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  1. Perm And Totally Disabled

    I have been since 2011 rated unemployable and it was temporary. So this has taken a lot off my mind because health insurance has not gotten cheaper. I now got to wait for CHAMPVA, hopefully they will not take as long as the VA does.
  2. Ibs

    Well the va did a complete 180 degree after denying me 2 time they finally rated my IBS and made it SC, but only dated it to nov 2013 when I filed the 3rd time, if it is SC should they have not gone back to the original date they denied me back in 2006? I also finally got permanent and total too.
  3. Help Please! I'm In A Pickle...i Think

    You can also get you va records flagged so if someone access then it takes a extra step to see them and it identifies who are looking at them. I had this done to mine because my x wife sister works for the va and I did not want my records been used against me during the custody of my son.
  4. Perm And Totally Disabled

    Now I need to get CHAMPVA for my dependants.
  5. Today I received the letter from the Va that I have been fighting for awhile. I was rated 100 percent perm and totally disabled.
  6. Ibs

    The va dr diag me and the va had these med records. I have to have the wonderful scope done every 5 years now because polyps was found. I was prescribed anti diahari meds is the only treatment the va hosp has given me.
  7. Ibs

    I have had IBS since the 1st Gulf war and I have submitted to va 2 times now for it and have been denied both of those times, The VA hospital has diagnosed me with IBS. I was denied back in 2007 and reapplied this year and thought after the ruling stating that IBS is a presumed condition there would be no problem. I received a memo today stating that in order to reopen my claim they need new and material evidence. They are stating that my claim was previously denied because on the examination there was no specific pathology found to render a daig. Therefore, the evidence you submit must be new and related fact. I served in southwest Asia during the Gulf War. I reapplied because I know the presumed conditions was passed for Gulf War veterans. How do I attack this?
  8. How can you get the c-file from C & P Exams with QTC Medical Services, Inc? Has anyone had any experience with this company?
  9. A DAV rep that I know in Durham gets back from overseas in two weeks. I'll find out about one then.

  10. Sorry I do not know any Doctors. I have been looking for one myself.

  11. I lost my contact with a imo Dr in Raleigh or near by. Do you know of any? By the way our cases are similar if you have any questions

  12. Gulf War

    Residuals of foot injurt 0 sc tinnitus 10 sc mood disorder 30 sc bone inflamation 10 sc bone inflamation 10 sc allergic or vasomotor rhinitis 0 sc tendon inflamation 10 sc paralysis of sciatic nerve 0 sc bursitis 10 sc limited motion of the jaw 0 sc flat foot condition 0 sc migraine headaches 0 sc tendon inflamation 10 sc degenerative disk 20 sc bursitis 10 sc And now trying to get for IBS and croneck pain
  13. Gw1 Vet?

    Task Force Phoenix 4 BDE 1st Armor Division Katterback Germany Dec1990- May 1991
  14. Gulf War

    Yes Migraine headache at 0 percent.
  15. Gulf War

    I have been Diag with IBS and I get these headaches. I am getting 0 percent for the headaches and the dr does not know why I get them. I asked my Va rep if I should put in/ claim for Gulf War and he tells me that these headaches and IBS does not qualify for Gulf War because these are not undiag. I believe they are because dr cannot tell me why I have them. I have put in for Gulf War before and was denied. What are my opions?