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  1. I am still waiting on a decision for my RAMP claim ! It will be 9 months old on 1/9/19 ! My RAMP opt date was 4/9/18 had a HLR phone hearing on 9/28/18 was told the HLR found many error ratings in my favor for both appeals in RAMP the sleep Apnea and old 15 year old appeal for increase of service connected kidney injury with abdominal muscle wall strain currently rated at only 10% since I filed for increase back in 7/23/2003 ! My Ramp went from preparation for decision! Backwards to review for decision on 12/14/2018! 3 new C&P exams were ordered for both appeals due to error correction ratings I was told for both appeals ! I completed all 3 C&P exams on 12/18/18 ! Hopefully I will have a decision very soon now ! It's been a long stressful RAMP ride so far ! Now going into 9 month range next week !
  2. I opted in to Ramp on 4/9/18! I was at the preparation for decision phase ! My RAMP went backwards on 12/14/18 ! To review information and prepare for decision! I was told that needed to do 3 new C&P exams for the error rating corrections on both my appeals in the RAMP ! One Appeal for increase is over 15 years old now filed 7/23/2003 ! It appears I was told they forgot to do new C&P exams my RAMP is now heading into the 9 month zone on 12/9/18 will be 270 days ! Hopefully I will have a positive decision before that date !
  3. My RAMP started 4/9/18! Am over 200 days now ! Its saying prepare for decision that's almost 8 months now so dont feel bad !
  4. I filed my RAMP 4/9/18 ! I have two appeals in Ramp one for sleep apnea secondary to PTSD, the other appeal is for increase of service connected kidney injury rated at only 10% ! Ebenefit is saying New Service connected disability pending under both of the Appeals in the Ramp when I go to the section that list all my disabilities! When I go to the status of appeals section it says prep for decision! When I call peggy and ask them since ebenfits says New service connected disability for both appeals does that mean I won ! They say we cant tell you ! Wait for your decision letter lol ! Before all this happened ebenfits said error rating correction and it was at that phase for a month and half ! So am hoping I one since it has changed to new service connection pending for both appeals ? In the same boat !
  5. My RAMP claim on ebenfits has now changed for both appeals, its saying New Service connection! On each appeal now ! Its saying both appeals are service connected but it also says pending ! What does this mean now ? Since each appeal is now saying New Service connected ! And pending?
  6. You are correct it was a HLR person who called me in my RAMP claim ! I took the High level review route ! He also told me on 9/28/18 that he would make his decision the following week ! And he did ! Because on 10/2/18 my ebenfits status changed from review !to error rating ! Thats when I called peggy and was told that my RAMP claim was closed and than reopned on 9/28/18 the same say HLR called me ! And peggy told me HLR wrote favorable ! And that my appeals where being worked now for error corrections on both appeals ! As I stated before it's now saying review for decision! So am hoping this is good news ! It's only been 8 months and counting still!
  7. Actually the law judge who called me for my informal conference call on 9/28/18 was the one who caught the error on both appeal claims after I told him that my service connected kidney increase appeal claim was filed back in 2005! And that it had gotten worse also I told him that my other appeal claim the sleep apnea issue that I already had a CPAC issued to me by the VA back in 2015 after they gave me a sleep study diagnosis of chronic sleep apnea I had the VA sleep doctor put it in writing ! This was overlooked apparently when I first filed the sleep apnea claim the first time they denied it ! I was told that a error in rating order by the law judge means good news ? For my ramp ? Is this true ?
  8. My RAMP claim was filed 4/9/18! It updated on ebenfits to show a error rating ! On 10/2/18 after I had a informal phone conference on 9/28/18 with a VSO finally , I chose the high level review route , now its updated on 11/2/18 on ebenfits showing preparation for Decision! I was told by peggy when I called the VA number that I got a favorable decision but I dont know if that's true ! My POA says it's looking good because it showed error rating in the development stage does anyone know if a error rating is a good sign of winning a ramp claim? And what is a error rating ? I have to appeals one for a increase for a rated 10% kidney and abdominal muscle wall injury that is 13-1/2 years old ! The other is for sleep apnea secondary to my rated PTSD, I also have a approved financial Hardship on this RAMP claim ! Its 8 months old now ! Am hoping this will be done in a few more days since it's now finally in the preparation for decision phase ! I hope the error ratings mean I won ? Any input is greatly appreciated.
  9. Optomusprime

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Tdiu Claim At Rating Board

    WOW, good for you that makes me feel alot more positive now , now its all about waiting for that decision!
  10. Optomusprime

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Tdiu Claim At Rating Board

    Hello buddy I applied for IU back in March of 2010 and I am on disability retirement from the postal service due to my service connected disabilitiys, I am presently at 80% SC 70% ptsd 30% facial 10% kidney injury 10% tintitis again my overall combined and total rating is 80% percent! my IU was denied in July of 2010 because of a mistake made by the original rating officer , I filed a DRO claim for the IU in July 2010 due to the clerical mistake had a hearing with the DRO on the 6 Jan 2011 the mistake was corrected and the DRO seemed very postive about me getting my IU , plus I had a letter from my old employer stating that I was placed on Disability due to my service connected injurys so that I believe will help alot , and I am still waiting for my decision to , I am very postive this time around and hope that I get the 100% rating !
  11. I will be moving to Houston Texas folks and for any question on monolithic dome concrete homes GREEN you can got to there website at www.monolithic.com , I am looking forward to the warmer weather , cheaper land , cheaper cost of living , and better Disabled Veteran benefits than Nebraska!
  12. I am, love the heat it will be actually healthier for me , the land is cheaper in Texas I will be building a GREEN monolithic dome home www.monolithic.com and I can use my VA home loan and the Texas LVB program after I am in Texas for a year , will use one program to purchase my land the other to build my home... looking forward to it...
  13. Goodday Vets I am going to be moving to Texas because I have been informed that Texas has the best benefits for Disabled Vets and Vets! I was told I could use my VA loan and also use the VLB for a home loan or land loan also at the same time? Also the other State benefits seem to be better than any other State in the Country.
  14. Optomusprime

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] C/p Exam For 100% Unemployability

    I only submitted a claim for unemployability , I didnt even know that I could submit a claim for temperary unemployability until now! if my claim for unemployability is denied can I still submit a claim for temporary unemployability while I ask for a BVA? if its denied?
  15. Optomusprime

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    I am going to be having a CP exam early next month 2011 , and I am real nervous about it, I am SC 70% PTSD, 30% Facial , 10% Tinitis ,10% Kidney over all SC rating of 805 , I was released from a Govt job due to my SCD, I filed for UI due to my SCD making me unemployable. I was granted disability retirement from the GOVT agency last year due to my SCD getting worse , I am hoping for a 100% UI . Whats my chances?
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