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  1. Berta, Ruby, Thank you for your responses!! I do have my SMRs and all my civilian records from retirement to present. I believe that I can present my case to the BVA. One of my issues is that the RO used documents from a previous appeal and did not use the documents provided for this claim, I am betting on at least getting remanded. If you have the time, look at the attachment "VA rating decision", all the evidence provided reverences "Lumbar, Knees, Sleep Apnea...." nothing on Radiculopathy and Cervical issues. I did attach The Rating Decision this appeal is based on along with the VA9 and several attachments to the VA9. I also attached the Appeal SOC. Berta, I will try your advice and email some documents to Dr. Bash and see where it goes. Thanks again for your time and listening - I believe I hit the frustration wall yesterday, I can not believe how consuming this has become. J- SWAMPRAT_SOC_7DEC15_ APPEAL15AUG2012_REDACTED.pdf SWAMPRAT_VA_rating_decision_15AUG2012_REDACTED_Redacted.pdf SWAMPRAT_VA9_15AUG2012_REDACTED.pdf
  2. First I would like to thank all the members and especially the "Elders" for all the information and advice that has gotten me to a 90% rating (2 claims and an appeal). I have done it on my own (submitted through a VSO) using much of the information on this site to provide an azimuth. Background, I have received my notification for my BVA hearing with a VLJ. My appearance date is the 22nd of August and I have not been this apprehensive, nervous...... since the birth of my kids. I currently have a dilemma because the Doctor (Orthopedic/Anesthesiologist) I had to write my Nexus letter is no longer willing to do this. I believe that his office has been consumed by a conglomerate medical practice. My PCP (who is a DO) agreed to look into this and seemed positive. I know with my BVA date around the corner, I need to get this done for him and it is not happening. I have been getting records and putting all my ducks in a row since my denial in August of 2012. For the past two weeks I have been trying to write this darn letter and it seems I have put down more on this post than on the letter. I also think that a letter written by a lay person, like me, even with a Doctor's signature could possibly do more damage than just presenting my case at the hearing. Question; Does anybody know if the professionals like Dr. Bash or Dr. Anaise or other providers would even consider taking on a case with this short of a turn around? I fully realize that an emergency on my part is in NO way an emergency on their part. I guess I am looking for another azimuth and some advice on how to present to the VLJ. Also if I should hold out hope that one of the professionals will contact me but I am leaning towards being SOL. Thanks for listening JD
  3. Hi all, I am new to this forum and appreciate all the work and time people are giving to help people like myself get straight data. I am already rated at 40% (2000) and just went for a QTC exam for my back "Chronic lumbar stain with residuals of surgery". The QTC doctor did not have me do any bending or try to touch my toes, He did not use a goniometer, pretty much just did my reflex in my R ankle. My real question was why did he say the VA ordered then do a prostate exam? I told him I just had one done by my private physician and could send him the results - No, he had to give the finger wave himself. Please help me clarify, before I go to the VA to find out why.
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