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  1. 63charlie, I had the same exact thing happen to me on the same 9lb hammer. My BP went to 220/160 and I went to ER. I ended up researching it and found out that Trulieve had used a Sativa plant to make the 9lb hammer which is supposed to be Indica strain. I now refuse to use any concentrates, I only buy the vape cups which contain the actual plant. I was wondering when this happened to you, maybe it was the same batch. They are going to end up with someone having a heart attack and dying if they don't manage their product better. I believe the dispensaries in Florida are only interested in selling recreational mmj. The Indica weed is supposed to be the best for pain, anxiety and medical problems. The Sativa seems better fit for party mode. Yet, they don't produce the Indica strains. For example, Trulieve has 9 Sativa strains and only 1 Indica strain in the vape cups and it is more expensive. Time for me to start growing my own. Thank you for your service, hope you can find some relief.
  2. You do not need to send it in anymore. Apparently they will send one if you are identified via SSA match as having earned income. Thank you for your service!!
  3. Rocky01, you need to write up a letter explaining the income is from LTD and that you are not working and take it to a VSO ASAP. If you only filled out the 4140 with no explanation of the income, they will reduce your IU. Thank you for your service!!
  4. Did your brother attach an explanation of what the earned income was from? It was probably marked as 3rd party sick pay on his W2. He should go to see his VSO and ask for a reconsideration. Apparently they were not doing the income match for quite a few years and finally started doing them again. I believe he probably received a letter requesting an explanation and if he only filled out the 4140 form, then they had no explanation and implemented the reduction. Good Luck and Thank you and your brother for your service!!
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