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  1. Just so I understand. Can I file a cue on the ssoc I received.
  2. Thx berta and asknod. The va just don't want to pay it out. They still incorrectly applied criteria for t rate. I've read regs over and over. The rep in st. Paul is a hunk of cheese and arrogant. Go figure. I'll flank em.
  3. Berta do I a strong cue then
  4. All they doing is trying to shuck and jive me. I called them out by emailing allison hickey. Public law does not state 100% for tbi to get t rate. My quiver is full and bow in hand.
  5. If not mistaken I have them on a cue.
  6. I've attached my new PTSD & TBI rating for SMC. Thanks for taking a look.
  7. Va recently awarded me smc at L rate for ptsd, tbi and residuals. They put me at 100 %ptsd, still at 10%tbi, 30%migraines,30%scalp fragment wound, 10%painful scar. They stated I needed to be 100% for tbi which is not true. All my shit is tbi and ptsd. Anyway any advice. I mite have to put them on blast.
  8. Can the va access any info on classified ops. I was involved in black ops for 10 days which is an important part of my claim tho I can't discuss it.
  9. Is the va able to access operations that were classified and never happened. I have a claim in and not sure if it will help to tell them I was involved in black ops. No records.
  10. Great news tcannon. Thx for your service. God kept u in the fight.
  11. Outstanding.
  12. Outstanding nod. I'm gonna get dirty with the va.
  13. Just talked an ro out of st. Paul. They are still denying aid and attendance for tbi n residuals. He said under 38cfr3.352 (a) I have to have 100% scheduler I read cfr and not true. I've been 100% permanent and total since 2008. Tdiu rating. My current overall rating is 90%.
  14. Lorazepam helps me
  15. Anyone receiving smc for tbi n residuals.