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  1. Back in Mar of 2007 I had a spinal fusion which was my second and about three day prior I had a knee surgery for a torn acl. Level 3/4 Comdalacia (aurthis of the joint.) I started filing for the Convalance for both of the surgries and then an increase for the for the knee. I was Maxed out on the back and could get any higher ratings. I thought it a very simple claim, but right after it made it through the rater it was pulled by a STAR review. During the star revriew it was discovered that I had two deffered issued from my first back surgery back in 2008. One for Major Depression and one for EDD. They sent me for C/Ps wich I accomplshed and then it was in development forever it seemed. Finally it went to the rater and some how they let it slip away fro the and it delayed it agian. Finally as of April 8th 2010 I recieved a package from the VA stating the had raised my combined rating to 80% doc dated to March 2008. Some how the RO loged it in as completed,but because it wasn't cleared in the computer it sat there for about three weeks and then they discovered it had not been released to the Department of Treasury. My question is how long will they take now. I know there is alot of crdp involved to be figured, but I'm hoping that they get a VA check out pretty quick. I don't seem to know if there will be one deposit or two seperate because of all the back pay owed due to VA waiver ammount. I just want the A part then I can worry about the DFAS portion/taxes. Oh by the way I had another back surgery in March this year I didn't file for it because it would be moot due to I filed for IU I did Hopeful this will explain alittle more of why I trying to understand process
  2. After almost two years of waiting and trying to get things accomplished, it has finnaly left the RO and is now been released to the Treasury Department. I just finished talking to the VSO and she stated that I had already missed the pay period I don't know what that means, but she had to go so I didn't get a chance to ask her, how low will it take the Treasry Depart. to send me my back pay to my direct deposit account. I'm just tired and have bills to get paid and I'm trying to get out of debt. Any knowledge in this department.
  3. Thanks to everyone for their reply, The Little Rock RO has always been good and usually pretty fast. I guess it was my fault for it taking so long because I never followed up on the deffered items of depression and EDD, because I had just finished 3rd knee surgery and spinal fusion and I really to tell the truth forgot about it being deffered. As a matter of fact I never even checked into it untill my wife started complaining about my anger issues and sometimes forgetfulness about things. I never really filed for any of these things the were just mentioned during a C/P and then when the STAR review found it they sent me to C/P and found 30% major Depression which I take meds for now and I really believe it should have been rated higher and also gave me special for the EDD all back dated to 2008. That took me from 70% to 80% combined. I filed for IU as of Apil 1st and I hope there will be no C/P as I really don't want any, besides all of the C/p's should be current because of this recent decision. I really just wish they'd hurry up. I figured it will be this week. I just don't want to fall too far behind on the bills. It's great when we get reto but most people don't ubderstand that when we do we usually just use it all to catch up on the bills. Agian thanks for the enlightment of the sitiuation. Now I still wonder if there is something I have to do for all of the DFAS stuff. If too much had been taken out and taxed then I guess there will be a process in gettting that back. Thanks mac
  4. I recieved paperwork from the Regional office and stated we have made a decision so on and so forth. It was for deffered items dating back to March 1 2008. I was rated at 70% back then and with the deffered items now rated I am 80%. They also threw in EDD back from the same date. All this came in the mail and it was stamped April 8 2010. I was shocked that the money haded already arrived because usually I have always gotton the money befor the award letter. Now I know it probably needed the third signature because it's in excess of a certian amount, but now it's the 26th and still nothing so I called the VSO and she sent me an e-mail that she recieved after an inquiry and it stated, "EP 930 with DOC 2-26-2008 is pending authorization, looks like the award is complete. Sorry I didn't get back to you right away, I was out a couple of days. " Now I understand and I am impatient, but does anyone know what it means pending authorization? I thought that I had already been authorized because I recieved the letter. What other steps doesn's this need to go through. I have creditors I love to get paid. I know stop winning and just go fishing, but if anyone has any ideas let me know. I would have asked the VSO, but she had to go to court and can't get back to her untill tommrow. Thanks Mac
  5. Thanks for the math, It pretty close to what I came up with I called the 800 mix up line and the guy stated that it looked like the authorized it but the supervisor didn't finish the computer to let the money go. Stated he sent an IRIS to let the know. I hope that doesn't piss off my VSO. The only thng I had different was the SMK for the EDD at 96.00 for the entire 2008 to present. Agian thanks for the information I'll let you know how close we are.
  6. 70% was as of Feb 2008 also. I just called the 800 number and the guy stated that the autorization was signed, but no one had updated the computer to release the funds, so here I sit and wait agian.
  7. My math skills really suck so I'll try and give you what I have. In Feb of 2008 I recieved a decision letter for my 2 back surgery and this is what is stated: The increased my Back to 50%. In 2008 the Award read like this: Total Award Ammout Amount Withheld Monthly Entitlement Payment start date Reason $1,381.00 496.00 885.00 March 1 2008 granted increase we are withholding for retipay 1,381 000.00 1,381.00 June 1, 2008 no longer holding for retired pay 1,332 000.00 1,332.00 Sept 30, 2009 Son was 18 and they removed Now there was a screw up and I had to get it fixed because my son was 18 but still in school and doesn't graduate till this year. I had two items that were deffered and thats where it all got mixed up and why the claim took so long. I have a wife and two children one over 18 and still in school. I didn't do anything about the deffered items and then I had another back and knee surgery so I filed for the convelanse and then all of the sudden the found the deffered items and sent me on a C/P. I was grated EED Special Comp and was given 30% for major depression. This up my total SC disabilities from 70% to 80% back payble to Feb 26, 2008. The 100% months you saw in the first post were due to Back and Knee Surgery. Hope this helps I thought it was going to be around 22K but the VSO says she thinks it's more like 35K to 36K. Now I keep reading about some of it will come from VA and the other from DFAS, and that DFAS might take up to 6 to 8 months to get something back. I just have alot of bills piling up I've since had a third back surgery and I didn't even file for it yet. as I wanted this one to get cleaned up first. I did go ahead and file for IU though. Any help in ammount and time frame would be greatly appreciated.
  8. We made a decision on your claim for service connected compensation received on February 26,2008. I recieved this after they have increased my disabilities from 70% to 80%. The increase were from deffered items dating back in 2008. I recieved the paperwork and it was stamped on April 8 2010. I still haven't recieved the back pay as of yet. I really don't know much about computing the back pay and if any of you experts out there have any idea and on top of that how long do you tink it will take to get the deposit. My VSO thinks it's somewhere in the 35,000.00 range. I don't know I never had that much money at one time but it will sure be nice to have and pay off a lot of back bills. the back pay was for EED and depression increase of 30% which brought me to 80% total combined rating. I scanned it into the computer and this is what the intial page looks like. If you can help with your opinion on ammount and how long it will take I would greatly appreciate it. I'm down to the last of my savings and bills are still comming in for the last back surgery last month which I haven't even filed for yet. I'm pretty well maxed from what I know on my back and after the last surgery the doctor stated I can't go back to work so I guess I'll file for IU and SSDI. If you can help with the ammount and the time frame it would be great. How about alittle help from the experts. I was at 70 the This letter tells you about your entitlement amount and payment start date and what we decided. It includes a copy of our rating decision that gives the evidence used and reasons for our decision. We have also included information about additional benefits, what to do if you disagree with our decision, and who to contact if you have questions or need assistance. Your Award Amount and Payment Start Date Your monthly entitlement amount is shown below: Total VA Amount Amount Effective Date Reason For Change Benefit Withheld Paid $1,692.00 $559.00 $1,133.00 Mar 1,2008 Compensation rating adjustment, CRDP adjustment $1,692.00 $63.00 $1,629.00 Jun 1,2008 CRDP adjustment $1,790.00 $69.00 $1,721.00 Dee 1,2008 Cost of living adjustment, CRDP adjustment $1,790.00 $34.00 $1,756.00 Jan 1,2009 CRDP adjustment $3,423.00 $0.00 $~,423.00 Aug 1,2009 CRDP adjustment $3,~88.00 $0.00 $3,588.00 Oct 1,2009 CRDP adjustment, continued as a school child $1,922.00 $62.00 $1,860.00 Nov 1, 2009 CRDP adjustment $1,922.00 $15.00 $1,907.00 Feb 1,2010 CRDP adjustment $1,922.00 $0.00 $1,922.00 Apr 1,2010 CRDP adjustment ends $1,730.00 $0.00 $1,730.00 Jun 1,2010 grads and removed from award $1,643.00 $0.00 $1,643.00 Jan 19,2012 turns 18 removed from award Weare paying you as a veteran with three dependents. Your payment includes an additional amount for your spouse,your children, . Let us know right away if there is any change in the status of your dependents.
  9. look i just wanted to point out and i tried to tell the doctor that I didn't file for the claim, the subject was asked and I responded. I still have it on occasions when I lay off the medications. It just createats fustrations and It hurts alittle if I'm really not ready. I thought the entire thing was really a joke. I didn't know really what to expect from the exam. I thought of everything. All she did was ask a coupe of questions and the did the old turn the head and cough. I hadn't had to do that exam since I originnally enlisted in 1973. Any way I don't even know what the out come will be. If they give me something then great, if they don't then I guess I'll continue to live. I did get some viagro though. But I just really don't want to take anymore pills.
  10. P'C Doc wrote "the condition/disability is it as likely as not that the XXXXXXXXXXXXXX R/T S/C DDD LS Spine was at least as likely as not (50/50 probability) perma aggravated by DDD LS Spine. What in the world does this person want to say. The entire appointment lasted less than 10 minutes. I was sent to a GU exam due to EDD because I mentioned it back in 2008. It's been deffered since then. I had forgot about it. She goes on to say that she believes that it's the medication I take for my back. She asked if Ihad sex and I said not since 2008 because the back surgries were all happening back to back. three of the to be exact. Yes I tried I anwsered when she asked, but hell sex is fun unless your in so much pain. I had not gone to get medicaton because I take enough. She stated at the end if there were any other questions to be asked that they needed to be asked of a nero surgeon. Now what does all of this mean.
  11. I drove two hours to get a ten minute exam P/C Doc wrote "the condition/disability is it as likely as not that the XXXXXXXXXXXXXX R/T S/C DDD LS Spine was at least as likely as not (50/50 probability) perma aggravated by DDD LS Spine. What in the world does this person want to say. The entire appointment lasted less than 10 minutes. I was sent to a GU exam due to EDD because I mentioned it back in 2008. It's been deffered since then. I had forgot about it. She goes on to say that she believes that it's the medication I take for my back. She asked if Ihad sex and I said not since 2008 because the back surgries were all happening back to back. three of the to be exact. Yes I tried I anwsered when she asked, but hell sex is fun unless your in so much pain. I had not gone to get medicaton because I take enough. She stated at the end if there were any other questions to be asked that they needed to be asked of a nero surgeon. Now what does all of this mean.
  12. been lucky, never had to file a NOD or Appeal. Just over 10 years of increases as I had surgries. I will do as you say and Get the SSDI moving. I never requested a copy of C-file due to never needed it I did ask the VSO and she said to wait till this claim ends before requesting it. didn't want my file getting tied up if they need it to review. I just wait patiently till I hear something from the rating board. Shure whould be nice to get it to 100%, just not getting my hope up. Did schedule an appointment for the PCP to allow him to set up Appointment for mental health depression. Don't know if he'll just give meds or set an appointment. I'll try and keep it posted as it come in.
  13. My service connected right now is : Degenerative Disc Disease, Osteoarthritis, Spinal Canal Stenosis………50% Bilateral Tinnitus……………………………………………………………………….10% Sinusitis……………………………………………………………………………………..10% Chondromalacia Left Knee………..………………………………………………10% (1.9% for diagnostic code 5259,5003 Chondromalacia Right Knee………………………………………………………10% (1.9% for diagnostic code 5259,5003 Total of 70% combined rating. Right now I have a claim thats at the rater for the following: Temp 100% Convalescence Left Knee Surgery Temp 100% Convalescence back surgery Increase for the left knee Restless Leg Syndrome EDD Major Depression Ive been waiting right at 1 year they said it was at the rater on Monday 29 March. I had another back surgery on the 22 of March and I'll be fileing for that and P&T/IU if I don't make it to the 100% which I don't beliee I will. I think I'll end up 80 to 90. I resigned my Job as a ROTC instructor as of the 29th due to medical reasons. All of the advise you can give halos is needed as I just can't work anymore. I have a PCP letter stating that and I'm on meds and to be honest the more I worked the worse I got. I'm 54 and I give up I don't won't to spend all of my retirement days as a cripple. I do want some enjoyment.
  14. this is why I'm so confused. Back in 2008 When I had the first back surgery The questions during the C/P for my back was asked, and I stated that I was depressed because of the ban and that I was unable to do all the things I used to be able to do. I am a outdoors person, or at least I used to be. I am now restricted somewhat to the house and I really can't go out with some sort of supervision. The item for depression just showed up on my paperwork as deffered as well as edd and painful urination. all three things were on my rating decesion and were deffered. When My recordes got caught up on a STAR review the requested a C/P on all three. When I went to the GU exam I stted that the painful urination had faded away I guess it was due to the medication I was on and I told them that. The EDD still continues and it causes some problems, but with a back that doesn't work very well what good does it do to get medication when I physically really can't have sex. I told the doctor this in the examination. I told her that I hadn't had sex since 2008 . The mental health examination lasted about thirty minutes. I had at the advise from my wife to seek help at the local va clinic and the lady there stated that there wasn't much she could advise, because my depression was due to the pain from the back. At the C/P the MD stated that I had major depression and that it was a problem and I never got wheather to seek treatment or not. My wife stated that I need to see my PCP to get some meds for it , but dammn I already take so many drugs that I feel like a zombe half the time. I have a claim that is pending from my surgery last june for knee and back surgery and I guess that the Mental and EDD are dated back to 2008. I just waiting for they decision and its supposed to be at the rating stage now. I talked to the VSO and I have a PCP letter already stating that I can't get substantial emplyment based on my service connected disabilities. I am going to tr and get a SSDI appointment for tommrow and hope that all of the imformation I have. I know the va but ai really don't know the SS part. I want to get things in order, but just don't know how to go about it thats why I'm asking you guys who have been doing this for awhile. Any checklist as to what to bring or what to have ready for there judgment. thanks for any help or advise you can give me.
  15. MENTAL STATUS EXAM: The patient is alert, oriented and cooperative. He appears to be depressed. His affect is constricted. His thoughts are clear and goa] oriented. There is no evidence of delusions or hallucinations. His coqnitive abilities, including capacity for abstraction, memory and judgment are intact although he describes difficulty with concentration and focus on a daily basis having a significant impact on his work performance due to the impact on his concentration of his pain and depression. The patient's groominq and hygiene are appropriate. The patient appears to be in discomfort as he walks and he walks with the aid of a cane. Speech and communication is appropriate. There is no panic, paranoia or obsessional rituals. There is no hypervigilance. There 15 some vague suicidal ideation but no suicidal plan or intent. DIAGNOSES: AXIS I: Major depression. AXIS II: None AXIS III: Chronic back und knee pain. AXIS IV: Difficulty with concentration, focus and irritability in the work place, increasing difficulty with marital and familial discord due to irritability and impatience, increasing social isolation, some vague suicidal ideation. AXIS V: Global Assment of Functioning of 55 indicating the above mentioned depressive symptoms impacting on social, occupational and interpersonal functioning. The patient is competent for Veterans Administration pay purposes. ADDENDUM TO PSYCHIATRIC C&P: The patient's C-file was not available at the time of the interview. but was made available today_ it is helpful in that it contains extensive documentation of the patient long-standing difficulty with service-connected back pain and rating decisions describing the patient's disability from degenerative disc disease. My diagnosis of major depression, which is a direct result of and caused by the patient's chronic pain and his resultant discouragement, demoralization and depression, remains unchanged.
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