury rated at only 10% ! Ebenefit is saying New Service connected disability pending under both of the Appeals in the Ramp when I go to the section that list all my disabilities! When I go to the status of appeals section it says prep for decision! When I call peggy and ask them since ebenfits says New service connected disability for both appeals does that mean I won ! They say we cant tell you ! Wait for your decision letter lol ! Before all this happened ebenfits said error rating correction and it was at that phase for a month and half ! So am hoping I one since it has changed to new service connection pending for both appeals ? In the same boat !
  3. My RAMP claim on ebenfits has now changed for both appeals, its saying New Service connection! On each appeal now ! Its saying both appeals are service connected but it also says pending ! What does this mean now ? Since each appeal is now saying New Service connected ! And pending?
  4. You are correct it was a HLR person who called me in my RAMP claim ! I took the High level review route ! He also told me on 9/28/18 that he would make his decision the following week ! And he did ! Because on 10/2/18 my ebenfits status changed from review !to error rating ! Thats when I called peggy and was told that my RAMP claim was closed and than reopned on 9/28/18 the same say HLR called me ! And peggy told me HLR wrote favorable ! And that my appeals where being worked now for error corrections on both appeals ! As I stated before it's now saying review for decision! So am hoping this is good news ! It's only been 8 months and counting still!
  5. Actually the law judge who called me for my informal conference call on 9/28/18 was the one who caught the error on both appeal claims after I told him that my service connected kidney increase appeal claim was filed back in 2005! And that it had gotten worse also I told him that my other appeal claim the sleep apnea issue that I already had a CPAC issued to me by the VA back in 2015 after they gave me a sleep study diagnosis of chronic sleep apnea I had the VA sleep doctor put it in writing ! This was overlooked apparently when I first filed the sleep apnea claim the first time they denied it ! I was told that a error in rating order by the law judge means good news ? For my ramp ? Is this true ?
  6. My RAMP claim was filed 4/9/18! It updated on ebenfits to show a error rating ! On 10/2/18 after I had a informal phone conference on 9/28/18 with a VSO finally , I chose the high level review route , now its updated on 11/2/18 on ebenfits showing preparation for Decision! I was told by peggy when I called the VA number that I got a favorable decision but I dont know if that's true ! My POA says it's looking good because it showed error rating in the development stage does anyone know if a error rating is a good sign of winning a ramp claim? And what is a error rating ? I have to appeals one for a increase for a rated 10% kidney and abdominal muscle wall injury that is 13-1/2 years old ! The other is for sleep apnea secondary to my rated PTSD, I also have a approved financial Hardship on this RAMP claim ! Its 8 months old now ! Am hoping this will be done in a few more days since it's now finally in the preparation for decision phase ! I hope the error ratings mean I won ? Any input is greatly appreciated.
  7. Optomusprime

    Tdiu Claim At Rating Board

    WOW, good for you that makes me feel alot more positive now , now its all about waiting for that decision!
  8. Optomusprime

    Tdiu Claim At Rating Board

    Hello buddy I applied for IU back in March of 2010 and I am on disability retirement from the postal service due to my service connected disabilitiys, I am presently at 80% SC 70% ptsd 30% facial 10% kidney injury 10% tintitis again my overall combined and total rating is 80% percent! my IU was denied in July of 2010 because of a mistake made by the original rating officer , I filed a DRO claim for the IU in July 2010 due to the clerical mistake had a hearing with the DRO on the 6 Jan 2011 the mistake was corrected and the DRO seemed very postive about me getting my IU , plus I had a letter from my old employer stating that I was placed on Disability due to my service connected injurys so that I believe will help alot , and I am still waiting for my decision to , I am very postive this time around and hope that I get the 100% rating !
  9. I will be moving to Houston Texas folks and for any question on monolithic dome concrete homes GREEN you can got to there website at www.monolithic.com , I am looking forward to the warmer weather , cheaper land , cheaper cost of living , and better Disabled Veteran benefits than Nebraska!
  10. I am, love the heat it will be actually healthier for me , the land is cheaper in Texas I will be building a GREEN monolithic dome home www.monolithic.com and I can use my VA home loan and the Texas LVB program after I am in Texas for a year , will use one program to purchase my land the other to build my home... looking forward to it...
  11. Goodday Vets I am going to be moving to Texas because I have been informed that Texas has the best benefits for Disabled Vets and Vets! I was told I could use my VA loan and also use the VLB for a home loan or land loan also at the same time? Also the other State benefits seem to be better than any other State in the Country.
  12. Optomusprime

    C/p Exam For 100% Unemployability

    I only submitted a claim for unemployability , I didnt even know that I could submit a claim for temperary unemployability until now! if my claim for unemployability is denied can I still submit a claim for temporary unemployability while I ask for a BVA? if its denied?
  13. I am going to be having a CP exam early next month 2011 , and I am real nervous about it, I am SC 70% PTSD, 30% Facial , 10% Tinitis ,10% Kidney over all SC rating of 805 , I was released from a Govt job due to my SCD, I filed for UI due to my SCD making me unemployable. I was granted disability retirement from the GOVT agency last year due to my SCD getting worse , I am hoping for a 100% UI . Whats my chances?
  14. Optomusprime

    Ssc And Va Service Connected

    I would like to know can you receive Social Security Benefits and Service Disabled Vet compensation pay at the same time?
  15. Good day to all , I have a upcoming DRO , I have requested an increase fo a kidney injury at 10% , an increase for PTSD at 10% a rating for secondary Chronic Back condition not rated , and Neuropothy which was deffered, I am taking 7 meds for PTSD , Two meds and epiderial injections every three months for Chronic back pain and neuropothy,and the Service connected kidney injury , I am currently unemployed , I have a rating of 30% for a facial injury, my total rate is 50% , what should I bring to the DRO if anything ? I go to group PTSD therapy once a weak , my PTSD is real bad , my secondary chronic back problem is real bad , and so is the neuropothy its bad , I hope I finally get rated for my back , and the neurpothy , and I hope get a higher rating for the PTSD , and the kidey, any advice?

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