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  1. Complete!!! Ebenfits shows Complete! But i guess ebenefits won't show anything until after a week or two until they figure I get the Big Brown Envelope. Still shows that I am at 90% and nothing else has changed..... PeaceI need peace, I gotta relax n find a way to get this off my mind....
  2. ok and now it's 8:46pm and the same day earlier today it was "Pending Decision Approval" and NOW it has "Preparation for Notification"..... ok does it happen that way, is Ebenefits messing with me? I am happy to see it moving along but it is increasing my anxiety wow, I usually don't take my anxiety meds daily but the last few days yes, even with doing deep breathing, meditiation, gym/physical therapy etc..... I know one thing for sure, other than immediate family(sister, mom, dad) and super close friends(like 2), I won't tell anyone, I have found out that not everyone will be happy for you if you succeed. Jealousy, your not entitled, glass half empty people etc... will judge you on this. Everyone on here, take note of what I am saying because and keep things like this close to the hip, some people will talk behind your back and it's sad but they will so be careful.
  3. I guess it's moving along, right now it changed to "Pending Decision Approval"...... I want to also post a positive, not sure if I ever mentioned it but I was also just approved to the "World Trade Center 9/11 Health Program" as a "first responder" so I can get help for my lungs and stuff through them thou I was there in the Navy so I can health help from the VA too but I think I might get faster n better care using 9/11 program. EODCMC I hope your status changes soon.
  4. Checked Ebenefits, it's changed to Preparation for decision. God I hope this means they are ready to make a decision, a positive decision. Edit prayers please, my anxiety has been in the sky due to this and other "life" things.
  5. Thank you! I have and will def continue to go to VA for medical, PTSD etc... It's been my life now for 3 years and I won't quit, I can't quit my 12 year old daughter depends on me to be healthy and try and live as decent as we can on my disability financially and live better with my disabilities. DAV is my SO BUT I am very hands on and make sure they are doing the right thing but also research and see if they are doing it right too. WE are our BEST Advocate, I learned that the hard way!
  6. UPDATE.... no decision yet BUT got a huge POSITIVE that my local Congressman is now helping me with my claim. I pray this works as he did help me one time before. I called the VA they said claim will be expedited as soon as possible. He helped me before and VA pushed my claim thru in less than a month, pray this does work. I'll let you all know asap.
  7. Aquabear


    Berta, Reading your repsonse in full brought tears to my eyes an my soul. Thank you for what you. Thank you for fighting the good LONG fight. You have given me the strength to go forward and keep fighting until the end and give my 100% in my claim battle with the VA. Thank you for a very emotional Veteran who gained even more respect for you and all on here
  8. Aquabear


    It's for First responders(FDNY, NYPD, PAPD and others) or anyone who worked down on the pit on 9/11. Were you there? I was reactivated in the Navy and sent in abut 1pm on 9/11 and sent there for the first 2 weeks, no mask no nothing. For what I was told, they don't help much with PTSD, I mean they can probably get you help BUT you have to provide proof that you were there, in my case I had multiple sets of orders with my name. rank, rate etc... specifically ordering me there. They are going to do a full medical workup on me and my ailments and also offer financial compensations for what we were exposed to.
  9. Aquabear


    I'm exhausted. I also just put in my application for the World Trade Center health Program as I was reactivated n did rescue and recovery on the pit for the first few days about 10-14 days. Finally, overdue. I tried to hide my PTSD from the military, until I couldn't anymore- 3 years treatment for PTSD at VA and rated for PTSD service connected. I'm taking care of my life in every aspect and also make sure my 11 year old daughter also is covered and has help financially and other ways for when I join my brothers n sisters in heaven- but now yet not for a while. Goodnight all.
  10. Aquabear


    Attached is the timeline i uploaded to ebenefits for my claim for increase to 100% and backdate to 2009 using the original Social Security Decision. Also I uploaded MRI showing spinal damage 2002, 2009 and bilateral Hip MRI 2009 showin damage. The VA already has my SSD determination apprival case papers- sent over via DAV 3 weeks ago and it's in the computer system there. Let me know what you all think. Thank you in advance. Copied and pasted the timeline below in case you can't download it, removed personal info From: AV Claim # US Navy To: Department of Veterans Affairs Statement in support of claim for disability TDIU and Permanent and Total Disability from Present back to 2009 Timeline 2008-2009 I was approved for VA Vocational Rehab and attended NYIT- New York Institute of Technology in Brookville NY from about 2008 thru 2009. Despite having a 4.0 average, had to withdraw due to a physical and mental breakdown as I was unable to keep pace literally broke down emotionally and physically. August 2010 I was approved for Social Security Disability August 2010. September 2010- August 2011 After a year of a break and therapy I was approved again for VA Vocational Rehab and attended Dowling College in Oakdale NY from about September 2010 thru August 2011. Despite having a 4.0 average again and inducted into the National Honor Society for exemplary work, I had to again withdraw due to a physical and mental breakdown as I was unable to keep pace literally brokedown emotionally and physically. Social Security Disability Approval reasons I was approved for Social Security Disablility for pain n conditions which I have been dealing with since 1995 and every year have gotten worse. MRI dated Oct, 14 2002 shows damage to my spine. Degenerative Disc Disease L5-S1 and Herniated disc L5-S1 cont’d…. MRI dated September, 8 2009 shows damage to my spine. Herniated disc L5-S1. Bulging disc L2-L3. Degenerative Disc Disease at L2-L3 and L5-S1. Spinal Canal Stenosis from L3- L5. Anterior disc protrusion into the prevertebral soft tissues at L3-L4, Mild Lumbar spine Scoliosis. Small L3 Hemangioma MRI dated September 9, 2009 Chronic Bilateral hip pain. Degenerative changes of both hips right greater than left. Social Security Decision by SSD Judge I want to state the I was approved (fully favorable) for Social Security Disability from a Judge on August 19,2010 and he amended the date back to November 2009. He said the damage and pain I get from my spine which gave me sever side effects of radiculopathy in both legs, back, feet, knees, hips, legs specifically: degenerative and herniated lumbar discs. Can only sit for two hours in an eight hour day Restriction in activities of daily living Difficulties in maintaining social functioning Difficulties in maintaining concentration, persistence or pace Worsening back pain where difficult to groom n dress myself, do laundry, cook, clean and that medications help BUT then limit my ability to focus. Xrays/MRI’s showed degenerative changes at L1-L2 and L5-S1; L2-L3 has an annular tear indenting the thecal sac and herniation L5-S1 with an Annular Tear, facet hypertrophy and mild Stenosis. Clinical exams noted loss of motion, tenderness, spasms and despite several medications, facet blocks, chiropractic therapy and physical therapy to no relief. Doctors opinion that claimant could sit, stand, walk two hours in an eight hour day. Claimant is unable to perform any past relevant work in computers or sales cause it exceeded the residual functional capacity. There are no jobs that exist in the National economy that the claimant can perform. The above evidence of Social Security Decision by Judge and the MRI’s and the Vocational Rehabilitation shows 100% proof that I have been Permanent and totally disabled since 2009 and even MRI from 2002. Please approve my request for 100% disability and back date it to when I was originally approved on August 2010 to receive Social Security disability starting in 2009. Thank you, Sincerely, AV
  11. Hi. Should I (does anyone??) write a timeline about my claim? Like a one page timeline or outline or my history. Example: I just sent in my Social Security Disablilty paperwork for my claim because my SSD was approved due to my damage to my lower spine(posted a few days ago) the judge approved it. I was in Voc rehab 9/2008-4/2009 withdrew from college due to physical/mental meltdown then again went back 9/2010-5-2011 and again had to withdraw because I physically and mentally crashed( I was approved to the National Honor Society). I was approved for SSD 11/23/2009 and I figured if I wrote it out on a timeline it would help the to show the VA exactly the time line since I'm thinking they are not good at that. Advice please and thank you in advance. ((A quick FYI during this time I have been consistently getting spinal injections, spine fusion surgery, quad tear surgery, take pain meds(which make it hard to impossible to think theoretically) and doing physical therapy and PTSD group n one on one at VA PTSD clinic for 3 years now which helps with my daily anxiety.)) Thanks again.
  12. Aquabear

    Hardship Case

    I have no knowledge to offer but I do offer hope. Last year I was homeless, severe PTSD, severe physical injuries (recently divorced, joint custody of my daughter but nothing financially) and broke and no job. With the help of SUS (and my congressman), my disability claim approved in 2 weeks, went from 20% to 90% and I was able to get a one bedroom apartment. I have been stable, food, tv n all for my daughter and I. I have claim in for TDIU and, Sleep APNEA, inc for PTSD, etc.... (TDIU which DAV said should've been given last time) but I know it will all be approved now I just have to wait. Hope. It's good to hear your story of hope too. It does exist. Hold on to it. Hope.
  13. Thank you. I am still getting treatment esp for my PTSD at the Clinic. I'm better than before but have a long road ahead to heal and I'm ready to face it all. I have applied for TDIU and my VSO said I should have been looked at or granted TDIU from my claim back in Nov 2016. Hopefully either the TDIU comes thru, or one or more of my disabilities increase to be 100% or more or the VA looks and adds the SSD paperwork to my file and I get it that way and if I can get retro active pay that would be great too. I just pray that something goes thru sometime soon but it's the VA so patience is needed. Thank you all.
  14. thank you for your advice, I truly appreciate it. Tomorrow morning I am meeting with my DAV rep and go over claim and giving this to them. Holding positive.

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