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  1. Hi: Just came yesterday from the doctor who diagnosed me with arthritis. I'm a AO service connected with diabetes type 1, NP in both hands and legs. No family related with arthritis or diabetes. Does the arthritis has to be with my diabetes?
  2. HI: I call a few times to the number in his page with no answer. Send a few e-mails to him with no answer either. Does anyone knows where he can be reached? Thx
  3. And there are md reports that link OSA with diabetes, and cases that had been win, lot of them. Could go any way.If you don't fight you can't survive. Thx
  4. Does the onset of diabetes and OSA appear to be concomitant has nothing to do?
  5. Hi: I went to a private MD for SA. I'm SC with diabetes II and NP in both hand and legs, 50% SC. He gave me this diagnose: "This patient has severe OSA with hypoxemia (!) and this explains the degree of hypersomnia and dysmtos. Also the onset of diabetes and OSA appear to be concomitant. In any case, he warrants therapy with CPAP. Will begin therapy with close follow up to ensure optimal CPAP compliance". Will this could help me to summit a claim? I need advice. Thx.
  6. Thx Berta: Your advice has been very useful. The doctor that made me the exam was the sleep doctor for the VA in San Juan, Puerto Rico for 10 years. He is in a private office in Ponce,PR, a city near mines.
  7. Hi: I need information in what can I do with this medical situation: I'm service connected with DMII by AO.Recently, I went to a private MD to have an exam for Sleep Apnea. His findings are that have OSA, ordered me the CPAP machine, also ordered that I to loose some pounds, between 10 to 20%. My question is: Can this be connected to my DMII? I have 50% rating for DMII and NP in both hands and legs. Thax for your help.
  8. You make my day evan. Everything good down here in the island of PR. 85 degrees today. How's that for Xmas? Merry Xmas to all of you guys. Hope next year everyone gets what they deserve and why we fight for. :rolleyes:
  9. Well I spend the $16 bucks celebrating that Clif Lee signed with the Phillies and not with the Yanks :happy:
  10. Nop. I went to all my appoinments and they payed me for all at the same day. Next appoinments will be in 2011. Thx.
  11. Hi: Don't know if I'm in the wrong place but I need some advice. Just now recieved a $16 buck from VA with no explanation. The only thing the letter says is "Payment Identification Data-K905CWM. Can any one tell whats this about. Thx
  12. Hi; Went to my internist md last week and he gave Cialis 20mg. He wrote ED caused by DMII and hypertension. Went today to my VA MD and put me on Levitra. With that information can I apply for SMC-K? Thx guys.
  13. Thx Berta Yes they have them. I'll check again for that information. Thx again.
  14. Hi: I was checking today with my PMD if the time I spent on a Drug Rehab Tx near Bien Hoa, VN will appear on my medical records, he told me they may not. I spent 7days there, It's a way I could find that? I asked him if the gonorreha tx I went after an R&R in Tailand will appear he said doesn't know too. Where I can I found out? Thx
  15. Hi guys: What I have to do to get medications for my ED with VA? Does this is compensable? I'm already in Cialis 20 mg. Have my doctor diagnostic: due to hypertension and diabetes. Need advice. Thx
  16. Well I have to continue with this "war" no matter what it cost "again". Happy Veterans Day for you too and to all my fellow veterans in whatever place they are today. It has been raining almost the whole week down her but it's aroud 88 degrees. Thx
  17. Thx guys for your response. Been PR a territory Social Security doesn't pay SSI down here just SS for age or SSDI.
  18. Using the same post I forgot to ask this: been awarded SS and having service connected rating, do they put together both pensions as one? I'm new in these matters. Thx for your help.
  19. Thxs guys I already send the S.S. determination to VA. I have a claim there about three months old and still waiting. Thxs again.
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