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  1. Is anyone using VLER?. What are the advantages or disadvantages to using this system?
  2. Notorious Kelly, I took your advice and emailed Secetary McDonald Sunday night. It worked, I received a call from the local VA clinic Tuesday asking to schedule me for a appointment this week. The representative apologized for the delay in scheduling my appointment and told me that the roll out of the Choice program is not going well.
  3. I moved from Illinois to Florida in Septermber 2014. On October 7, 2014 I registered with the Florida VA Clinic closest to me to establish a primary care provider. I was finally called by the clinic on Novermber 18, 2014 informing me that I have been scheduled for my initial primary care appointment on January 8, 2015. In the mean time I have had to see mulitiple doctors using my civilian medical insurance that have resulted in a lot of out of pocket fees. Yesterday I received my Choice card. I called the number on the card and was told by the Choice represetive that I qualified for rei
  4. Does receiving SSDI exclude a S/C veteran from participating in Voc. Rehab.?
  5. Can a SC disabled veteran who has recently retired from the Federal Government (FERS) become approved for Voc Rehab! Or does being retired disqualify the veteran?
  6. MPsgt is correct on the compensation. JT24usn is also correct concerning the challenge obtains a C&P exam while incarcerated.
  7. meghp0405, If you can get a buddy letter stating that your buddy observed you displaying OSA symptoms while on AD that may help your claim for OSA secondary to PTSD.
  8. I was diagnosed with OSA over a year after my discharge, but was able to get OSA S/C secondary to PTSD.
  9. See if you can get a buddy letter documenting that you had OSA symptoms while on AD.
  10. Stick with it. The more you use your mask, the more comfortable it will become.
  11. I was able to receive SC for OSA secondary to PTSD with a strong buddy letter describing my OSA symptoms in service. Note that I was diagnosed with OSA 2 years post service via a sleep study, and had my doctor write a letter stating the my OSA likely started while I was onAD.
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